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Who Is The Cheapest Web Host In SA And What Is The Catch?

Who Is The Cheapest Web Host In SA And What Is The Catch?

Frikkadel has the cheapest web hosting in SA. Well don't take my word for it: Check out How much it cost to host a website in South Africa on the Comparisons Chart below:

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You can access the list of top web hosting companies in South Africa.

Another unique trait of Frikkadel, aside from the best entry level packages. Is that they over-deliver for the inexpensive rates.

And exceed your expectations, cutting edge Linux based shared technology and astounding customer service.

Which somehow makes it difficult to process; considering the low cost hosting price range.

(South Africans are heavily indebted: Are a victim of the extreme credit card lifestyle?)

Then again what does Good Service matter. If the web hosting resources is a drawback and is built on poor-quality infrastructure.

Rest assured with their future ready and state-of-the-art Linux Hosting Servers. They provide impressive uptime and swift loading speeds.

They also offer free local domains, and many other of latest domain designs on Discounted Promotions.

Trusted By Popular Demand: They also feature on Which is a vital track record, these days especially now that Fake Brands are rife.

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Who Is The Cheapest Web Host In SA And What Is The Catch?

There's A Difference Between Hype And Practical:

The difference is like seasoned vs crucial needs. When it comes to online business, you need practical resources. That fulfills undeniable burning desires. In order to propel your success and stay relevant.

A simple weakness like excessive downtime, can give your competitors the leading edge against you.

One of Google's Top ranking factors is 'website loading speed.' A few milliseconds more than 3 seconds, can cost you the opportunity to rank higher in Search Engines.

( What is the ACTUAL Hidden COST behind discounted web hosting promotions? Surprisingly; it's Not Really What you think it is).

Website Loading Speed Is Associated With Fast Online Service:

However, to accomplish this results. You need to invest in speed, simplicity and convenience. I've used Frikkadel for more than two years. I tried competitors but I keep returning to Frikkadel.

The type of service you can expect from Frikkadel. Is the type that makes you feel guilty for paying so cheap.

I Found Myself Secretly Wondering:

"How Do They Manage to have such an excellent business attitude. While knowing their subscribers pays so cheap for their astounding service? I Assure You: By Hosting With Frikkadel, You Will Rethink:

The way you treat your customers. It's similar to receiving 5 star treatment for McDonald's affordable prices.

The only difference here is that the relationship is ongoing and consistent. As oppose to a restricted once-off experience. Which is of course much easier to pull off.

Now don't get me wrong I have up to 15 years history in "content marketing." As you can imagine I've tried several domain name registrars.

I also suffered a Great deal of technical hiccups, setbacks, trails and errors.

One Thing I Learned:

Don't just go on what others say. You don't know what's the marketers intention; it could be: To help, make a quick sale or simply over hype stuff.

Your Only Option: Is to try it for yourself, besides it gives you user experience and eliminates "doubts." Besides who wants to build a Solid foundation on flimsy: "what ifs and buts":

Learn more about The Best Web Hosting Plans SA

Test the platform on a month-to-month trial basis. You have nothing to lose but a few rands; in return for Conviction and the following:

Your own personal perspective of real user experience.

Something real to write about in future project or profitable online review website.

If it works for you: You get to save hundreds if rands. Reduce expenditures and maximize potential profits.

If it don't work out: You get the learn all Pros and Cons Web Hosting Service and we even gain more experience through our mistakes. And in the online business world: It translates in original content or a valid debate to increase website traffic.

What Makes My So Confident To Recommend Frikkadel Hosting?

Sometimes you have to go through bad experiences. In order to recognize the Good things; in life.

  • As a South African you would know what bad service feels like. Because it's so widespread.
  • On the other hand: When you eventually receive "Good Service." You actually know it.
  • Another thing is: Like any other relationship things might start out well. Only to disintegrate or lose it's shine as time goes by.
  • For any business to keep their standards high, for more than two years. Clearly express their sincerity, dedication and originality.

How Much Is Cheapest Web Hosting South Africa?

Frikkadel has 4 different packages and the entry level price is but the only R12 a month!

I started at the bottom and gradually upgraded as my confidence in their value increased.

Apart from that I hopped on to the R34. As time went on I ended up on the R54.00 plan. Never reached the R100.00 platform; there was no need to upgrade further.

The bottom line:

Frikkadel hosting is more than a registrar. I tend to think of them as business who allows their products to sell itself. And that can only be "Achieved" with "Free Word Of Mouth Advertising."

Good Service Propels Free Word Of Mouth Advertising:

And I'm not the only one rambling about my satisfaction. Search the web for Frikkadel Hosting Services:

Your cheapest hosting SA gets no better than this. So if your minimize your cost while building a well-ranking website. Look no further than this.

What is Included in Cheap Web Hosting South Africa? You Give R12.00 per month for a Starter Plan:

You Get The Following:

  • 100 Mb bandwidth to build your blog OR Sales page. With the options to upgrade no matter how far you go, your cost won't exceed R100.
  • You get up to 99.9% percent up time, with a liquid fast loading speed.
  • You get Linux based hosting popular for it's user friendly cPanel.
  • You domain comes with a sitelock ideal for security. Plus Google ranks domains with a sitelock higher, than those without.
  • You get the freedom to add many sub-domains. Ideal for targeting sub-categories in your niche.
They give You access to UNLIMITED Email accounts.
  1. In your control panel dashboard you get access to Softcalculus for WordPress, Drupal, eCommerce software and many other CMS compatible platforms. Which you can easily install with one click.
  2. You can Full cPanel access control with and you can start designing your website immediate; after you payment is updated.
  3. The value competes with more expensive packages and you can log a support ticket 24/7. However, the support team only work: Mon - Fri but in my experience it never impacted my online productivity.

Apart from this Frikkadel offers many other features and benefits. I strongly suggest you give them a shot. R12 is not too much of a risk to test and try them for yourself.

Frikkadel don't monopolize their plans according to features. They mainly charge you for extra bandwidth space.

The features comes standard universally on all packages.

Where Can I Sign Up For Cheap Web Hosting SA?

You can easily access Frikkadel hosting by clicking the link below. You will immediately see all their affordable packages to get your website or blog off the ground.

After your payment is confirmed. You will get access to you cPanel, and take full advantage of all the advanced services available.

You're not only limited to the package you signed up for. As your needs for additional space increase, you can conveniently upgrade anytime.