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Top 5 Cyber Crimes And Prevention Tips: You Must Read It To Avoid Bankruptcy!

Top 5 Cyber Crimes And Prevention Tips: You Must Read It To Avoid Bankruptcy!

What would your shopping experiences be like without the internet? Isn't it shocking how effortlessly we immigrated to the cyberplane. Everything we practically do has turned into a digital process. We learn, work, shop, and play digitally. The sad part is..Well, aside from the control that technology has over our lives! The reality that our virtual-identities can be stolen.

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The busiest places are also the most commonly targeted by criminals. Because where there are people, there are goods, money and transactions.

This post will teach you to prevent eight of the most common and Biggest cyber threats. So with no further ado:

1. Learning About 5 Top Cyber Crimes And Preventive Tips Is Your First Security Measure:

5 Top cyber crimes
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User education is the best protection. Because you first have to know what to be scared of, before you can learn to avoid it.

Cybercriminals tend to target unaware/unexpecting folks. It simply helps them to save money and resources on the cybercrime cost.

Even business minded people follows the same strategy. You also look for the fastest and most feasible way to penetrate in a new market.

2. Control Access To Your Network:

It's common sense that you want to restrict access to your personal property. That's why you have a key to your house, a combination to your safe and a ring on your spouse's finger.

The easier it is for anybody to enter a property becomes, the less valuable it is considered. No wonder some people hate using public toilets, they consider it unhygienic.

Whether your call it encryption or strong passwords. Be it a fingerprint, unique pattern or a combination of letters, numbers or special characters.

Whatever you do prevent intruders from accessing your usb flashdrive, smartphone, tablet or laptop. Because any of the above opens the doors to privacy invasion, saved data exposure or undermining your network security.

3. Encrypt Your Smart Devices:

Portable devices are useful, convenient and easy to carry around. The benefits in it is also a major weakness, since we're more likely to save information on the go.

This makes this mobile devices vulnerable to theft, loss and other kinds of dataleaks.

Therefore make it exclusive and open to only you. Create unbreakable passcodes, avoid downloading apps from random sources, because they give the developers access to your information.

4. Secure Your Network:


5 top cybercrimes
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  • Internet Firewall Security: The internet is a vast network of interconnected networks, within networks. There are large bursts of data coming through: Some are good and others suspicious.
  • Your first layer of network defense is a firewall; to prevent hackers, doubtful links and poor quality data from contaminating your network.
  • Antivirus Software and Malware Scanners: Is a necessity; no matter how well-behaved you are online. You won't be able to manually detect viruses or badware with the naked-eye.
  • While you at it look for an antivirus combo that regularly update, because today's malware is ever-changing/dynamic.
  • Please note: Although firewalls may disrupt spyware from communicating with their senders. It's also advisable to look for an independent antispyware or install antivirus that also prevents the threat.

5. Email Security And Spam Prevention:

Most Backdoor Trojans, Rootkit or computer virus attacks are through email. Therefore software like spam protection or email scanners are useful.

Some are so efficient they can even detect the authenticity or suspicious nature of the originating source. By cleverly scanning ip, certificates and source.

Regardless you have to share responsibility by avoiding opening unknown emails, clicking links or buying through from emails.

5 Top Cyber Crimes Additional Tips:

I've read horrific stories where Ads were maliciously placed on someone else's Face Book Accounts.

Or situations where a rival or toxic ex post illegal content via the victims account, to get them in trouble or fired from their jobs.

Secure Your Social-Media Profile:

As harmless as you may think Social Media is, using it the wrong way can get you in serious trouble.

The best way forward is the set it on private and keep your passwords or connecting devices out of the wrong hands.

7. Keep Operating Systems Update:

With The Latest Security updates from the manufacture. Most people tend to avoid security updates for the databundle/extra consumption rates.

Which is bad idea since the updates are necessary to prevent your system from becoming outdated and vulnerable to threats.

8. Your e-identity or Digital identity Is On Your Devices:

If someone get access to any of your devices, be it your router, smartphone or computer.

The unique IP address of all your devices point to you as the owner and your social profiles and personal information lives on your devices.

This includes your name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, practice numbers, social security and even banking details.

They can either steal from you by pretending to be you, commit a crime under your name or destroy your professional reputation.

There are many more, I know I only scratched the surface. Bookmark this resource, because we will keep you updated with old and new cybersecurity threats.