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Purchase Domain Name South Africa

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Free SSL Certificate And Discounted Domain Names

Why Purchase Domain Name South Africa? Apart from the cheapest prices you can find you get the best payment options. Examples such as EFT transfer AND everything else in between.

Purchase Domain Name South Africa

  1. If Your ready to buy Access The Registrar Here
  2. If you're struggeling to come up with a domain name idea? Keep reading

I threw in a creative domain name generating tool to make your task less difficult. Also to accelerate your find for a distinctive and memorable professional identity.

  1. Type a shopping or eCommerce Idea (keyword) that you're targeting in this Free Business Tool, select search. Many related Ideas to use for domain names will pop-up.
  2. Title Generator:
  3. Domain Name Generator.
  4. Free and Smart:
  5. Business Resource Tool.

(Note: You can extract ideas from your niche, industry, skills, a keyword Or Any Related word).

I Highly Recommend: You keep reading, there are much more and also potential legal risks to avoid.

Domain Name Ideas For Online Store

There are certain dangers associated with knowing or unknowingly; using intellectual property of other organizations.

Likewise are there Advantages Of the legislation, that Works in your Favor. Which is what this resource will Benefit You.

What Is Trademark Law:
  1. The Trademark Law was designed to protect the intellectual property of businesses, and simultaneously prevent confusion with commercial identities.
  2. This encourages unique brand names. It also benefits the end-user to distinguish between products and services.
  3. It's not only meant for names. But also signs, logos and other exclusive material.
  4. With this in mind you can creatively stand out to your audience. Avoid confusion, set yourself apart, by providing niche specific goods or service.

Need More Information? Here's a better description of the: Trademark Law.

Unique Website Name Ideas And Generating Tools

Name Generator:
Domain Name Generator.
Free Tools Business Tool:
Business Resources Tool.

There are many things working in your favor. Most Service Providers have expanded their domain offers with new varieties.

Such as Domain Extensions| Other than .com, .org, or .net, etc:

.top, .review, .de, .cn, .de, .uk, .nl, .eu, .ar, .it, .br, .us, .au, .za and much more.

Type an Idea (Word) that defines: Service on skills in this Ideas Generating Tool.

It can be an need, problem, solution, keyword Or Any Related concept. I for instance typed name: "Cyber"

And this is what I came up with:

Cybercrimes that I added it to my .top extensions
distinctive website domain address image
Related Words

Some Shopping Related Domain Name Ideas for Online Store Examples

There's been a lot of talk about .com, .org and .net being the Best. But times are changing. Look at Popular Brands that are fore-runners in propelling the change.

They proved that through brand awareness and establishing good relationships your unique domain can still grow even bigger.

3 Examples Of Catchy Ideas for Internet Business Websites

1st I bought the name for less than Cheap $2 . The .top was on special at Frikkadel Registrar and I got it for next to nothing; for 1 year (excluding host).

My initial plan was to use the extension in the form of a name. Like , but they were unfortunately taken.

Since I'm a technician and my niche is internet security. My content is more about Cybercrime prevention, home network security and mobile security apps.

I decided to type "cyber." The related word suggested "cybercrime" amongst many. Eventually I ended up with

2nd Del.icio.usAs you can see they made something beautiful out of a .us extension.

You can pretty much do the same by search for keywords on this Free Tool and come up with something unique of your own.

3rd is another smart website address.

Disclaimer: This is only gives you a basic view, of how vast your brainstorm can expand. Simply use these leading Brands as inspiration. But don't ever try to give your Brand a copycat name.

Instead It Gives You A Sense Of Direction And Knowing What To Look For:

Generic vs Brandable Domain Names: Which is Best?

There's a fine line between Memorable and Complicated. And don't try to sound too Smart. Simplicity sounds more realistic and professional.

The Problem With Brandable:

1st: You have to research hard, whether the name is already taken, or trademarked. This is easier if you have a Commercial Lawyer, that are willing to research and verify details on your behalf.

