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Web Hosting Expectations vs. Reality Is Like Dating Compared To Marraige Partners!


Web Hosting: Expectations vs. Reality
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Web Hosting Expectations vs. Reality Is Like Dating Compared To Marraige Partners!

Web Hosting: Expectations vs. Reality - Is like immaturely looking forward to a happily ever after scenario. Which turns out to be easily diminished by the true struggles of day-to-day real-life experiences.

Other Useful Resources: Learn from the above and become an even more powerful and secure resource for your audiences. Every successful relationship begins with Trust; as it's foundation.
Only then you learn:

Happiness isn't obtained by randomly wielding magic-sticks. Instead it comes with consistent action in a well-calculated and dedicated direction.

Which ultimately makes you feel good about your progress. It doesn't necessarily mean you're always right.

Instead it means that you're gladly accept the good and bad of all your available resources.

I wise man once said: We think of life in a general terms. But live it in details. -source-unknown

Meaning you live, feel and breathe every moment of your existence in detail.

But when you imagine the future and/or remember your past: You tend to summarize the experience/outcome; most often with the advantages at best.

The Same Is True With Your Website Hosting Options:


How to choose a website hosting provider
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You only see the cheap prices and full-featured specifications. Only discover unanticipated limits of it and/or technical hindrances; much later

Making it increasingly difficult to be accomplish your online pursuits.

If only you learn the advantages of each feature before you purchase a domain. You can cleverly navigate your way around online succes-barriers.

The Risks Of Choosing The Wrong Web Hosting Plans Are Vast:

So here you are all fired up, all seems in order or at least so your immaturely think. As you optimistically post your first few compelling articles.

The "Future" ahead of you seems bright; you selected an "Unlimited Plan." Your goal is to get thousands of unique website daily.

The Problem:

You never took the time to read the fine printed "terms of service." Little to you know the terms clearly state: This plan is not designed for commercial website or authority blogs.

The Provider owns the right to delete your website without notice, if your site compromize their resources in any other way.

You're already in violation of their policies, so your business is built on an accident; waiting to happen.

Fast forward To 6 Months Down The Line:

The Best Web Hosting Options


  • Your website traffic seems promising it grew up to +/- 200 per day. So your next step is to double it up to 400 +.
  • Only to find technical hindrances that instead drops it back to the 100's.
  • Since your content increased, so does your disc space decrease and the traffic levels overcrowds your Provider's allocated bandwidth.
  • You unknowingly built your resource on a Flimsy foundation. The risks encompasses dataloss, security threats and losing months of hard work.
The Devil Is The Detail| Ever Heard The Expression?

Even when it comes to romantic relationships. I tend to mentally prepare myself, for bad experiences that usually follows after the honeymoon stage fades.

  • When I set goals I always think of the times that might be the most discouraging in terms of my dedicated-action.
  • For Instance: If my goal is to exercise every morning. I will think of the emotional hindrances of rainy, cold weathers or sleepless nights.
  • Which are usually barriers to my success or may lead to setbacks. Especially if I have to wake early every morning up to follow-through.

I consider it realistic to consider the good and bad of every new undertaking. It helps to prepare yourself for the emotional and psychological impact of your goal.

Why Should It Be Any Different With Selecting A Website Hosting Provider:

It may load ultra-fast in the beginning. But as you add more content, gain more traffic after a few months.

So will you start seeing inconsistency in your speed and uptime. Why? Because every business has problems and nothing is perfect.

That being said wouldn't you prefer knowing all of the future hiccups beforehand?

Web Hosting Expectations vs. Reality

I remember in a past job where one Supervisor encouraged us: To rather under-promise customers and over-deliver. Instead of the other way around.

I apply the same strategy to products and services in general. I rather scrutinize all the strengths vs weaknesses and make a well-educated decision.

As oppose to applying "wishful thinking" strategies. Only be hit by a tsunami of problems later on.

This is what I hoping to teach your in choosing the best hosting plan for Your project!

What's Good For Me Is Not Always Good For You! But I can help you to uncover hidden qualities in every product.

