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How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website On WordPress?

How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website On WordPress?
How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website On WordPress? Free WordPress Or Blogger Which Is Best?

How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website On WordPress? Linux based servers provides the most affordable, popular for its Control Panel (cPanel) management tool. A shared web host is of the cheapest hosting solutions.

Price Of Shared Web Hosting Plans:

Although most Web Hosting Providers may entice you with prices as little as $3 or even $1 on some promotional packages. There is still a Grey area that you Should be aware of.

For Example:

Web Hosting Payment Options Accumulative Charges

Competing Host Service Providers has different payment option AND also many different payment terms.

  1. Some services like Bluehost may only provide terms for minimum 3 months Or More.
  2. So if you multiply the promo or discounted price of the 3 or More months. It actually makes the amount higher as initially expected.
  3. Also the discounted price may only be for one month AND the price may return to normal on your Second month.
  4. The offer may Exclude important features such as: backup, SSL certificate, etc. Which happens to be very Important these Days.
  5. Another thing is the package may be very limited OR basic. For example the bandwidth may be Enough for a Sales Page Or Landing page AND nothing More.

The above pointers helps you to look at Web Hosting Discounts, Specials OR Promotions from a more realistic perspective.

How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website On WordPress?

The most affordable AND reliable option I used is Frikkadel Check My WordPress Hosting Review.

They were Good for my situation At the time. But that doesn't necessarily mean they're the best for your online project.

Then again not all the below option CANNOT be for you. At least one or more will fit you pockets AND requirements.

I found myself in a situation where I tried to keep my spending between expect $3 – $10 monthly. While I kept my Eyes on Price, I lost traction with the reason "Why" I needed the a hosting solution.

Don't Focus On The Price, While Taking Your Eyes Of The Reason:

You may think you got a bargain on a $5 hosting solution. While you may find that instead you sit with limited space OR something you have to upgrade Sooner that Later.

Which is exactly what happened to me. So be sure to tick you checklist, to avoid wasting time AND money on a useless product.

There Are Different Types Of Servers And Cloud Based Options To Host A Blog OR Websites

Google Cloud machines ARE more advanced than basic VPS hosting solutions. The prices rangers may are different, for instance Virtual Private Servers may cost up to $20 or more monthly.

  • Check out the Google Cloud Smart Pricing Strategy
  • Like most products that comes in levels, designed for specific targeted groups of people.
  • So does several different types WordPress Websites have different requirements AND solutions.

Paid Hosting is as Cheap Or Expensive as Your Online Goals

Paid versions in any Given product generally gives you access to better features, support options AND respect. As oppose to free hosting that may limit you to restricted user policies.

It's like: Public Schools Compared To Private Schools. The public education structure are cheaper, deteriorated And less effective.

If You compare it to Internationally recognized Private Schools. Which may cost more, but saves you many future headaches.

Especially when you have to go out there, in the business World Or looking for Tertiary Acceptance.

Likewise A Paid Website Gives You Better Opportunities For Growth:

Even the cheapest web hosting option, out performs a free website/blog. When it comes to link building, guest posting, signing up for Affiliate Programs OR some Advertising opportunities.

People Consider Free Websites Spammy:

I highly recommend a paid blog OR website All Day! And you can take my word for it, I owned clusters of free blogs that Never went nowhere.

  • If you Really looking to commercialize A website find a cheap hosting for your blog. There's some words that you CAN'T even write on free BLOGSPOTS.
  • Examples such as: Enterprise, Commercial, etc. Because it poses a threat AND lowers the standards of online business.
Loading Speed AND Bandwidth

Are also major aspects of a successful blog. Which can be Eliminated if you choose A well-versed Brand. Like HostGator or Frikkadel that gives excellent entry level packages.

Is It Worth Paying For A Blog?

Ask yourself online goals is Worth spending few dollars on. If it's not really that important and more like a personal online diary OR accountability tool.

Then a free platform is like is more the enough. Why? Because your blog is for You AND You Alone.

If Your Plans Is To Make You Blog Profitable?

Go for a cheap website package, NOT to spend too much on something you're experimenting with.

However, the chances of getting more feasible Results with an experiment is to invest something.

Once your traffic Grow AND your Business Reach Expands. You can gradually migrate to Bigger plans AND eventually host your massive blog, on your own dedicated server or cloud for up to $60 a year.

But that is for later, no need to worry about it just yet.

Can I Use WordPress Without Hosting?

If it's a free WordPress from You can pretty much keep your restricted free blog for as long as WordPress allow you.

No Adsense: And a few more limitations may limit you from doing as you please. Be sure to read their terms and conditions before they delete you blog.

From you can create a paid version and find more freedom. Depending on your goals and budget of course.

Is WordPress better than Blogger?

I personally prefer free Blogger platform Over free WordPress. Blogspot owned by Google gives you more monetization opportunities that any other free host.

Let's Assume You Hit Rock Bottom:

Like I did a few years ago, no money, no honey, no options, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Blogspot Gave Me Financial Hope:

They approved my Adsense on a free website, I tested Affiliate marketing And many other Programs.

  • As my situation improved I bought a cheap domain
  • Did I Become A Millionaire? No! I didn't but my traffic was AND is still Growing. The same applies to my outlook, experience AND online confidence.

Free WordPress On the other hand is more positioned to give newcomers user-experience. It's more a method of giving users the feel of what's about to come, when you buy.

Free domain names: Most of the highest ranking free domains I've seen "" extensions. I may saw two extension and no more.

  • The Upside Of Free WordPress: It's Easier to setup, design and manage.
  • The Downside: It doesn't really give broke startups many opportunities to monetize.
  • The Upside Of Free Blogger: It has a wider range of options to monetize your free blog. OR register a custom domain AND still host free for life.
  • The Downside: It difficult to design AND very technically in nature. You have to learn html, some css AND basic coding to beatify it. Another weakness is that it has very limited Themes.

Most people go limited features and freedom, by going for free Bloggers, WordPress, Wix, etc. Only to discover they stay stuck on the decision phase, for many years. With no business Growth!

Why? Because they don't Really believe Enough in their interests to invest money. And how can you expect other to invest in you! If you consider yourself a Risk?

So How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website On WordPress? As you can see it's mainly determined by how much you willing to spend. As previously mentioned you can get a low cost WordPress blog. With more freedom, features space, uptime AND loading speed than free versions; for next to nothing.