5 Best Mobile Security Apps For Android Phones

Antivirus for phone App: The best mobile security app for android phones. Is not an option anymore. Your smartphone keeps your Profile and that is your online identity. Protect it!

Realistically portable devices are 10 times more vulnerable than personal computers. Considering that you keep them closer. Sometimes even closer than your romantic partner. It Knows All Your Hidden Secrets!

Some information is so sensitive that you'd rather keep them to yourself. Besides, who wants to feel like an open book with no sense of mystery attached.

How would you feel if your partner secretly records you; without your consent? Leave your answer for the comment section below.
Your private data is You. It does not have to be anything unusual, but to you it may mean a great deal. This information may encompass any of the following:
Financial records, awkward medical data, relationship, work related, person identity numbers, access details exclusive sites, and much more.
There are ways to protect others from invading your space and consuming, what's only meant for you. Before we the risks wide open.

Let's take an overview of the solutions:

What Is The Best Mobile Security App?

5 Top mobile security apps for mobile phones
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Disclaimer:Check all the specs/features with the intention of merging it with your online habits. You can easily get free and paid Android or iPhone Antivirus Software on Google Play.
  1. Avast mobile Security
  2. AVG AntiVirus Free
  3. Avira Antivirus Security
  4. Bitdefender Mobile Security
  5. Mcafee mobile security app

You can Download Smartphone Protection from Google Play.

What is A Mobile Security App?

It's a security software designed to protect your private information, stop and prevent malware attacks.

Which would have otherwise disrupted your smartphone's operating system, applications, open your information to criminals, or compromised your privacy.

The program protects you while browsing, downloading, or buying stuff online. It also cleans, secure and make your firmware more responsive.

Each Smartphone Antivirus Software Has Specific Features:

5 Best mobile security apps for Android smartphones
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For instance free option may have average protection, while paid options may have a wider range.

Another thing to consider, is that not all the Brands targets the same threats. Therefore you should look at the specs to see if it fits your lifestyle.

For Instance:
Business Devices may be used for specific purposes like:
Saving proprietary customer data on the go, online purchases, file sharing, accessing professional portals, connecting to PBX systems, collaboration, etc.
While Personal Badgers may be used for more casual activities like:
Personal downloads, games, social media, connecting with friends, etc.

That's why you should take your activities into account when choosing a protection program.

Can Mobile Phones Have Viruses?

Yes and it can be even more destructive in many other ways compared to your PC. Because the gadget is portable, convenient and are always on you.

You risk the chances of even downloading badware infected documents; from untrustworthy resources.

Which exposes you to spyware, mailworms and other forms of malware.

Does My Smartphone Need Antivirus Protection?

Yes, unless you already have one. If you feel that your privacy is important. It may not be highly classified or earth shaking secrets.

But even so, would you really want a stranger, rival or conflicted friend:

To monitor all your online activities, stored content or whereabouts?

There's A Fine Line Between Concerned And Cyber Stalking:
security apps for Android smartphones
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Privacy is important. And most people don't want to know all the tiny details their loved ones are up to. There are certain boundaries that you dare not cross.

Even kids needs their own personal space to some extend. By not knowing where to draw the line you can drive people away from you.

So you can imagine how invasive it is for someone else to violate privacy.

What Is The Best Free Mobile Security App?

Honesty speaking, there's no one size fits all programs. The best for you, may be the worst for someone else.
  • The are Free Avast Antivirus Software: On Google Play.
  • Avast has decades of experience in the online security industry. Plus their products improves speed, app efficiency way better than some competing products.
  • Then you get AVG Antivirus Free versions: On Google Play. I personally love the brand they're one of the best experiences.
  • Bitdefender Free Antivirus on Google Play. This is a basic protection, which is good enough to give you some peace-of-mind.
  • Malwarebytes Security Scanners: Ideal if you fear that your device may be infected. The software removes malware, stops and prevents badware infiltration.

Why Do Cybercriminals Target Portable Devices?

The best way to understand it better is compare it to the following query. Which I encountered on Quora.

A guy was looking for relationship advice. He said that it feels like he's competing for his spouse's attention with her smartphone.

This is a clear example of how close we became to our mobile devices.

We actually cheat our husbands/wives, family, kids, education and selves out of attention. With these tiny gadgets.

You carry your phone all over and if it could expose you! Who knows what it secrets it would spill out.

Well! What can I say: That's between you and your smartphone. Then again there are other identity threats to consider.

Examples Such As:
  • Passwords from your Face Book accounts, AdSense, eCommerce Stores, and other online accounts. If you have payment details linked to any, it becomes even more destructive.
  • You online activities and even messages that you may delete. Copies are saved on the stalkers server.
  • Your business, job, family and friends contact details are also on the line.
  • Credit card details, paypal accounts, business email addresses, etc.
  • Everybody you communicate to and the chat histories.
  • Your location information, online reputation and profiles. Can be used in a negative way against you.
I Can Go On About This!

But I know if I had to take my wife's privacy away from her by spying on her. She would feel humiliated, disrespected and violated.

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I would not really like to scrutinize, every tiny detail of her life. Some mystery needed to fuel a close relationship.

So What If It's A Total Stranger?

That's a another story. I would even be more offended. If a close friends secretly spy on her. Because Privacy is important to our identities.

I believe the above provides enough reasons to Get the best mobile security app for android phones immediately!

What would you do if your partner secretly spy on your activities?

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