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Why Online Marketers Hate Even The Best Free Website Hosting Site?

Which is the best free website hosting site
Credit: George Desipris from Pexels


Why Online Marketers Hate Even The Best Free Website Hosting Site?

Blogger also known as Blogspot on Google web host is by far the best free website hosting site. It provides unlimited money making opportunities compared to competitors such as free WordPress that are highly restricted with certain monetizing methods like Adsense for instance.

I even decided to proactively demonstrate and backup my claim by creating an outline for a real life case study.

So What really inspired me to embark on a case study to Create A Secure And Profitable Blogger (Blogspot) on free hosting and domain?

Success can never be achieved, Unless it benefits all parties involved - source- "Think and Grow Rich"

Well no secrets between friends. Right? The Benefits behind the Final Outcome Drives me!

Picture acquiring the marketing know-how and technical skills to generating revenue from nothing.

The greater the challenges, the higher the rewards.

In this case: It goes beyond money, it's more about the learning, dedicated effort knowledge and experience.

Which equips me with all the relevant self-starter resourcefulness to create a thriving business, on a zero budget.

Who Will Benefit From This Free Website Case Study:

Let's face it, the business world is changing and the Pandemic made it obvious.

Online businesses are thriving, while traditional models are slowly dying-back.

Many youth and adults has dedicated internet, without any knowledge on how to generate income from it.

  • Financially Challenged Startups: Learn how to think on your feet and work with what you have.
  • Long-term thinkers: Where will you be 6 months from now - if you keep doing what you're doing now, or even worse not doing at all.
  • Potential Entrepreneurs: Who don't know how to tap into their skills and create something valuable out of humble beginnings.
  • Failed Bloggers: Struggling to make ends meet. But are still hopeful for legit ways to make a profit on the net.
  • Tired Of Borrowing Money? This is for you! If you really have to do something about your "broke or unskilled self."
Help is here!

If you're looking for ways to make a living, with no authority, social reach or online popularity?

Every Big dream starts with the tiniest idea and Right Now It's a Valuable, Practical And Problem Solving Free Website.

Please Note:

The intention is to start with free hosting and domain, gradually grow and finally turn it into a custom domain that pays for itself.

Which Is The Best Free Website Hosting Site?

This is the introduction page of my work in progress case study. In the following weeks I will do the following:

  • Update the details from start to finish of my Free blogspot from Google web hosting platform.
  • Use a Free template apply my basic html and coding knowledge to beautify it.
  • Create a few niche based articles, to get it up to speed.
  • Drive Traffic to the site, before looking at ways to monetize it
  • Share my success, to inspire your future projects.
  • Bookmark This page and remember to check in weekly/monthly for exciting dare-devil experiences.
Keep The End In Mind:

Aside from the new found knowledge or "white hat" abilities to repeat your online success. There are many not so obvious benefits.

Such As The Following:
  1. Powerful Self-starter OR Hardcore Entrepreneurial Skills: Succeeding against all the odds and challenging the common beliefs of other marketers. Let's face it! Blogger/Blogspot is more complicated compared to Free WordPress.
  2. Become A Trend Setter: How many case studies do you see of best free web hosting for startups online? Why? Because it's considered difficult, a daunting task and close to impossible.
  3. Unique And Original Content: With every new experience comes new information to write about. The more stuff you try online, the better experience based advice you can give your audience, the more trust you earn. There are many bloggers who write content based on opinions; instead of actual experiences.
  4. Conviction And Certainty: One of the major barriers of success for newcomers is uncertainty. And what further contributes to their failure, is the fear of trying - as a result they stay trapped in the planning phase. You overcome this by taking action, research ways to make it work, ultimately you gain knowledge regardless the outcome.
  5. Your Online Reputation Grows: The more your reputation grows, so will your profit. Why? Because people buy from people they Know and/or Trust. Instead of providing shallow information, based on what you read. You can now write detailed scenario and hands-on based content.

Free Blogger versus Free WordPress: Which Is Best?

Free Blogger or Blogspot out performs Free WordPress for the most important reasons.

  • Free Blogspot from Google: Provides more ways to earn money namely: Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, your own products, etc.
  • Free WordPress: On the other hand don't allow Ads, or free hosting for custom domains like blogger does.
  • The Only Upside: Of over Blogspot from Google, is the free and beautiful themes, plugins and simplified technical conveniences.

Treat Free Hosting And Domain Service As A Beginning, Not An End

I mean who does that? You might not have the money now, but as soon as you have a few extra dollars.

Invest in your business, whether it comes from immediate profit or your own pockets.

The Problem With Some Beginners:
  • They change their minds much too often and base the decisions on conflicting opinions of others. Instead of following through with a dedicated plan, to see how it really works.
  • They want to build a profitable business free and expect everything to remain free forever going forward. Where they should take it as a learning experience, opportunity for growth and later invest money; to take it to the next level.
  • They register a free domain and hosting account: After being motivated on something they read, or due to a financial threatening experience. Forget about it after a few days, only to create a new blog in the future, with a similar cycle.

This free domain and hosting case study is already in progress, over the weeks I will document my failures and success.

Free hosting and domain registration opportunities are stepping stones to secure and authority websites. As you audiences grow, so do you invest on additional web hosting features to make it even more trustworthy and resourceful. Remember to bookmark this page for my first few updates going forward.