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Why Is Google Cloud Web Hosting WordPress One Of The Fastest Loading Speeds?

Why Is Google Cloud Web Hosting WordPress One Of The Fastest Loading Speeds?

Google Cloud Web Hosting WordPress includes cutting edge technologies, to empower blogs with swift AND reliable loading speeds.

Why Should You Install WordPress On Google Cloud?

Google Virtual Machines known as Clouds is a more sophisticated system, compared to those of competitors. Mostly because it's able to put all its available resources to efficient use.

For instance, you can flexibly add additional resources to your Google's Virtual Machine. As your needs And requirements Grow.

Putting it in a Class of it's own, in comparison to other Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Particularly because it's designed out of several advanced components.

Providing one of the most suitable places to keep AND encrypt your data. Considering that it anticipates the possibilities of the users wanting to include extra services, later.

Now there are basic VMs out in the cloud market. And most often such products Comes in grades.

  • But Google Cloud Virtual Machines stays abreast. Calculating its liquid fast performance, intelligence AND efficiency.
  • It seems like Google takes every market it enters by storm. I mean look how it dominated the Search Engine's Sphere.

Likewise with Cloud technology for instance, it introduces quick machines, top-infrastructure AND intuitive hosting options.

The Most Notable Benefits:
  1. State-Of-The-Art Security
  2. Scalable Cloud Based Storage
  3. Google's Advanced datacenters
  4. Smooth Performance And Uptime Benefits.
Access To Google Cloud The Downside:

As you may have guessed Vintages don't come cheap.

On the other hand expensive prices helps the designers to maintain high-standards, service AND avoid deteriorating Equipment. Right?

What Is The Costs Of Using Google Cloud?

When it comes to website hosting in general, it depends on several key factors. Examples such as: Bandwidth, package size, features, hosting quality, etc.

Let's assume you're a beginner and are looking for something small to experiment with. You obviously try to keep Cost low, reduce the risk and over-spending on uncertain projects. Right?

  • Since You're new, with no specific requirements in mind. You'd be happy to spend in the limits of about +/- $10 monthly hosting.
  • Linux based hosting servers are generally the cheapest. Because they use shared hosting services AND are Mostly popular for their user-friendly cPanel.

Virtual Private Servers are a bit more complicated AND requires some technical knowledge.

Google Cloud Pricing Strategy:

Has a smart calculator to help you estimate their pay-as-go and use pricing plans. Just to give an idea of: How it Works; they generally charge you per hour AND also for the services you used.

You can spend less on Google Cloud if you're technically inclined enough, to configure your own Cloud. Add the $300 credits OR signup bonus to your benefit.

What Is The Difference Between Google Cloud Versus Managed Hosts?

Managed host does what the name suggests, the providers does most of the hard configuration work for you.

Meaning that it's a ready made system And you control a limited section.

When it comes to Google Cloud. You're practically responsible for the entire storage solution.

You have to either configure it yourself OR outsource it. That makes you totally in control of your machine.

How To Install WordPress on Google Cloud in Three Easy Steps?

This will help you save money ON outsourcing installations, for extra charges.

Let's get straight to it AND get you up to speed:


Firstly you have to Subscribe to Google Cloud Services. Take a few minutes to Register your account. Complete the process to get access to console. Verify your account with your debit or credit card.

After verification you get $300 discounted credits to use on your cloud platform.

  • There's a free trail version, which you may want to take advantage of. Which I recommend you do, it gives you a feel of the service.
  • Go to the dashboard where you can access the menu towards your left. Next select the Marketplace option.
  • At this point you're in the Google Cloud marketplace. Go to the next page, search on the available for WordPress.
  • By now you will be exposed to a list of ready-to-go WordPress options, which you can easily select AND install.

How Do You Install WordPress on Google Cloud?

Go down on your list of options to WordPress with Google Click to Deploy subtitle:

  1. Choose the WordPress Click to Deploy option
  2. After your selection, you will get an summary of the estimated price rates.
  3. Another overview of your WordPress stack. Which 1 CPU and 2 GB of RAM. The approximate cost price of +/- $13.18 monthly. There are discounts opportunities each month for active accounts.
  4. You also get as much as 10 GB of cloud storage. Ideal for websites with lots of traffic.