The Benefits Of Realistically Balancing Web Hosting Expectations vs. Reality:

Aside from randomly selecting exaggerated solutions from opinionated reviews.

You're more likely to look beyond the obvious and dig a little deeper to accurately detect the best fit for you.

How do I choose a website host?

Put your affordability, requirements and most feasible first. Then look for options that fits the script. Yes! Some research effort will be required.

But rather invest a few hours, to save you months of setbacks and headaches.

Investigate the service terms, see if your comfortable with payment options and merge it with your plans. If it don't fit move on to an alternative option.

Calculate their true prices; not only the bells and whistles of free/discounted domain name offers; normally used as marketing-magnets.

But also consider extra charges for backs, domain security, SSL certificates, etc.

Be Realistic And Avoid Wishful Thinking:
  • Your hosting plans selection will serve as a cornerstone to your online business adventure.
  • You'll be able to identify whether you're the most ideal customer for the desired package.
  • Even in situations where you have to work with what you have; based on some financial constraints. You'll still be able to squeeze out the advantages and minimize disadvantages.
In An Ideal Stituation Your Web Hosting Expectations:

May be that all Service Providers has all the relevant resources to live up to their promises. Say for instance they promised free SSL or Unlimited Website Backups:

You'd expect it to deliver, which may not always be the case.

Of course robust information and/or privacy protection for your customers, will also reward your sales conversions.

Aside from private resources there are also denial-of-service attacks and other forms of malware infections.

Lightning-fast loading speeds and easy navigation plays a major role in online customer service. That's why search engines like Google rank swift sites higher.

Because it demonstrates your ability to meet the customers needs, demands and wanting eyes.

  • Reliability and 99,9 % Uptime: Your availability is the making or breaking in most instances.
  • It somehow determines whether your website/blog shows up at the right time, in the right place and under your searched keywords.
  • Meaning that the hosting server should be highly responsive 24/7. It wouldn't support your marketing efforts if the server is down during peak hours or when you most need it; which is always.
  • Daily Information Sorage and Backups:
  • In situations like malware attacks, hardware failure or accidental deletes. You run the risks of losing information and you need backups to restore it.
  • Some Service Providers anticipate the users needs and respects your business as if it was their own. On the other hand you get other services that might leave you to fend for yourself.
  • Responsive Technical Support: No matter how experienced, skilled or technical savvy you are, you will need help in one way or another.

Thus you need 24/7 support and fast technical service; as if you're the only customer.

Instead of submitting tickets that may take days to resolve or technical support from incompetent employees.

The Real Challenge Of Your Web Hosting Choice

Is dealing with the consequences of the fine printed terms of service, especially if it doesn't fit your expectations.

The true colours of your hosting plan is hidden in the terms and conditions. This is the place where the Service Provider restrict their promotional

Say for instance their sales page promises daily data backups, 99,99% uptime, or unlimited bandwidth.

Instead of risking potential legal action from their promises. In the "terms of service" they're more likely to admit that "we're only human" and errors/disappointments are inevitable.

Most often you may even find that some "phrases" used in their marketing material; are contradicted.

Words Like "Unlimited" May Be Reduced To Restricted In Service Terms Of Hosting:

There are many reasons why these restrictions is relevant, but I always wondered "Why" use words that won't really fit the script.

When you think "Unlimited" you might get excited with thoughts like: Commercial websites with thousands of daily traffic. Which may attract price-sensitive business folks.

Only To Find Authority Website Of Commercial sites Are Totally Forbidden:

So in this case the "Marketing Material" may ironically attract low cost startups. As it paying less for more value, may seem appealing them.

Only to find according the terms that it's designed for personal blogs/website that doesn't receive over "a fixed amount" of traffic.

Let's Look At A Few Others:

For instance; the terms may state that 99,9 percent uptime isn't guaranteed and if it fails the company is not liability.

The Top 2 Best Web Hosting Providers

Let's use some of the most popular names and see how it fits into your future online business ideas.

Keeping in mind some of these options may shine for a blogger, while it may suck for an eCommerce adventure.

