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How do I Migrate from cPanel to DirectAdmin?

what is a cpanel
How Much Does cPanel Cost?

Some Control Panels Costs as little as $45 renting fees for a Web host Service Provider. Imagine the risks AND loss of income associated with NOT having the useful software.

The bundled models allows you to conveniently add additional accounts for as low as $0. 20 per month.

Step by Step Guide To Migrate DirectAdmin to cPanel Why Do You Need A cPanel?

In this DAYS of cutting edge server technologies. Consumers don't want to hear turn-offs like manual support requests, for basic setups like WordPress.

  • Which they Could have easily downloaded, installed AND activated from their own Control Panel.
  • Why would ANY customer buy web hosting without the Popular AND handy software? Unless they Really need it for specific purpose.
Best Hosting Features

1stStep: You have Download the conversion software. In order to transform DirectAdmin into Control Panel Download: cPanel-to-DirectAdmin account conversion tool.

2nd Step: Create direction of proceeding OR path.

3rd Step: Create Copies of the files to “import” directory.

44Step: Match the configuration.

5th Step: To put in effect Execute the module.

6th Step: Transfer the converted backups.

7th Step: Recover the data on your system from the backup.

How Much Does cPanel Cost?

As a Web Host Service Provider You can expect to pay as little as $45 licensing fees monthly.

Keep in mind there may be limits of up to 100 accounts:

Which in return rewards the privileged-users on your hosting services; with easier operations AND smoother user-experiences.

Logically speaking, each cPanel developer OR Resellers may of course have different pricing structures.

And of a similar measure are there different quality standards.

On The Other Hand:

Managed WordPress Hosting Packages Includes The Following:

  • The process of installing WordPress is done for you
  • Website/Blog backups as a security measure are managed from the Providers
  • Handling OR managing task like server-level cache AND other maintenance are done by the Company
  • Handling and ensuring WordPress priority software updates ARE done by admin

How Much Does Plesk Cost?

The Good News is that Plesk Gives you a free trail opportunity, to get you up to speed.

Regardless, they do NOT offer an indefinite free solution. However the price is little as $5.00 per month.

What is ZPanel?

Zpanel is an option other than cPanel, it performs the same functions. But instead of buying licensing it's totally free.

The tool is further propelled by an open-source OR free software.

Knitted together by PHP designs, most importantly it's a secure web hosting resource.

Over and above it's a fully equipped web hosting control panel device. It supports Linux; UNIX; MacOSX based servers (POSIX) and Microsoft Windows.

What is WHM cPanel?

As already explained a cPanels is an Admin tool OR software.

Used by customers to manage AND organize their website accounts on Hosting Server.

Now WHM in particular is positioned as a control panel, widely used by Reseller accounts.

It helps to organize All the plans hosted on Reseller account.

This gives the end-user more power to control OR perform duties; on their blogs OR websites more efficiently.

They simply login to with unique user AND passwords. Install WordPress, Joomla Or any other supported content management solution.

Through a centralized dashboard with an interface.

Allowing them further Advantages, such as changing, adding, removing OR install additional plugins/services.

However, some cPanels tools are restricted to only a handful of features.

Do You need cPanel for WordPress?

As mentioned above; WordPress is a website managing software that you can install on your cPanel. Very commonly used on shared hosting account.

On the Contrary: Managed WordPress in particular do NOT need A cPanel. Because everything is done for your by the Providers; thus you will not find one.

Managed WordPress accounts are self-explanatory by their name "managed."

Does GoDaddy Use cPanel?

As part of the many astounding features belted with useful advantages. The superb web hosting technologies that makes GoDaddy fast and reliable is quite obvious.

Nevertheless it also comes with weaknesses that might A more independent web-master off.

However, it's a shared hosting service that makes it affordable AND attractive to price sensitive startups.

  • Good pricing combined with Smooth Quality AND secure hosting web servers; makes the deal even sweeter.
  • Further Equipped with a multifunctional cPanel, making website maintenance simpler, easier AND faster.

With excellent value for your dollar; GoDaddy has Risen as one of the most Famous blog hosing Providers.

But if your blog OR website is more Established with large quantities of daily visits. I suggest you look elsewhere for a better solution.

Is cPanel Free?

The cPanel is a paid service, you can get up to 15 days free trail After you download AND installed the program.

But once your free trail expired your account will be charged.

The Good News:

The Control Panel is highly useful And makes complicated tasks Easier.

Examples of such ARE duties like managing your websites, database, WordPress, plugins, domains, emails, and so on.

The Bad News:

There is no free rides on cPanel. Such as open-source or unpaid licensing available for.

Meaning that your only option is a free trail, which can be seen as a discounted option.

What is the Difference Between cPanel and WordPress?

Without technical complications of attaching SSH to your server. With a cPanel you can control your server Conveniently from the web internet browser.

While WordPress the Content Management Software (CMS), makes content writing, publishing AND organization a breeze.

You can install WordPress through your cPanel. Providing your web host Service Provider supports it on their system.

Is cPanel Necessary?

It's important to maintain your webpages, hosting accounts, database OR content on your hosting server. Therefore a is not only Important, but mandatory.

Because it allows you to easily access and Control your online resource, through the Panel.

The cPanel is a much needed piece of equipment, to assist in your necessary web hosting duties AND makes your tasks less daunting.

The unseen benefits ARE of course saving you time AND energy. By making your online journey much easier AND less tedious.

Is cPanel Open Source?

Examples of open source tools are: Froxlor AND ZPanel. Froxlor for instance is a lightweight tool that doesn't slow your server.

It's also firmly positioned to manage your Dedicated Hosting Plan, Virtual Private Server (VPS) OR even shared hosting accounts.

It gives you the opportunity to benefit from the same service as a cPanel that fits your needs.

Webmin is another Common favorite, well-equipped with all the characteristics of a full-version server administration tool.

What is the Difference Between cPanel and Admin Panel?

DirectAdmin and cPanel both serves a similar purpose. What really sets them apart is how they operate, features AND functionality.

Both are created to simplify AND make hosting web administration easier for users. A Control panel is the answer to the problem of web hosting administration.

Because they are tools helping you to handle AND control the available options on your hosting account; with skill.

Both are developed to make usability for even the most technical challenged user, convenient.

  • So your web host account will support either cPanel OR Admin panel. Of the two cPanel is the most Popular as it supports more features and plugins than DirectAdmin.
  • Another benefit is that it's very popular On shared hosting platforms. Such as: HostGator, GoDaddy, Frikkadel AND Linux Servers.
Web Hosting Control Panel

The famous cPanel software is also known as a web hosting control panel.

The software make it easy for the day-to-day administration tasks of a web hosting server. The useful program was created by an American corporation (cPanel, L.L.C.).

Examples Of Features On A cPanel:
  • DirectAdmin OR control panel's names pretty much explains is functions. It allow you to Directly administer, Control OR Manage your web hosting account.
  • You can convenience manage OR handle with skill unlimited websites AND email accounts, in one place.
  • The user can post new articles, delete websites OR content, install plugins, manage all the available, etc.

What is DirectAdmin Control Panel?

Like cPanel, DirectAdmin is a software that users find in the web hosting dashboard. It's a smart interface of two interconnected systems.

Which is the point between the users hosting account AND the Service Providers platform.

The user has a username AND password provided by the Web Hosting Company. Like does the Company have privileged access to help in cases of technical hiccups.

With Control panel software, users enjoys more privileges AND can pretty much have more control over their preferences.

As oppose to relying on the Companies Support department for every tiny detail.