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Dangers Of Internet Identity Theft

Dangers Of Internet Identity Theft image
Pexel Oladimeji Ajegbile
What is needed to steal my identity?

Dangers of internet Identity Theft; has many faces and all of them are horrific. It can exposure any unaware person to liable harm. In some cases the damage run so deep, that the best cure would have been prevention.

They way it affects varies individuals is different.

Depending on your lifestyle, income status and many other variables. The attackers are not only limited to the cruel-stranger you may expect it to be.

Dangers Of internet

There are many risks on the net has many large and subcategories. However this list is simply focused on broad categories, such as:

1. Dating

The web placed the entire world in the palm of our hands. You can meet new friends or lovers from across the globe, by simply placing your profile on membership site.

The problem with meeting people online is that not everyone shares the intentions. Some predators choose these dating websites to prey on vulnerable and desparate folks.

There has been many incidents where criminals post fake profiles. Anybody can simply add the image of an attractive person male or female, to lure there victims into deathtraps, or robbery setups.

You don't really know the true nature, behaviour, or criminal profile of the person you're about to meet. Which makes it dangerous, mysterious and sometimes even deadly.

2. Business

If you think it's easier to lie on a phone, compared to face-to-face. The internet is even more deceptive.

There are many false business opportunities, scams and too good to be true offers. Which scams many Startups out of thousands of dollars.

Even though Google panda destroyed many hit-and-run sales websites. There are still millions of fly-by-night business models.

Who steal money from innocent people looking for training, franchise opportunities or lucrative business partnerships.

The more information someone has about your private life. The more they can control, dominate or even worse impersonate you.

  • There has been many cases where two citizens exists under the same identity.
  • Another horrific experience at my previous workplace, was when two staff members used the login details of other employees. To create "Ghost Simcards" with huge amounts of airtime that they sold.
It's Difficult To Claim Innocence, If All The Evidence Points To You

The problem with electronic crimes. Such as online tax return frauds, credit card purchases, loan applications, and so on.

Is that it's extremely difficult for companies to identify the true story, it all depends on many variables.

So ultimately they may say you're responsible for protecting your Personal Identification Numbers (PIN).

Thus according terms and conditions you may be legally liable for the account.

Like the police says: "Everybody is innocent, when they get caught!" Even people caught on CCTV Camera footage, also claim to be innocent.

Apart for the rude awakening and day-to-day frustrations with fraud departments. The emotional roller coaster of being a victim of 'wrongful incrimination' can last years.

  • Situations like these can even negatively affects your employment status.
  • Turning points like these usually takes it's toll on marriages or long-term relations.
  • Health and lifestyles may deteriorate in the process.

Clearing Your Name From Identity Theft Is Another Tedious Undertaking:

As you may know usually people who have money, can easily buy the best investigators and support. But for ordinary folks like us: Prevention is the best cure. Large Organized Crime Syndicate Groups

Are the most Common Offenders. However offense can also be actioned, by someone you know or are closely related to you .

There are many toxic relationships, I've dealt with online queries, where vengeful spouses hacked a Face Book Account.

A particular case was so bad where "Ads Worth Thousands Of Dollars Were Placed" on the user account. Making the targeted user liable.

What are the 5 Most Common Types Of Identity Theft?

Technically anything worth having or close-knitted to your individuality can be stolen.

Such as physical or virtual belongings. Like access cards, driver's licenses, login details, title deeds, etc.

In worst case scenarios you could fall victim to organized crime syndicates. Who does identify theft as a way of living:

  1. Social Security ID or Tax related fraud.
  2. Loans and fake credit account frauds.
  3. False marriage certificates to gain citizenship.
  4. ID Theft to create shield to hide their true identities. As a diversion method against authorities.
  5. Credit Card and Online Banking Identity, to obtain money or property by fraudulent or deceitful methods.
All The Criminal Evidence Points To Your Name:

Online identity theft can happen through your home wifi network. Common criminals may target personal or sensitive data.

While in other cases they may simply use your network to defraud others. To avoid being exposed through true IP address, hence using yours as a cover up.