It's always within your best interest to look a bit deeper than what is advertised.

1. Bluehost - Best Web Host for Startup And Professionals.

Why? Because they have a several packages catered for specific purposes. Plus they have several years experience in web hosting services.

  • Affordable prices and entry level options for beginners.
  • High quality shared hosting technology and infrastructure.
  • A large catalogue of hosting solutions and cpanel administration software.
  • Many free/paid templates and Content Management Software like WordPress, etc.
  • Good customer service, technical support response times and turn-round times.
  • The cheap prices can significantly increase with their accumulative payment terms.
  • Additional features like SSL certificates or backups are charged individually, making the total price expensive.
  • Too many packages can sometimes be confusing to a newcomer. Because they don't generally know what to look for.

2. HostGator - Best For Price Sensitive Bloggers

I personally know many top bloggers that started out with HostGator and they grew from their.

They position their affordable options in smart price categories and also back it up with valuable resources.

  • Easy access prices and payment terms.
  • One Click WordPress installations and control panel software.
  • Beyond average uptime and website loading speeds.
  • Ideal for Blogs and scalable hosting enthusiasts.
  • Shared Hosting Plans are usually limited as oppose to self-hosted offers.
  • There are unfortunate instances of technical hindrances like down-time, that may dent your sales conversions on special occasions.

The above gives you a view into what to expect. However the reality is the challenges you have endure when you actual live the service in day-to-day details.

How Do You Realistically Position Your Web Hosting Expectations vs. Reality For Success:

Create your online-business plan before even deciding on a suitable hosting solution.

Understand that not all the security encryptions, data backup equipment and server qualities are equal.

Web Hosting Buyers Guide:

Don't lose sight of your goals and the questions your hoping to answer. Remember the below are not really accurate.

  • Which hosting is best for website?
  • Which is the best free web hosting site?
  • What benefits are there to using web hosting websites?
Why Are The Above Questions To Generic?

Because they are to broad, considering that not every website, niche or idea is the same. Let's look at the questions from another perspective to get a better understanding.

1. Which Hosting Is Best For Website?

This depends what website you're building. Is it a commercial review website, eCommerce, Corporate, etc.

The best solution for a review blog, wouldn't necessarily work for an eCommerce. Thus the best way to tell is read the service terms.

2. Which Is The Best Free Web Hosting Site?

It depends on what are you planning to do with it. A free hosting plan may work as a temporary solution as you create your first few articles.

But if you really hoping for customers to consider buying. You should look like a professional Brand, these days people are doing their best to avoid suspicious looking websites.

3. What Benefits Are There To Using Web Hosting Websites?

The best benefits comes alive if you choose the most suitable options for your goals.

All the bells and whistles wouldn't mean much if you don't really use them.

You can have the best loading speeds, uptime, domain name and security.

But if you don't get much traffic or you aren't as active online. What would it benefit you?

How Do I Choose A Website Host?

Instead of telling you what to look for, which would be hard as I'm not fully aware what type of website you're building (as I already explained above).

I will only give you a few tips on what to be careful of and how to be more realistic on your buying options.

  • Like a sales department project their sales targets:You as an entrepreneur should Estimate the traffic level you're hoping to achieve.
  • Be realistic by starting small like for instance 50/100 visits daily; depending on your skills and experience. Rather project smaller and achieve it, rather than aiming too high; with nothing to show.
  • Learn About Web Hosting Features And Advantages: Different Server types and terms like shared, dedicated, Solid State Drive Hosting (SSD) Ideal For eCommerce sites, cloud based, etc.
  • Take Deals Like Unlimited offers with enough skepticism to further investigate the actual terms of service.
  • Choose The Most Secure available options for your money. Also make sure the service is flexible for your needs.
  • Disc Space And Bandwidth should also accommodate your content and/or traffic projects.

Technical support must also be of good quality, be sure to check operation hours. There are many more thing to consider.

But looking into the Companies terms of service helps to ensure that Web Hosting Expectations vs Reality are balanced in your favour.