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Conference Call For Android Mobile

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Conference Call Android Phones

Download free conference call for Android Mobile from: Google Play Store. One of the Most Trusted and Safest online platforms to get smartphone apps from. Enjoying your buying experience, while avoiding exposure to infected software.

Some Samsung, Huawei or smart devices comes standard conference call applications. Then you get some models that don't.

Regardless, most savvy users tends to Download Additional Versions. Simply for the sake of smart interfaces which: Equips you with better Cutting-edge features, Enhanced User-experience and More Flexibility.

The Combine Call Settings On Standard Models

Joining calls of up to 6 participants can be enabled on some Android Mobile settings. Depending whether the model supports the feature, which should appear by default on your home screen.

Simply locate the icon, open it; then merge 3 or more calls. Collaborate, save time and complete tasks collectively.

But How Does Conference Call Applications Really Work?

That's where this guide comes in handy.
Aside from built in features. There are many more advanced software out there, with extraordinary specs.
Which you should only download from trusted sources like: Google Play Store.
Likewise are there several:
Pros And Cons to consider; like for instance call charges and much more details to consider

Let's begin by reviewing the basics.

Conference Call Setting in Android:

  1. 1) Browse your home screen, to find and launch the pre-installed application.
  2. Here are few examples of what it looks like: Android Conference Dialer Apps

Alternatively: Here's a short video clip from Bobby Washington:

How To Make A Conference Call On Android:

  • Multitasking Abilities: of talking more than three people. Makes Conference calls is useful for business collaborations, team discussions or personal uses.
  • Convenience: For example Telephone interviews involving more than two managers, family meeting, events planning, etc.
  • Cut workloads: Group audio calls; like meetings, technical support, sales, presentations, etc. Instead calling to and fro or traveling up and down.
  • Equip Your Team: Training and education related calls that includes 3 to 5 people.
  • More minds are better than two: Collectively plan gatherings, family events, team building or marketing plans.

How To Merge Calls on Android

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Credit: Google Play Store

Android conference call or any combined communication tool on smartphones.

Are dependent on: Hardware (Simcard and device model) and Software (smart apps).

1) Who Pays For The Calls? Disclaimer: My answer is based on my technical work experience; at an ISP. Please check your Service Provider for clarity.

The following; is how we billed the service on our Network:

  • If you made all the calls, you carry all the charges and calls are charged individually. According tariffs, peak or off-peak hours.
  • If someone called you, they pay for the call. Until you decide to divert it to conference. Then you take over the charges.
  • If both people called you. And you decide to make both calls on your phone a conference. They only paid, until you modified the call.

In summary: Whoever merges the conference call or use his/her app. Takes over the related charges.

These days there are many competing Brands. Providing audio and video solutions. There billing systems are different.

Examples Of Such Are:, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

The amounts of callers on for examples: Can be up to 1000 participants and there are loads of free and paid options..

1) Contact Your ISP to Activate Conference Value Added Service To You Cellphone Plan

Request your Service provider to activate the Add-on service on your sim or confirm if it's already active.

Then you can use the preloaded App Device. To call your friends, colleagues or associates collectively, merge the call as one.

Call each participant; one by one. Place each answered call on hold. And join the call through the Android application.

Note there are limits on your cellphone plan and your app. However third party accounts like: May offer bigger packages as much as 25 calls or up to 1000.

Make sure you use well-versed and trustworthy Brands. There are Cybercriminals who may take advantage of your desire and steal your credit card details; on fake websites.
2) Download The Android App Or Tap To Launch If You Already Have It|

If you Samsung, or Huawei support conference calls. It should be difficult to spot the icon on your Smartphone.

Alternative: You  can download one from: Google Play Store.

Tap on the application on your screen to launch the it.

3) Dial The First Person's Number|

Go to your contacts and type the person's number, or simply search for it in your phone book.

The quickest way to detect a number is by typing the individual name in the search option. Next, select the name on display from the list.

4) Call Your First Number|

Select the green call option, right at the bottom of your screen. Initiate the call and wait for an answer.

  The same way that you would make a normal call. 5) Assuming They Answered Your Call|

Inform them about the conference call and let them know about the conference call.

Ask the contact to hold, while you call the other person or people. After the stage is set, call the other individual.

  6) Call The Next Person| 

At this stage the first contact is on  hold. Choose  (+) icon on your screen to enable Add Call.

Now select the second individual's contact details, the same way as you started the first call.

Follow the same process: Touch the number, or name from your contacts list.

Touch the green icon to dial the number. Wait for the second call to be answered.

Merge The Calls on Your Android

At this point in time, you have two active calls on hold. Your next task is to merge the calls.

Whenever you have two calls on hold. By default your devices, already gives you the "Merge" option; to join calls.

Which eases us into the proceeding, steps to complete the procedure.

7) How To Merge Calls On Android|

Now you will see the option to merge the calls; instead of Ad Call. Choose the option to merge (combine) the two calls.

Please Note: The option will replace "Add Call" by default. 

This will automatically link the calls. At last; all three of you can talk, or discuss your plans.

8) Add Up To Six Contacts|

After the two calls are merged the 'Ad Call' will reappear. Simply put both on hold, while searching the other number.

Wait for answer and merge again. You can continue this as many as 6 times. Depending on your cellphone package or billing threshold.

You simply combine the two calls, rinse and repeat the process till you reach your limit.

9. Preparation For Joining Calls|

Look! If your calls are business related. You may have to plan the date and times for calling your associates.

  • While in other cases, it may be in the spur of moment. When you decide to connect your contacts. Say you have to add your supervisor, or managers to a call with a client.
  • Perhaps it may be a wedding plan, surprise party or family crisis. Where each member has to contribute to the decision.
  • Or some unexpected scenario; where you need directions or solve a complex problem. Involving two or more people.

The feature or App is highly practical and taking advantage of it. Can definitely reduce a lot of back and forth or make complex situation much easier.

Additional Tips And Tricks:

How To Disconnect A Conference Call?

  1. Simply touch the 'Red End Call' option. Which normally appear at the  bottom of your screen.
  3. While keeping in mind: This will only remove you from the call. The others will still be able to continue the conversation. Until they decide to end the hang up on their phones.
How many calls can you merge on Android?
  • The amount of participants on your Android phone depends on your device specs, the model, capability of your Service Provider and ultimately your cellphone plan restrictions.
  • Most Carriers and cheaper phone models. Supports minimum 3-Way calls, if you lucky enough; up to 5 active calls.
Other Android Phone Conference Call Tips:

If you want to mute yourself in a conference call. Simply touch the “Mute” icon.

This feature will allow you to hear the conversation, without any noise or sound; from your end.

If you want to enable loud speaker, simply tap Speaker.

Multitasking While On Your Android Smartphone|

Most Android firmware allows you to navigate your device. Meaning you can access other applications, the web, messages, or emails; while participating in active voice calls.

Which is ideal for multitasking, compared to older models. That restricted you to one task at a time. This Conference Call For Android Mobile much easier, convenient and useful.