Aside from making you an accomplice they can go on a rampage, reduce your reputation to nothing. Mind you there's a black market for personal information.

How Does A Stolen Identity Affect Your Life?

When someone impersonates you, they hijack your individuality. They disconnect, estrange or alienate you from yourself.

I mean who could do that? Unless someone who really intend to harm your deeply.

You don't need money: To become a victim. There are many other uses for your personal details.

Examples Of A Few Threats Other Than Finances:
  1. I once read a news article where a lady in Discovered on her Wedding day, that she is already married.
  2. In the Telecoms Company I worked for, we discovered many identity fraud cases where People who own cellphone contracts that they never signed up for.
  3. Loans, insurance or many other transactions can be taken out on your profile, even if you're unemployed. All with fake documents.
  4. You may have a clean criminal record. They can even use you identity to commit a crime that you know nothing of and become an accomplice.
  5. There are even cases where people buy identity cards, created on the profiles of others. Meaning you unknowing have a "Evil Twin."

What Is Needed To Steal My identity?

Let's assume someone gets access to your email, or you lost your drives license, ID book or something that contains you full name, physical address, etc.

If it lands in the hands of a fraudster, they can easily check up your social, financial status and more.

Cybercriminals Has Many Inside Associates (People) Working For Them:

I've personally seen prim and proper managers getting fired, due to some fraud related charge.

Where they either leaked proprietary data or activated some service on behalf of some suspicious relationship.

Although the following example is not really identity theft, but Robbery. However it helps to state my claim of the "Inside Person."

There was a time where there happened to be a string of robberies. Targeting specifically people who withdraw "Large Amounts Of Cash" over the counter.

After several months of hard investigation they discovered a staff member going to the ladies every time. To send the details of the latest victim who just withdrew a Lump Sum.

How Long Can the Effects of Identity Theft Last?

Can you recover from identity theft? And even if you do, you will never be the same. The recovery time also depends on the type of crimes committed against your identity.

But things like this takes years from your life. You have to contact all the companies that accounts were created and take it from there.

The worst case scenario is if you carry on with your life, not expecting anything. And suddenly authorities pop up on your doorstep for some unknown offense.

To avoid all of this protect your PC, storage devices and physical places where your keep private data.

How can I find out if someone is using my identity?
  • In some countries your credit status report shows all the accounts on your profile.
  • You also contact IDTheft if your respective Country has such services.
  • Alternatively you can check if your tax return or get a social security report, if you expect something suspicious.

How To Protect Yourself From The Danger Of Online Identity Theft?

We can't control what happens in the world. However we can choose one of two options.

  1. To React on every unexpected situation.
  2. To Respond in a positive fashion.

I personally 'Prefer Responsive Behavior' over reactive. Why? Because reaction is based on emotional reflex.

Instead of thinking straight, or preparing beforehand for any potential pitfalls.

You immaturely react afterwards. And such cases are always filled with anxiety, confusion and irrational behavior.

Therefore To Respond Is More Suitable:

Because it's backed up by knowledge, punctuality and logic. So it saves your from situations of having to run to and fro; when it's much too late.

  • Firstly Bookmark this page or Website. As we keep updating the latest cybercrime strategies. Knowledge is your best weapon.
  • Download and Install Antivirus Software for mobile and desktops, in your home.
  • Routers comes with built in firewalls, but you maybe want to add an additional layer. Firewalls helps to disrupt communication of spyware and their senders.
  • Practice safer online habits don't just give passwords to every visitor. Instead create limited guest networks.
  • Create stronger passwords to avoid brute-force attacks or dictionary scanners.
  • Don't give sensitive details like login details to anyone. Don't leave your phone or PCs open, when you're nor around.

This is only the intro part of our identity theft series of posts yet to come. You can save this page to stay updated.

The more you learn the more you can easily avoid all kinds of attacks. There are many other ways to extract data from uses. Such as Phishing, Spear Phishing, Spoofing and so on.

This series of the dangers of internet identity theft, is only a tip of the iceberg.