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7 Benefits of Secure Web Hosting ( Number 6 Is My Favourite)

7 Benefits of Secure Web Hosting ( Number 6 Is My Favourite)

It's highly unlikely for Hosting Providers to offer you guarantees or "warranty" on data breaches, dataloss or any related security attacks.

How sure are you that they will at least shoulder some of your cyber security burdens?

Even if the attack occur on the Hosting Provider's premises. It may not bother you right now!

But wait till your website becomes profitable and holds sensitive data of customers.

Reservation and Non Waiver of Rights:
The Hosting Provider reserves the right to change, or alter there policy in their favour at any given time; without notice to the Customer and/or you agreeing to it.


What Are Top 7 Benefits of The Most Secure Web Hosting Companies?

Prepare yourself to be 100% responsible over your online project. Take it upon yourself to purchase a fitting web hosting plan with security as a primary factor.

Buy A Domain Or Hosting Service With The End In Mind:

In most cases of security violations the customers has the biggest responsibility, and usually are the first to alert the Service Provider.

Even when the user suspects any potential security breach, they're usually the first to inform the host.

Which shouldn't come as a surprise, since they're the users and pays better attention to detail.

What Are The Seven Benefits of Web Hosting?

1. Website Loading Speed: The Latest Solid State Drive (SSD) Web hosting technology are superfast and efficient for smoother uploads and downloads.

2. Unlimited Traffic: Websites also get overcrowded and this results in slower connections for users/customers.

Your site should therefore be prepared to handle the demands of peak hours, and sudden traffic explosions.

3. Spam Protection: Is at the heart of most potential malware infection through email, mailbox overloads and burying more important messages.

4. Virus Protection: Is a necessity to avoid most hacking threats and malicious software codes; through email medium.

Mailworms, Rootkits and Backdoor Trojans are 3 examples of how intrusive mail-driven attacks can be.

5. User Friendly cPanel: One-Click Easy Installs for Control Panel (cPanel). The software didn't win an Award by coincidence.

It's useful and shares the success with the most famous blogs in the cyber space.

Why? Because it takes the difficulty out of the most mundane web management tasks.

6. Malware Scanning: Keeping safe is one thing, but keeping it pure is another. Not all data related threats are necessarily security breaches.

Some are costly, destroys your professional reputation and/or undermine your business integrity.

While some are merely annoying, others are overcrowding your space with doubtful links, which ultimately contaminates your resources.

This is where the benefits of detection, filtering and naturalization comes in handy.

7. Daily Backups: An efficient data recovery plan is the lifeblood of data security these days.

Especially in situation where you may have lost data through network hardware failures, hacking attacks or accidental deletes.

It protects you in severe cases of extreme data loss disasters, to return to the last working timeframe of your compromised site.

What are the benefits of web hosting?

Which Hosting Is Most Secure?

I would do you totally injustice by claiming that only popular Companies such as Bluehost, Hostgator, Frikkadel Host or any other of my personal favourites is the good for You.

Because deep-down we know that there are many other less propular secure hosting Brands.

However I can guide you to make the best buying decision locally or internationally. By being able to identify: The Characteristics Of Secure Hosting Services Are:

  • Free Domain Registration on application or SSL certificate offers.
  • Money Back guarantees, Premium Technical Support 24/7, Activity Monitoring.
  • Some lucrative Hosting Offers may equip you with free goodwill offers. Such as subscription warranties; in situations where they don't meet 99,9% uptime standards, etc.

What Is Secure Hosting?

Carefully Scrutinize and diligently read their Security Policies:

Secure Hosting Company's may have good intentions, technology and employees; to back it up.

You can expect Good Industry Practice from all ends, that take much of security burdens of your mind.

The Cutting Edge Systems, physical security infrastructure and measures for Data Centres, may put competitors to shame.

They do their best to prevent situations where the customer suffer damage as a result of cyberattacks or privacy intrusion.

You can simply see it by the quality of their equipment, product features and the benefits translates into robust network defense.

You don't hear horrific stories of information loss, disruption or corruption of private resources.

Even If Their Service Terms May State The Following:

If a security violation stems from negligence, or some weakness from the customer's work station the customer becomes liable.

The Host may be gracious enough to consider that they're customers may be a mixture of: Beginners, Intermediaries and of course professionals.

And to their best to not compromize the safety of their customers. Don't just throw your "Best Stake Holders" (who by the way vote with their money) under the bus.

Let's face it! In most cases the terms is written in favour of the hosts/company.

Meaning the customer will be liable for any potential damage related to violation. Be it unforeseen, predicted, the customer’s fault or not; its all the same.

Although the Customer may not do anything that may cause impairment of the security of the Hosting Server.

It's most often likely that they share the loss of whatever may undermine the resource.

Email Account Security:

When the email accounts is handed over to the Customer, there are usually terms that comes with the package; such as:

  • The Hosting Provider may use filtering software, to separate incoming mail (originating from suspicious sources), from those coming from trusted sources.
  • The filtering process of incoming emails may also prevent unsolicited bulk emails, Spam, viruses and malicious attacks.
  • Although customers are allowed to send mass/bulk emails to their subscribed users. Bulk emails to random unknown people, is a privacy and/or security violation in itself.
  • However the filtering are not 100% perfect, but is done on a best effort basis. It may or may not provide any guarantees/warranty of any kind.
  • In the most ideal situations the servers used to provide an email service, will be subject to the same security as the entire system.

The ultimate goal of the latest hosting solution, go beyond affordable, fast, reliable, etc.

It most importantly comes with plan your project around your visitors security and the safety of your platform.

Therefore the seven benefits secure web hosting, deserves much of your attention to detail. In order to make the best buying decisions, to ensure you choose a leading company who adds value with uncompromising security encryption.