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5 Best Paid Antivirus For Android Smartphones

5 Best Paid Antivirus For Android Smartphones
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5 Best Paid Antivirus For Android Smartphones

The Best Paid Antivirus For Android Smartphones equips you with dedicated features, while free versions may provide limited access. The entire idea of unpaid options is to earn your trust and give you user-experience. However Your needs for a Premuim Antivirus is undeniable.

5 Best Paid Antivirus For Android Smartphones

Now when it comes to Android mobile security programs and encryption. I confidently vote for: Avast, AVG AntiVirus, ESET, Bitdefender or Avira mobile antivirus software. Because Identity Protection can't just randomly be entrusted to any unknown business.

(Learn more: Is it Best to Buy Antivirus or use Free? Compare the thought to Public vs Private Schools...)

For Mobile Antivirus Android Best Rated Solutions Trust:

  1. ESET Mobile Antivirus
  2. AVG AntiVirus Free
  3. Avast Mobile Security
  4. Avira Antivirus Security
  5. Bitdefender Mobile Security

Download Mobile Antivirus Android

Here's a detailed review on the above Internet Security Service Providers

No matter how different these Brands may appear on the surface. They share a common goal and that's to defuse internet risks.

Please Note: For More Detailed Information On Smart Gadgets Such As: Laptops, portable devices, smartphones and more:

To Own An Encrypted Cell Phone Is Compulsary:

Since portable gadgets became the heart-beat of: Global economies, business operations and it became our modern identities. In relation with the internet: It's Even More Superior.

However, the 'Immense Power' it yields, starts with the ordinary user. Who expensively invests their money to satisfy their: Large digital cravings, personal pursuits and professional duties.

From the ordinary user it further Branches out into every small, medium and Big corporation. This makes it highly profitable and also vulnerable to Cyber Syndicate attacks.

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So How Do You Research Credibilty:

Expertise can be clearly seen, through their Awards Winning Products and millions of customers; who remains loyal after so many years.

People Don't Generally Stick Around, In Toxic Relationships:

Consumers hates dissatisfaction, poor quality service and ineffective products. When it comes to personal information and money. We become even more touchy, because we're emotionally connected to it.

Another sign is Our ever changing and unpredictable needs; that keeps Growing. Which of course puts a lot of pressure on businesses. Since they have to exceed our expectations; to stay relevant.

Why Do You Think Samsung Keeps Introducing Newer Models?

Because they understands consumer behaviors. As a result they have to keep us on our toes with their: Samsung S20 models, while heading back to the drawing board to already start planning another follow-up version

Generally it's in peoples nature, to not stick around very long; in unsatisfying relationships. And when they do, you must be doing something right!

Credibility vs Trust:

Reputation is everything when it comes to protecting your identity.

Would you employ a security guard: Without doing background checks? Why? Because you're careful about who you choose to protect your personal property.

What Businesses Are Known For: Contributes Up To 90% Of Your Decision To Accept Or Reject Them:

You don't of course want to end up recruiting some concealed criminal syndicate software (like a Trojan), posing as a professional Brand. Right?

Why Should You Choose A Well-Versed Mobile Antivirus For Android?

Realistily speaking: Your ISP, Search Engines, Apps Or Internet Security programs. Has the potential to access Your Private Data.

The same applies to all the unauthorized applications, that you may download from uncertified websites.

The level of trust you can afford them, depends on their "Professional Reputation." If they're a new Brand: They have to work harder, spend harder and advertise more frequently; to earn some degree of trust and social track record

The more you know about the Brand Name. The better you learn to them for the particular responsibility.

Check The Online Stores You Download Apps From:

According reports cybercriminals likes to hide their malware products in the under covers of Well-known Brands. In this way they can easily slip through a consumer's radar.

Have you noticed when you download mobile software. You get terms and conditions that may request your acceptance to access all your: Files, documents, images, contacts, etc.

True Brands are Governed By Strict Policies And Won't Compromize Customers personal data.

If something were to go wrong on their platform, they become liable. They obviously have a professional reputation to uphold. And will do everything to avoid destroying it.

The longer they're in business, demonstrates their ability to solve problems with their Cutting edge technologies.

Always go a bit further and read terms and conditions to avoid waiving your rights unknowingly.

