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Is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Safe to Download? You Have Reason To Be Alarmed! Read This!


Can I download Adobe for free
Credit: Acrobat Reader

Is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Safe to Download? You Have Reason To Be Alarmed! Read This!

You're not the first and definitely not the last to ask: Is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC safe to download? It's one of the most common question that comes to mind these days.

Amidst malware hidden under popular Brand names.

Credit cards; The Most secure online payment option OR is it?
  • Sadly it hurts the trust which well-respected Brands like Adobe took years to build.
  • It also affects your online exoerience, the way we use the internet and how we view downloads as potential threats.

Is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC the same as Adobe Pro?

In short No! Acrobat Reader DC is a free stand-alone full-version software.

It is the next heir in order or succession from the outdated program (Acrobat Reader without DC).

What Is It Used For And How Does It Work?

For those who don't know: It gives you the professional power to open PDF files, read, sign, add a comment to the text, print, search, and share.

On the other hand Acrobat Standard DC and Acrobat Pro DC are ranged in higher Classes.

With more attractive service and irresistible support. Most importantly they're paid products of the same.

Learn More About What You Get With Their Free 7 Day Trial:


Is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC safe to download
Credit: Adobe Acrobat Pro

  1. Adobe Acrobat Specifications
  2. Free 7 Day Trail And Pricing
  3. Download either Free OR Paid Version here

Are You one of them? Mind you I'm not surprised, since malware infection through suspicious downloads and online-privacy invasion are rife; these days.

People are increasingly worried about who access their private data and what they do with it. I mean that very concern inspired this website privacy disclaimers.

Is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC safe to download?

It depends where you're downloading it from. It's only safe if you get it straight from the Original Source or certified third party sources.

  • Another precaution that comes in handy is learning: How to encrypt your documents and outsmart hackers.
  • Alternatively use technology to scan and authenticate the validity of websites/applications; before downloading. Cybercriminals tend to cloak Trojans under names and useful features.

Here's the thing every software or application that you download has the potential to access your private data.

Let's take your Smartphone Apps for Example:

If you ever downloaded an app from Google Playstore, Amazon Appstore, BlackBerry World, iStore, etc.


Is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC the same as Adobe Pro
Credit: Amazon Appstore

  • Before the app actually downloads, you have to agree and give the app permission access to your private data.
  • Legit Brands will of course have to comply to legislation. They have a valuable reputation to lose and protect customer details according their professional integrity/standards.
  • While cybercriminals are parasites with low moral standards. Instead they'll sponge of "Legit Brands Names" on uncertified websites/hosting platforms, to spoof or maliciously lure users in data exposure.

So Can I Download Adobe for free?

How do I get Acrobat Reader? Sorry for keeping a good man/woman waiting. I'll jump straight into it.

But WAIT! There's one more thing worth mentioning. There are two versions, before you even download it.

You should be able to identify what you're looking for.

Is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC the same as Adobe Reader?

Firstly you get Reader on the one hand which is the free version of Acrobat. It basically has the same features as the newer software, but of course less advanced.

Secondly you get the latest or new Adobe software. Which is Adobe Reader DC the abbreviation for "Document Cloud."

It keeps the same basic feature of the first as a standard, but goes a bit further. For instance more advanced characteristics that fits our current needs.

Examples Of Such Are:

It is now belted with cloud-based functionality to effortlessly sync documents.

Flexibility to do it on any of your smartphones, tablets, laptops or Desktops.

What is The Difference Between Acrobat Reader DC vs Acrobat Reader?

Technically speaking, there are many differences between Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader.

The most notable one is that Adobe Reader is free and can be downloaded on the internet.

While on the other hand: Adobe Acrobat Standard isn't free, it's also not expensive; but the bottom line is you have to buy it.

Wait there's more Disadvantages of Adobe Reader:

But hey! You can't be too demanding on freebies. Right? At least it gives a feeling of what is in store if you upgrade.

  • The program can't edit anything in a PDF format, in order for that to happen the PDF creator capabilities should be enabled.
  • Another outstanding feature it lacks is the online-signature capability.

There's much more, but for that you can check out the FAQ's from the original source. I couldn't have explained it any better.

In one way or another: Is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC the same as Adobe Reader?

You keep the questions coming! Don't you? Well let me put it this way Both versions are good for their intended purpose.

In other words if you're using the lower version on a advanced project, it might leave you with "wanting eyes."

But it would perfectly fit the script for a more general undertaking. But whatever you decide I would like to add: One is free and the other a 7 free trail.

Acrobat Reader 11 Is Highly Recommended If You Experience Internet Connections.

Do I Need Adobe Reader On My Computer?

Well Yes And No! Stereo typically, this day and age, most probably not because most of the recent browsers are capable supports PDF.

And likewise does some Operating Systems. But Microsoft Windows don't come standard with Acrobat Reader pre-installed.

Then again You may be tempted on the additional features, which yours may lack or perhaps the security of downloading from a reputable Brand that may not compromise your safety.

Ultimately it boils down to preferences and capabilities. Examples such as the cloud storage technology and the security advantages of digital signatures.

A Quick Recap:

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is the advanced and updated successor of Adobe Reader.

Another pointer is that Adobe Reader without the DC aka "Document Cloud" storage characteristic; is outdated and no longer supported.

So if you're using the older version, an upgrade is due. The latest version (DC) fits into the requirements of the current cyber demands.

Does Windows 10 come with Adobe Acrobat Reader?

Unfortunately No Microsoft Windows Operating System comes standard with the software.

Meaning you have to download and install it from a certified source. The good news is you get seven days absolutely free, which can help you to decide if it's for you or not.

Now Back To The Initial Questions

Is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Safe to Download? Yes if you download it from the right sources. Alternatively, antimalware scanners helps to authenticate the source of the file.

Can I download Adobe for free? Yes! Here are the original websites below.

Adobe Acrobat Features

Pricing And Free Trail

Download either version here