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Is Your Hosting Secure Like Your Marraige? Be Very Afraid!


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Is Your Hosting Secure Like Your Marraige? Be Very Afraid!

How Do I Know My Hosting Is Secure? Two of the most telling specifications namely HTTPS and TLS. It's standards Confirm that your website is protected by a Secure Sockets Layer on the hosting server, also known as SSL Certificate.

  • Feature: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol known as HTTPS and Transport Layer Security known TLS are two security features.
  • Advantage: The above specs improves your security condition by means of guarding you and your visitors information. It seals the end-to-end communication channel between your browser and the website.
  • Benefit: Visitors feels safer, Search Engines ranks your secure websites higher as they favor quality sources; over suspicious sites And somehow it increases your sales conversions.
  • Because every customer including you, only buy from people, websites or business; that you trust.

What Is Secure Hosting?

The ultimate goal and purpose or secure hosting, is to protect all types of information between the connecting devices and website.

Which includes but are not only limited to: Visitors data privacy, all the files/data on the website and also all the information that are being transferred to and from.

Meaning website hosting for small businesses should secure user transctions and prevent cyber attacks, security beaches or data leaks.

Website Hosting: How Does It Work?

  1. The first and fundamental level is the physical infrastructure of the hosting provider. The actual server or data centers has to be well-guarded against fire, physical damage or hardware failures.
  2. The Hosting Provider you choose should be well-versed, reputable and an excellent track record.
  3. Because you don't want to invest months or years in a company who may suddenly close down, get easily hacked by resentful inside jobs or accidently deleted your files due to incompetence.
  4. Then you want to read terms of services to identify true strengths and weaknesses beyond what it seems on the sales page. Are their bandwidth really unlimited? What are the cyber security policies? Is there firewall technology? And most importantly how do they deal with situations like: Hardware failure, backups, DoS and DDoS attacks, etc.

website hosting network solutions

Are data centers safe?

Yes that's why they're the latest web hosting, data storage and processing solutions. They are built with the latest cyber threats in mind.

Like any other level based service they also are ranked in different quality ranges; dependent on the Service Providers Equipment and plans.

Google for instance use cutting edge technology, but let's face it: They have deep pockets. In spite of that Amazon are also regarded as one of the best Service Providers.

In terms of firewall security, backups, upload/download speeds, data recovery and cyber attack prevention they are leading models.

They are also securely designed and built in well-protected building. The providers also has to comply with legal data protocols to come into business.

As a result the physical resources enjoys safer storage, strict fire prevention rules and all the emergency resources to avoid dataloss.

What Kind Of Web Hosting Package Do You Need?

In order accurately determine the following: Consider your online experience and existing visitors; if you're brand new an secure shared hosting plan would do and gradually upgrade as you grow.

  • Set Definite Goals: Be clear about the niche, type of web hosting terms and resources that would support your needs.
  • Basic Security: Like SSL would definitely benefit your online SEO and search engine confidence.
  • Daily Backups: Can save months of data like content, images and video. In situation like hardware failures which are very likely and hacking attacks that may compromize your saved files.
  • Reliability: Everybody needs fast loading websites with 99,9% Uptime. Because most users are migrating to mobile devices and we have less time to wait for slow loading websites.
  • Disc Space and Bandwidth: If your goal is to get thousands of daily visits include it in your web hosting plan. This is where options like disc space for all your content and bandwidth to accommodate your traffic.

Terms Of Service Differ From One Hosting Provider To Another:

Put your existing or future customer's needs first, secondly the quality you're hoping to provide and then you carefully read the terms of condition of all the hosting options in the parameters of your budget.

You may even start with a free website while you furnish it with content and gradually upgrade as you get closer to 30 post ( if you're building a blog).

What is web hosting and how does it work?

A web hosting is a service where a Provider/Company provides space on their web server for websites, according different plans measureb by price, space, bandwidth, etc.

Without a web hosting service your website, blog or eCommerce cannot be viewed online.

There are different administration tools for users to manage their stored files, videos and images on a hosting account. The most popular amongst many is Control Penal Admin Tool.

In Summary:

The best way to know how secure your Hosting is, by understanding the fine prints on the hosting Provider's conditions.

However you also have to meet them half-way by adding security features like HTTPS/TLS/SSL Certificate and creating strong passwords to your dashboard.

Again you also need a Service Provider with topnotch malware purifiers software to eliminate file disruptions, backdoor trojans/rootkits on your work computer; and most importantly practice safe online habits.