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8 Quick Reasons Why Does It Matter Where I Host My Website?


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8 Quick Reasons Why Does It Matter Where I Host My Website?

In short Yes! If advantages and benefits like: Cybersecurity, fast loading speeds, reliability, bandwidth or backups; matters to you. But if it doesn't!

It definitely makes a huge impact on user-experience, Search Engines Rank, Trust And Sales Conversions.

"That's Why your website hosting agreement is crucial to your online preformance."

Desktop Connection technology.

Remote Computer Access Risks

If you're building a website for customers: You have to put them ahead of your personal interest.

Why? Because you're building it for them, not you. At least if you're hoping to make a Profit from it.

Especially now that users are more concerned about their personal data and privacy.

Does It Matter Where I Host My Website?

An Example Suspicious Website On A Users Browser:


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Of course yes and I can backup my opinion, with my real life experience.

Back in the days; as a beginner I would have said No! Why? Because I always thought bloggers are trying to sell something, by talking down on certain options.

But through real life experience of finding, testing, and trying. I discovered the pros and cons of a hosting provider; can make or break you.

Here's Why It Matters Where You Host Your Website?

The terms of service such as: Website Uptime of 99.9 percent, information backups daily, weekly or never.

Cybercrime prevention technology and policies for denial-of-service attacks, or hacking threats, etc.

Please Note: Always read terms of service as the platform may offer daily backups on their sales page for example. Only to later discover it's limited to a specific amount of files.

Hosting Restricted Services May Also Apply To The Following Specifications:

  1. Uptime Guarantees: Some companies may take accountability to renew hosting for a month free of charge, if they fail to reach 99.9 %. While others may state they don't take responsibility.
  2. Hidden Cost: Some Hosting Providers may market a free domain; which may only apply after you register a paid domain first. Perhaps they may not mention it's without SSL certificate or some mandatory feature like technical support.
  3. Unlimited Storage/Bandwidth: The service restrictions may state that it only applies to personal blogs and not to commercial or authority websites. Which may somehow defeat the purpose of the offer.
  4. Free domain name: Can also be limited to a local extension such as: .us; .uk, .za ;.cc or a subdomain like, etc.
  5. Hosting Admin Dashboard: May be poor quality, user-unfriendly or have many limitations. Which makes it kind of difficult for you to be get ahead online.
  6. Free Hosting: You can't complain about too many internal ads, poor loading speeds, down-time or poor functionality; because it's free. Nobody cares anyway.
  7. The Limited Features: May apply to all the hosting specifictions , which will ultimate contribute to your Online Success.
  8. Meaning that it deprives you from: Email hosting, Full server access through FTP, MySQL databases and trustworthy certificates.

Like there are levels in almost every product such as: Free, Standard, Professional and Premium for example.

Likewise are there certain strengths and weaknesses in every offer. Thus you need to balance your selection, with your online goals.

This is where reading the terms of service comes in handy, because it helps you to realistically understand the true nature of business.

Do I Have To Pay For Website Hosting?

If you take your website seriously and want others to do the same. You have to show you respect your business enoungh enough to invest in first.

Before you expect other to invest in it. Unless it's some you're just playing around with; that the value doesn't matter.

How Can I Get A Free Website Domain?

Firstly you have to understand,, or offers free sub-domains such as:,, etc.

But users may regard it as spam websites and it will have negatively impact on your traffic, sales conversions and ultimately your online business success.

First impression counts a lot more than ever these day. People are continuously trying to avoid suspicious website and most importantly they don't buy from people they doubt.

How To Create A Free Website And Earn Money?

Out of my personal experience I highly recommend Blogger from Google. Because unlike WordPress or Byethost that may restrict certain monetizing methods.

The Advantages Of Blogger:
  • Blogger are open to Ads, Affiliate Marketing, personal products, etc. The platform gives online startups and opportunity to earn money.
  • While the other offer you user-experience only, as they want to earn from you.
  • On blogger you can register a custom domain and host your website; totally free for life.
  • The Bandwidth And Disc Space is unlimited.
  • The Uptime is 99.9% since Google owns the resource.
The Downside Or Disadvantages:
  • Unlike WordPress with many Themes, Blogger has limited Templates.
  • Blogger is a bit complicated to design as it is a html, coding and css platform. But you can just download a free html tutorial pdf
  • Considering the learning, applying and manual functionality it may take a beginner longer. But at least you started and who knows where will you be 3 months from now?

Let's assume you're broke and seriously hoping to start an online venture as an income solution.

You may start with a free blogger,, etc. But you should be realistic about the above disadvantages and treat it as a long-term solution.

Take It As A Learning Journey, Instead Of An Actual Business:

With this learning attitude; sharpen your writing, practice SEO and improve Webdesigning skills.

Take it as an opportunity to focus your goals on a free resource and as soon as you get some money buy a custom domain.

Whether you spent from your own pockets and not from revenue. It doesn't matter think of it as a "new born baby" that requires you attention and money.

But as the months or even years go by it keeps growing bigger and stronger. Soon enough it will be able to help you and give you returns for all your efforts.


So taking all the above in mind: Does It Matter Where I host My Website? Yes! Because if the hosting services doesn't vibrate with your business model. You risk getting penalized for violating the services policies.

Let's say for instance you build a secure commercial website on an "unlimited offer" meant for personal blogs. That's why you should take the read the terms and conditions, no matter how time consuming it seems. It will save you much more headaches in the future.