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Cheapest Domain Hosting South Africa (Real Profitable Blog - Case Study)

Cheapest Domain Hosting South Africa (Real Profitable Blog - Case Study)

The cheapest Domain Hosting South Africa is Frikkadel. The service is the best and cpanel is simple and beginner friendly. You don't need hundreds of rands to make an online income. Don't take my word for it, checkout my free Blogspot with Adsense and custom domain from Frikkadel Host Case Study.

  • Company Name: Frikkadel
  • Business Type: Domain Registrar
  • Physical address: 24 Saldanha Street, Stellenberg, Durbanville, Western Cape, 7550
  • See Price Ranges: Click Here
  • Available Plans: Starter Websites,WordPress or Drupal, Larger WordPress or Drupal and Bigger eCommerce
  • Website: Access Here

Disclaimer: This webpages contains affiliate links, that we earn commission from. Which does not effect the standard price in anyway. Read our privacy policy here.

Cheapest Domain Hosting South Africa| Pros And Cons

(This could help if you're a South African struggling with bad!).

There's not much noise made online about Frikkadel hosting services. Usually when it comes to quality web based products, that sells itself. There are countless reviews from every aspect.

Fortunately I somehow Stumbled upon a thread on My Broadband. In desperate search for a trustworthy platform to invest my small startup budget.

If that's what you call an amount under R100.00. You imagine what it's like: When you're a new startup. About to embark on a content marketing adventure. Without knowing how to separate: Information Based Searches from Buying keywords.
  1. When you're fist starting out you want to minimize your risk. While benefiting from good user experience and gradually expanding.
  2. Even intermediary or skilled entrepreneurs are fighting to keep expenses low, while maximizing profits. Without compromising quality. Right?

Frikkadel Hosting

cheapest domain hosting south africa
Frikkadel Web Hosting

Comes in handy. If it's the first time your hearing about them; I'm not surprised. But one thing for sure: You'll feel like you're cheating them out of revenue. Because they treat you like you're a red-carpet client, spending thousands of rands.

  • Cheap web hosting with one of the best ticket response rates.
  • Their Service is amazing, if you don't take my word for it log a ticket and ask a basic question. They'll change your outlook, if you thought (like I did) cheap is poor quality.
  • Easy cPanel interface and fast Linux based server. You setup install WordPress or Drupal a few seamless clicks.
  • Cutting Edge 99.9% up time hosting technology. The servers are quick, intuitive and ideal for increasing your SEO rank (website loading speed is a top ranking factor.
  • Convenience resources for WordPress, PHP or CMS . I'm currently running a very successful blog on their platform and are not even thinking of transferring it elsewhere.
  • Superior Security which is vital these days. Considering how reputable sources like Bluehost get hacked; these day.
  • Unlimited email accounts. Which a is steal as most competitors, may charge you for just about every extra feature.
  • Payment methods is also another plus. I for instance was skeptical at first to expose my credit/debit card details online. They also offer EFT payment methods, which is quite simple and convenient.
  • They also provide sub-domains, which is ideal. Especially when your website expands, this will definitely add value to your product line extensions.
  • Their support team don't work over weekends. But I never had a problem, when I logged a Ticket. They usually respond first thing Monday morning. Besides most professional host can take up to 72 hours, depending on the extend of the query.
  • The starter if R12.00 was to small for my liking. Because I write long posts and I was already an intermediary level content marketer. But if you're a newcomer, that's a good place to start, you can always upgrade later.

Frikkadel hosting is not only the cheapest. But also provides one of the best online services in South Africa. Good service and quality are hard to find these days.

I chose a local host for my website to avoid overcharges on currency transfer rates, avoid the risks of CyberCrime. If you're scared of online transactions.

  • You can register now: Click here.
  • Choose any payment option even EFT (take your ref number).
  • Do a bank transfer through ATM, online or cellphone.
  • Send a picture of proof of payment to the finance email address. Which can be easily found in the billing category.
  • Alternatively:Pay directly via credit card, Visa or Paypal.
Test There Service With The Smallest Option (R12.00)

On a month-to-month payment plan, if you're not happy. Simply stop payments, besides the amount is not much of a financial risk. Right?

I Definitely Recommend Frikkadel As The Cheapest Domain Hosting South Africa

As the best web host in SA, all their products are up to R100 for the most. Plus their hosting systems are of high quality, with easy WordPress, Drupal, CMS or eCommerce installations.

Their services are Excellent and I am very strict on good service. Being an active BLOGGER for up 15 years, has made me realize the value of good hosting support. And that in my opinion makes them: the Cheapest Domain Hosting South Africa