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Best Website Hosting For Discount Hunters!


best web hosting features
Credit: GoDaddy
Best Website Hosting For Discount Hunters!

The Best Website Hosting features offers good advantages, that may be the worst user-experience other users. Like they: One person treasure, might be the other person's trash. Quite frankly; I can run my mouth about technical specifications such as Control Panel, SSL certificates, encryption, backups, bandwidth and so on.

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What is the prices of hosting plans?
  1. The Good News: It may teach you about a few potential recommendations, but nothing NEW that you haven't seen already. In the back of your mind: You may figure out, that I'm hoping to cash in.
  2. The Bad News: It's kind of one sided to sell you on ideas that does NOT accurately fill your needs OR propel your online project.
  3. The Truth: Even my copy will be crafted around "my most ideal customer". Which is the same principles that applies to hosting characteristics.
  4. There Are Specific Features: designed for specific Online projects, ideas, people, business AND everything else in between.

Best Website Hosting Features For Small Businesses

Are Different from what would be best for personal bloggers. You can buy a top product but if it doesn't fit your profile/plans. It's a waste of time AND money.

The Only Thing it will change is the size of your wallet/purse. Like they say: What's good for the Goose, is not always good for the Gander.

Does It Matter Where I Host My Website?

In short Yes! There are many risks surrounding unreliable sources. There are fake websites that robs people of their I identity.

I highly suggest you learn more about it: I wrote about Validating Hosting Websites before joining.
Technically Speaking:

Even The Best Website Hosting Provider will delete your files; without ANY warning. If your files threatens normal Operations under any circumstances; of a Shared Web Server.

Their resources ARE naturally distributed in increments; according their pricing structures. One user are not allowed to over use the service; on account of the expenses of others.

Do You Wonder Why? That question alone; should be a good motivation, to carefully scrutinize the small-prints of every service agreement. Before you pour your heart AND soul into it.

While you busy doing that; you might as well realistically weigh the Pros AND Cons. In order to merge your online project with the Right Service Requirements.

Every product is created with a specific person in mind AND likewise is there:

Best Website Hosting Features For Every Person

No matter how "Attractive" a low cost package may appear. You always have to trade in one thing for another.

In this case you pay less AND most likely receive more restrictions, shortcomings OR resources

Advantages AND Disadvantages Of Shared Hosting:

According the Provider "Unlimited Bandwidth" may mean up to a few thousand visitors monthly. Not necessarily without bounds OR unrestricted; as you may think!

A few visitors or traffic volumes beyond their personal use limit, may be considered Corporate level.

With this in mind: Large Businesses usually have deeper pockets, more resources AND more output levels. Hence in this situation it may be considered a violations.

Such websites needs of course dedicated Servers, VPS OR cloudbased data centers. Which shouldn't be a problem, unless they sponge of shared platforms.

Not only to their reputation, service levels OR users. But also to the threats that surrounds poor solutions.

Internet Risks Of A Corporate:
  1. Hacking Attacks: Cybercriminals are always looking for unprotected system OR weaknesses to steal customer information.
  2. Dataloss: During a technical-crisis, accidental deletes OR system failures; on the Hosting Providers Server. May resort to information falling through the cracks.
  3. Disc Space: You need enough data storage space accommodate your High demands of: Databases, web files, content, scripts, email accounts, etc.
  4. Bandwidth: Websites also gets overcrowded with traffic. Which results in random/unexpected technical errors. Such as; slow connections, poor user-experiences, inabilities to access portals OR click 'buy now' buttons, etc.

Why Is Unlimited Disc Space on Shared Hosting Specification Restricted?

The service may promote some hosting plans names that contradicts its meaning. But let's try to make sense out of it.

  • Assuming You Pay a $15 per month for an Unlimited promotion. Now as an individual; there's only so much work you can do daily. Right?
  • I mean there's Only So Much of you to go around AND you have to selfishly share it with 24 hours of your day.

Where as A Company may have many employees and produce Large Amounts work as a result use huge quantities of disc space; in less time with less effort.

So it wouldn't make sense to run a Big Corporation's portal on shared hosting platform.

Apart from saving money, it's way too risky, considering potential data breaches. Likewise wouldn't it make ANY:

Business Sense for the Hosting Company to give away large quantities of network resources for a measly price.

Even If They Do: What low quality of infrastructure, support AND service would they provide? Considering the thin investment they contribute towards it.

So To Ensure The Right People Subscribe, they obviously will design strict fair usage policies around their offers.

They Say The Devil Is In The Detail:

Let's assume you're a busy person or just hate reading technical features OR long oceans of dry content (terms and conditions.

You may simply tick the box next to service terms agreement box, to get it over and done with.

Give it a few weeks/months: You discover random errors/shortcomings in your "Unlimited" expectations.

This is where reality sink in: That you bought "a good product for the wrong purpose." Perhaps it even wasted your time, money AND energy.

Even your submitted query may be short-lived. Instead of receiving real technical support: You get a short response; with a link to the hosting terms of service.

Finally: You Discover The Following Problems:
  • Unlimited disc space is not entirely endless, because the terms restricts you to only +/- 7500 files.
  • Although this may sound like a lot; but it includes: emails, spam folders, images, videos, etc.
  • You can easily reach this threshold in about a few months of extreme blogging. Especially if your email list are extremely busy.
  • You should have Read the terms before creating an 1000 - 30 000 articles Authority site; as it's totally forbidden. Because most of the information is not backed up on the server.
The Problem:

It's a disaster because your entire online business project, is built Around what you thought "Unlimited" meant. But not really around the parameters of the Actual Package.