Click launch on Compute Engine to complete the next level of your configurations.

2ndStep: Create a new project. Google Cloud give you an opportunity to choose a name for it.

Follow the process by choosing a name for your project. Next click Create button, it will take a few seconds to initialize your setup.

Tip: In your configuration you may want Machine type to 1vCPU, which includes 3.75 GB of memory.

Another pointer is to change the Boot disk type in your configuration: From Standard Persistent Disk to SSD Persistent Disk, which will enhance performance:

Other Configurations for your WordPress storage settings.
  • Select a suitable region for your server
  • Click The checkbox for Install phpMyAdmin option
  • Enable both HTTP and HTTPS features.

Click Deploy option, at this point Google Cloud will automatically run the settings, for a few minutes.

3rdStep 3: Setup you domain and SSL:

Your website is active however you need to register a custom domain, because at this stage it has an IP address.

You can purchase a new domain from any third party registrar. Examples such as Frikkadel, Name Cheap, etc.

Once you free $300 credits is depleted Google Cloud will start billing your debit OR credit card monthly. So try to work within your spending limits.

If you use the initial 10 GB storage space for your website. You could play within the parameters of +/- $26 monthly. Always check your account and usage rates to avoid over-spending.

1. What Is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is well-versed, famous AND smart website management software.

It's free to install on hosting platforms that supports it. It's a content management system (CMS), very popular for it's user-friendly Control Panel (cPanel).

WordPress simplifies technical task such as Coding, HTML and CSS. Which are generally very complicated mathematical based designing codes.

After installing this software, you can design your website by a click of a mouse.

For other tasks like Search Engine Optimization, etc. You simply install a plugin, which will of course automate the process.

Google Cloud Web Hosting WordPress

The Best Search Engine Brand in the world. Combined with the Best Website Content Management tools globally.

Here Are Some Advantages And Benefits:

Note this are some of the obvious advantages. However there are also Not so obvious benefits. Like uptime, smoother management speed, etc.

Then again you're responsible financially OR technically, to configure the Virtual Machine.

  • It enables users to choose from hundreds of free themes, plugins And website ranking tools.
  • It's open-source software allowing users to access from anywhere globally.
  • It's compelling features has lifted it to the level, as the World's Largest self-hosted blogging tool.

You can install it on any Hosting Provider that supports it AND surprisingly a Majority does.

WordPress Can Be Installed On Google Cloud Platform

One of the most common challenges that blog owners AND entrepreneurs face. Is the continuous effort, maintenance AND technical know-how required to run a beautiful website.

The choice you make in which Hosting Service Provider, you use. Can be Your making AND breaking; either technically OR financially.

Besides you have carefully think things through. When it Comes to issues such as traffic disc space and bandwidth, or maintenance

Google Cloud Web Hosting Combined With WordPress:

Google Cloud is an sophisticated datacenter Owned by a World Class Search Engine Corporation.

Their multifunctional services, offers you the Opportunity to host your blog, apps OR websites on an advanced platform.

What makes Google Cloud, even more Appealing is strict security AND fast hosting capabilities.

Thanks to their Top rated hardware AND state-of-the-art security infrastructure. Commonly described as virtual machines (VMs).

Belted with automatic software updates and dedicated security patches.

Consider using Google Cloud Web Hosting WordPress if you're interested in heavy OR fully-managed WordPress solutions.

Is Google Cloud Good for WordPress?

I would not really recommend this solution for a beginner. Instead I highly recommend it to Website Giants, Web Designers OR Big Projects.

You know the types of digital professionals that likes the terms "dedicated, Self-Hosting Servers.

In my opinion, this resource is more pointed in the direction of heavy workloads AND high information transmission demands.

As previously mentioned it's a collection of machines AND cutting edge technologies. To support the idea of adding additional resources to already enormous projects.

That spells the complexity of the VM out. So if you're a shoestring startup, beginner OR newcomer. You may want to sit this one out!

That being said Google Cloud for WordPress is good for technical savvy, experienced AND professional folks. Who has the financial muscles AND know-how.