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What Is A cPanel Website Why Do I Need It?


What is a cpanel Website Why do I need it?
Credit: Godaddy cPanel
Do I Need A cPanel Hosting?

What is a cpanel Website Why do I need it? A Control Panel is a built in software on a web hosting service. Which allows users to manage and control their websites, domains, email accounts and Content Management Software (CMS).

After registering OR buying hosting for your blog/site, you get a username AND password for you dedicated dashboard to access your Admin facility.

What is a cpanel Website Why do I need it?

An Example of a cPanel is GoDaddy Shared hosting plans:

Check it out here! Most Shared hosting Plans offered to the public ARE on Linux Based Servers.

However some advanced users that supports Microsoft products may sometimes prefer Windows Hosting Servers

How much should you pay for website hosting?

Which Web Hosting Services is best? Is not only determined by: Cheap Prices often come at a heavier cost in the opposite sense.

Well that's if you consider the obvious additional charges. Such as SSL, Backup, Bandwidth and so on.

The again you get the NOT So obvious price you have to pay, if you add security threats AND privacy violations to the equation.

The Major Problem Behind Low Cost Web Hosting Subscription Fees:

Is using the Amount as a measurement, to qualify Good Web Hosting Providers from Bad. Because behind the scenes you may END Up with the Real Reason Why it came At a Discounted Value.

Security, Certification AND Webpage Loading Speed are very important Ranking Factors. Similarly does Credibility AND Uptime play Major Roles.

Providers With Secure Web Hosting Systems And Infrastructure

The cheaper the subscription fees users pay, the less funds are available for overall infrastructure, support services and cutting-edge features to go around.

And even if the service may BE Belted with astounding specs on the surface. The quality of the particular specification may be of a poor quality.

  • Trustworthy Hosting Service Provider's must hold the credentials of robust infrastructure. Keeping a firm stance; even in moments of hardware failures or unexpected security attacks.
  • The quality of being accessible of standards up to 99.9% AND liquid fast website loading speeds. Is merely a fantasy if the budget doesn't sustain the reality.
  • Even leverages like Site Backup AND fail-safe solutions, comes with price-tag which defines internet readiness.
  • You have to consider advantages OR disadvantages. Like: Bandwidth, Secure Web Servers, Wide Area Network (WAN) Data centers, Cloud based solutions, Monitoring, etc.

Web Hosting Services Should Be Designed With The End-User In Mind

From The User's Perspective:

The cPanel is a useful tool or instrument for working with, to carry out web related duties.

Examples such as ensuring regular updates, improving site performance, and control your site server; from a dashboard facility.

It's therefore essential for basic operations of your website. Without it your tasks automatically becomes endlessly difficult.

Do I Need A cPanel Hosting?

  1. cPanel: Is very popular on the Linux-based web hosting management. It is the revolutionary tool that simplifies user-control, experience and proactively propels action.
  2. Providing you with a sense of total control. By rewarding your input with the convenience of handling all your web hosting duties in a single spot.

What is cPanel Hosting?

Why is a Good Control Panel so Important and Why does your site's success depend on it?

Most importantly it saves your consumers time, money AND headaches. While it also saves your technical support Budget and response time; from tedious little tasks.

We're already living in a World of limited time AND struggling to keep up with our online responsibilities. That's why in the Heart of your Hosting Plans should Beat a fully functional cPanel.

You must continuously look at ways to make technology work for you, because it does NOT sleep but We Do. Thus automation is an excellent way to stay abreast.

In other words a cPanel program is the engine to your website hosting services; from the users perspective.

cPanel Feature Shows That Your Web Host Compliments Your Success:
  • If you're a passionate online business enthusiast, the piece of technology helps you with forward thinking.
  • It equips you with automated admin abilities to effectively design, manage and steer your website in the right direction.
  • cPanel eliminates the difficulties and tedious tasks of learning server programming skills, associated with site maintenance.
  • The Control Panel is a browser-based software, equipped with intelligent web tools. It can reduce time and cost on technical demands.
  • Such employing or hiring many skilled technical workers and website administrators.
The Benefits Of cPanel And Shared Hosting:

The dire need for the software emerged some time during 1996. Ever since the arrival of Web 2.0 more ordinary people started constructing their online platforms.

And fortunately the cPanel came into play, to remove the need for Advanced Server Programming Requirements.

The solution rewarded the web with many happy users. Since it's a vital unit to every commercial website hosting service.

It makes the most complex internal duties an effortless breeze. Thanks to it's seamless integration, usability and easy operations.

Even the most technically challenged mom, dad or website owners can now have more hands-on.

Without the annoyances of submitting support Tickets for tiny details.

They can skillfully manage their platform like well-versed professionals. Take full charge, act and benefit from the advantages of cPanel solutions.

Conveniently accessing a secure dashboard, with a unique username and password.

Navigate through multiple features at your fingertips:

Quickly install WordPress CMS (Content Management Software), manage several domain names in one place, email services, databases, and backup your website.

The Most Superior cPanel Features:

1. Website Security: There are strict security regulations that protects users as well as online business owners.

Examples of such strict policies are: CCTA and GDPR which websites should compliant with.

It involves privacy protections protocols, which is one of the most important responsibilities on the internet.

Your customers information protection and privacy contributes heavily to your online reputation. Trust is your making OR breaking and determines your ultimate success.

Considering all the online threats, risks and security breaches, you have to secure access to your web server.

Other Forms Of Security Features:

2. Domain Management: There are many web Giants and some of them has several sub domains.

Hubpages is a good example of such. Even if you're not on that level yet, there will come a time where the need arises.

Without a cPanel program duties of domain management of several websites on your Bluehost account. Would have been a technical and financial disaster.

This useful and lucrative piece of software allows you to effortlessly manage multiple domains in a single shot.

It profitably translates to smoother operations, saving time and money.

Which could otherwise be invested in your SEO efforts, business ventures or marketing journeys.

Creating an authority site means you may have create sub-domains down the line. You can now effortlessly add domains to your hosting account.

3. Email: The famous electronic messaging or communication tool is crucial these days.

Ideal for keeping your customers updated, building brand awareness, and propelling online profit.

Like they say the money is in the list, thus you need to keep your Company's appearances high in the eyes of followers.

Skillfully manage email addresses securely, filter and organize folders according specific priority levels.

cPanel's are normally designed with user-friendly interfaces, to automate or reduce tasks associated with email marketing strategies.

Simply Combine it with your Mailchimp or email automation software and set your email marketing strategy on autopilot.

4. File Management: This particular feature in your Control Panel, gives you the leading edge over struggling with multiple accounts.

It puts your file management requirements in effortless mode. You can professional organize all your email accounts, CMS software, allowing subscribers to access the source through FTP.

Bottom Line:

Control Panels is considered a standard feature on most Linux Shared Hosting Platforms.

It's a smart solution to make your hosting packages more appealing to consumers, people generally despise complexity.

More Information on cPanel hosting AND High ranking Web Servers:

What is a cpanel Website Why do I need it? Well as explained It makes technical setbacks easier and the features have several other useful advantages. Without the program your web related tasks would be mundane AND most importantly your daily web activities would be extremely difficult.