IPhone Antivirus Scan App: Is It Worth It?

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IPhone Antivirus Scan App: Is It Worth It?

A iPhone Antivirus Scan App is not necessary according Apple. Their restrictions on third party malware scanners; speaks for itself.

The iOS security software limits external providers from accessing certain firmware limitations.

The extend where iPhone Mobile Antivirus Programs can penetrate are shallowly restricted to Phishing through emails, malicious websites, etc.

Then again if you consider their Sophistication that data pass through: Several hosting networks, devices, software, websites and OS systems.

The more you narrow-down the communication channels. The better End-to-End encryption to prevent data leaks.

Which Is Crucial In This Information Driven Times:

Businesses and home users are communicating digitally. In fact we can take their restriction practices as a lesson.

Adapt the same principles in where we share information, who we allow in our personal spaces and how we connect.

Besides Discipline And Structure Is Important:

In the same Power does Standard Updates from Apple.com, good enough to prevent such threats. Making the alternative seems somewhat irrelevant

The Need For Antivirus Software On Iphone:

Despite the need for it being obvious. As a technician for Reputable Telecoms Giant. I must admit that I came across many iPhones that has been compromized.

Working in the Telecoms industry for over 15 years. Has opened me to many horrific, surprising and unexpected technical hiccups. That even iPhone manufacturers would debate.

iPhone Antivirus Scan App

Most would believe only jailbrake iPhones are vulnerable to maliciousware. And that all iPhones are able to sandbox suspicious software.

If you were ever unable to access certain applications or security updates you know what I'm talking about.

Apple Inc Are Perfectionist They Don't Compete, They Create Vintages:

That's what one of my supervisors believes. He is what you call 'A Die Hard iPhone Fan.

This guy can give you all the reasons "Why" they're the best. And believe me they're all valid reasons that carries weight.

He explained some of the weaknesses on certain units as a technical hiccup. He strongly believes when a faulty device is sent for repairs.

It is shipped back the Apple, then they scrutinize every detail on what caused the error. With the intention to make the following version better.

iPhone Is The Macedes Benz Of Smartphones:

Or At least that's what my supervisor believed. They don't create phones to compete, but they do it because they love it.

The Feeling Of Open The Box A New iPhone Is A Smooth Experience:

It's unbelievable how contagious passion can be. Is it not So? I mean here I am repeating word for of my supervisors love for the iPhone Brand.

But that aside, let's save the "Classy User Experience" of the portable device for another post.

How Do I Know If There's A Virus On My iPhone?

I've done some research for you to make your trying times much easier. Since iPhones and iPhones may limit security products.

The Video From Tech Advisor Explains it Better:

There are built-in features that you can use to your advantage.

Can I scan my iPhone For Malware?

iOS is an exclusive firmware they have security limitations on third party access.

So user-privileges of installing malware scanners, from internet security Companies, to clean your devices is not allowed. Like for instance in the case of Android devices.

Since authorization of scanning apps is denied. There are standard alternatives to prevent all kinds of threats.

How Do You Clean A Malware Infected iPhone?

Make sure all your information is backed up. This does not only apply to iPhone, but any portable device.

How Do I get Rid Of Viruses On My iPhone?
  1. Every Mobile device is vulnerable to physical threats. Such as loss, theft or damage. Thus when you first receive your mobile phone; back up your data on a secure external source or iCloud.
  2. Go to Safari or Chrome settings and delete history and clear your device's cache.
  3. The phone should be completely reset and in the process it will delete the badware.
  4. Restart you device, make sure all security updates are updated.
  5. Restore you information from iCloud or your backed up source.
Alternative Antivirus Software For iPhone:

The are certain products from reputable brands such as: Malwarebytes, McAfee, etc.

I haven't really used them on iPhone or iPad. But be sure to check the features of their products.

Also contact Apple Support to make sure if it's worth it. They're a more reliable information source, as oppose to a blog.

Can iPhone Get Viruses From eMail?

My advice is avoid all spammy links or suspicious emails. Despite experts claiming that iPhone will sandbox the malware. Which will have minimal effect on your iPhone/iPad.

I suggest you keep you security updates current and avoid links and opening unknown emails.

Not only can you get infected by viruses. But there are more Unforgiving Worm Attacks that are more independent.

Practice the same good online practices as you would with you desktop, laptop or Mac. Even if you have all the necessary Antivirus, Network Encryption or Firewalls.

Unlike Android There Are No Full version Antivirus Apps for iPhone

According tech reports iPhone and iPad was from the get go created around securing the devices.

Meaning every potential threat was taken into account before even manufacturing the device.

As a result they designed the iOS in such a way that it neutralizes malware, by defusing it's payload (intention or reason it was created for).

However the potential of iPhone infection is limited to jailbrake or single units with glitches.

Unlike Mac Os which is open to third party software, the iPhone and iPad iOS are different.

But even with all of that in mind third party browsers like Chrome, can also be infected. Meaning the more external products the more you weakness increases.

I think of it the same way as Blogger vs WordPress. Blogger is very limited on additional features such as plugins. While WordPress is more user friendly.

However with all the external developers and plugins comes weaknesses. Such as hacking threats, your site may break, etc.

iPhone vs Android Smartphones:

You can pretty much download several apps and Software on Android, which iPhone is restricted from. However when it comes to security iPhone is the best.

This clearly proves the reason behind the madness. The more strict the in-house rules. The more it supports quality, exclusivity and prevents infiltration.

That's why an iPhone antivirus scan app is not a requirement. Because sometimes antivirus itself becomes a threat to malware.