The Solution: Go for Generic Words, But make it either Direct or Exclusive. I'll give you examples later...

2nd: It a bit difficult to Trademark common words. How can anybody claim ownership over Common Words. Unless they were combined in a unique way like for instances.

Examples Such As:

Unusual, specific, peculiar, unparalleled, unequaled, distinctive, incomparable, different, remarkable, unequalled, uncommon, and so on.

Quick Tip:

  • Your Goal should Be to determine what Feeling You want to Evoke in customers. Like insurance Brands try to trigger reassurance, peace-of-mind, etc.
  • On the other hand they use fear to trigger buying impulses.
  • Some businesses may want to evoke: Comfort (very common with luxury cars), affordable prices (Supermarkets), speed and seamless connections (Internet Services), etc.

Domain Name Ideas For Online Shopping

However Business Names Like:

Game Stores, takealot, Shoprite, etc. Belong to established online and off-line Brands. Using their names although it sounds generic can land you in trouble.

On The Other hand:

The Word Game, Store, Take, A lot, Shop or rite on their own are not owned. Meaning you can use them to make your own unique ideas.

Examples Of Smart Domain Names

  • Shopify, eBay, Amazon.
  • Vimeo, Skype, Youtube.

However The Best Website Names Are Used In An Active Sense

The Business names that we use as action words; for instance:

  • Google: Go "Google the Answers."
  • WhatsApp: Sounds like "What's Up" and in the same instance "App" for Application.
How To Use This To Your Advantage?
  1. Create name from words that relates to your goals and merge with customers desires.
  2. Think of words that are memorable and easy to pronounce.
  3. Use the tools on this page to test and try different variations.
  4. Mix names of your love ones, come up with something uncommon or Brandable; if your really looking for unmatched quality.

What Are Some Catchy Online Shop Names?

Try not to be too cheesy, a direct title is more attractive than exaggerated claims. There is a registered I.T. Business with the name "The Computer Guys."

Which is a funny, witty and amazing name. Because some of us may refer as our technicians as "The Computer Guys" without thinking.

Name Generator:
Domain Name Generator.
Free Tools Business Tool:
Business Resources Tool.

Other Factors That Help You Brainstorm Unique Website Name Ideas

If you niche is tied to a specific geographic area, industry, price range or category. It can contribute to a more fitting identity.

You can also merge your title with your existing or intended sphere of influence. Which is highly effective and implacable to your target market.

Book Publishers Loves The Above Title Approach.

Here's a quick breakdown of Best Sellers:

  • The Title is the most important part of the book. Because it triggers emotional impulses of the audience.
  • It should therefore be clear and descriptive. While on the other hand it should implant curiosity.
  • The best titles connects with an emotional desire, goal or pain of the readers. While the sub-title takes you step further into what's in store.
  • Powerful Titles either solves a problem. Promise something or speak our language.
So What Does This Have To Do With Your Online Store's Name?

It teaches you the Power of Good names, slogans and taglines. It can be useful to the description of your undertaking.

We find a many unique names in categories, groups of related items, experiences, or topics.

Which could be merged into distinctive descriptions to define our output and set as apart from the rest.

So How do I find a Trendy Website Names?

Do this quick test with me? Think of someone who disappointed you, or broke your heart. Can you put a name on the face. Great! Now think of someone that makes/made you feel good or happy.

The Outcome:

Can you feel how powerful emotions can be and at the same time how memorable experiences are.

Likewise does your Brand transmit emotions and memories. So more importantly, you should narrow-down your selection to 3 names.

Make a definite decision to start. Then focus on giving your customers a unique user-experience that fits your selected title. Because ultimately your name and tagline, is an oath.

Your Selected Domain Name Ideas For Store Is Your Promise

If your online store is created on a name promising for example: Good Mobile Technology. Then your true character will be tested through the value to add to your customers lives and the eCommerce community.That's it for purchase domain name South Africa.