Even More Horrifying: Is that Your business budget are now crafted around wrong "Pricing" and migration at this point might be irrelevant.

Eliminate The Chances Of Choosing The Wrong Hosting Provider In The Beginning:

The fine prints ARE always written in small oceans of grey AND undesirable text.

  • Almost as if the Service Providers/Manufacturers discourages customers to read it.
  • Terms And Condition Are The Most Important Part Of Any Given Agreement.
  • Because it binds you to specific rules AND regulations, that you may regret later. Especially When It Comes To:

Comparing Your Goals With Web Hosting Specifications

This part is of course easier, because you look at the product from a marketing perspective. As soon as you dig a little deeper, you may find that it's not really what you expected.

Sometimes We tend to make Decisions on prices. It's the same like going out to a restaurant AND instead of looking what you want in the menu; you look at what you can afford.
Why go through all the trouble if you know you're on a tight budget?

When it Comes to business you have to realistically look at the requirements from your customers perspective.

You build your business for the "Top Stake Holders" AND that is your customers. You must espect their: Personal Details, User-Experiences AND value their business.

And that will Show Through what you're willing to sacrifice for them. Before you expect them to sacrifice their money for you.

Technical Specifications Of Your Hosting Service:

May be unattractive content AND several pages long.

I mean Who wants to spend countless hours making sense out of complicated wording.

However they are the making AND breaking of your online project. In some cases you may even find unexpected surprises. Which we'll discuss in a bit.

When It Comes To Hosting Service Specifications

Keep in mind every feature translates into specific advantages AND eventually benefits.

Another point is to work within the parameters of your agreement, dispute certain mistakes; when they happen.

Purchase The Right Service That Suits You Needs:

The specs that you should consider, which every successful website should have on the hosting accounts are as follows:

  • Enough Disk Space for your review/commercial site/blog.
  • Data Backup: The potential of technical breakdowns, hacking AND dataloss are Rife.
  • The total volume of monthly traffic allowed on your hosting plan.
  • The total number of extra domain names you can add per account.
For Example:
  • Disk space GB: 10 GB | 20 GB| Unlimited |
  • Traffic GB/month: 100 GB| 500 GB| Unlimited |
  • Number of additional: Domains 20 | 30 Domains| Unlimited |

Examples Of Combining Important Limits In 3 Real Hosting Plans

Which will equip you with the relevant skills to investigate every new service before agreeing to it.

I will show you a few indicators of specific hosting services, which demands your attention to detail.

  1. Disk Space (in GB): Although most ordinary users assumes it only involves the amount of space used by your website's files.
  2. It also includes: Temporary files generated by scripts, cache, additional files, statistics, inboxed emails AND spam.
10 GB Is Not Really That Big When It Comes To Webpages:

You might be excited over a few GB of space. But in reality a basic email of as much as 100 characters.

With header can consume more than 30 KB. Attach a document or image then it can easily surpass a 1 MB.

Now multiply this with your massive amounts of emails. Take your personal Gmail for example which may be over 5000.

Picture the enormous amount of space this alone will consume; on a hosting account. Now if you're using it for business purposes, you can multiply it by 10.

Only your sent items, spam folder can easily surpass over 300+ MB. But even unlimited plans has its own drawbacks, Which you'll learn in bit.

Before Signing Up With A Hosting Service

You should realistically consider your database requirements.

Which includes emails, website content, media files, etc. As it will help you to project more accurately, which account will be suitable.

Carefully take into account the details of hosting service. If they offer a very attractive price with if “unlimited disk space.” Think Along This Lines:

  • What's the potential limits of the hosting company's resources? You will find out a great deal of that in their user terms.
  • Will it make ANY business sense for the Service Provider to overcrowd their bandwidth for such a small price?

1. Web Hosting Hub Is Irresistible as it Offers Unlimited Disk Space.

  • But if you carefully investigate the terms of service. There are fair usage policies that clearly states that the user may not exceed over 75,000 files OR folders.
  • Another thing worth noting; is that according to their terms of service. Should your disk space consumes over 10 GB, the host may retire backup files service; without any warning before hand (inodes).

2. HostMonster Offers Unlimited Traffic And Disk Space

However their terms warns you, that its web hosting services are designed for Companies with Huge websites or portals.

Its limited policies includes: Number of inodes shall not be be more than 200,000; it is also limited to 1000 database tables; and a bandwidth restriction limit of more than 3 GB for the whole database. The intention of using it as a file repository is not allowed.

HostGator Restricts their “Unlimited” Service As Follows:

  • A strict limit of up to 250,000 inodes; if it exceeds goes higher, automatic backup is stops.
  • Backup files will only be done, if your total data volumes is not over the amount of +/- 20 GB.
  • The entire website of the user, including scripts should NOT 25 % or exhaust more 90 seconds of system resources. Configuring cron scheduler cannot be scheduled to do tasks once every 15 minutes because it's not allowed.

So all this information AND believe me there's more. You can clear see that as I mentioned at the top of this article.

Best Website Hosting Features are only rated as such based on the profile customer who it's created for. Does It Matter Where I Host My Website? Yes of course, you don't want to host on unreliable sources that may not last very long.