How Does Android Mobile Viruses Works?

In order to fully understand: Why you need antivirus for your Portable Device And How it really helps you.

You should start by identifying the nature, behavior, goal and background of specific attacks. Most importantly: How, why and when it migrated to the smartphone industry.

Mobile Ransomware vs Trojan Horses:

By the end of this post you will be able to understand the following queries:

  1. Do phones get viruses?
  2. Can you get ransomware on your phone?
  3. What happens if you pay ransomware?
  4. How do I check for malware on my Android?
  5. How do I remove a virus from my Android phone?
  6. How can I protect my phone from data loss?

However people are desparately gowing more concerned with mobile security; and they have valid reasons to. Because your phone is Your Profile.

Where There's Money, There Are People And Criminals Alike:

Malware writers came saw and conquered the mobile industry. By creating new versions of: Ransomware, Trojans and all other kinds of malicious advancements; to meet portable gadgets half-way.

Before this their main focus was Microsoft. Because many consumers used the Operating System on their Personal Computers. They generally invest their malware writing skills, in sources that contains high volumes of potential victims.

Like We Get Ranks In The Quality, So Does Malware Come In Grades:
  • Severer attacks are capable of snatching your administrator privileges:
  • Lock your Android and conceal your documents by means of a code or hard to crack cipher.
  • That's why you need a Good Quality Mobile Antivirus For Android, Capable to withstand the ambush:
  • Not every protection software, has the potential to identify: Not to mention 'remove' sneaky Trojans.

There are only a handful of antivirus programs. Sophisticated enough to scan, detect and eliminate stubborn viruses. Regardless of their manipulative and concealed identities.

Top 5 Best Mobile Antivirus Software For Android

  1. ESET Mobile Antivirus
  2. AVG AntiVirus Free
  3. Avast Mobile Security
  4. Avira Antivirus Security
  5. Bitdefender Mobile Security

Download Mobile Antivirus Why do you need the best Mobile AntiVirus for Android phone?

It's obvious how fast Consumer are relocating from Computers to smartphones. We tend to invest our time and money: In speed, simplicity and convenience.

That alone gives enough bait for criminals to trick us. In attracting our attention with what appears as useful products, while it's an attack.

That's why well-versed internet security like ESET. Are continuously researching, testing, studying trends and monitoring threat behaviors.

As a result their security software becomes lazer sharp . Regularly updates and improves, to stay ahead of the latest badware tweaks.

Do Cellphones get viruses?

Firstly you should understand that viruses has inherited the name from human infections for a reason. They have the ability to disrupt normal operations, or do whatever damage the writers created it for.

They multiply and infect other applications. It's became popular on Microsoft products and has ever since spread-it-wings into other Operating Systems.

So Can Smartphones Get Viruses?

Yes! And they can also get infected with other forms of malware. The most common attacks on Android devices is Trojan horses, in combination with Spyware or Ransomware.

What Is Mobile Ransomware?

Ransomware is not really a virus, but it is regarded as a harmful software. It does what it says: Keep your information or phone hostage and demands payment for release.

Depending on the payload (what the writers created it for), it has the potential to do any of the below:

  • Wipe your device and delete your entire memory.
  • Take control of your administrators privileges or reset PIN. Create a unique one that only the hijackers know.
  • Destroy your reputation by sending SMS messages to all your saved contacts, or spread by means of the same method.
  • Steal private information to damage your reputation, or maybe use it for milk money our of you.
  • Disrupt your phone's functionality by removing, activating or deactivating services as they please.
  • They may even use your device against you. Like tracking your whereabouts through GPS location services. Which they can use to even physically attack you.
  • The scariest part in my opinion is that they can see your online transactions, or cellphone banking PIN. And so on...
According Cybercrime Reports:

Hackers commolny use badware known as ransomware, to steal sensitive information and threaten to distribute it publicly. In return for money.

The writers actually targets larger markets. Examples such as: Android because it's globally popular, iPhone is another dedicated business tool and so on.

The most popular attack is the FBI malware. This threat is famous on adult sites, where they may pose to be FBI cyber department.

Who somehow traced your browsing activities. In violation to gender/under aged children content crimes.

Characteristics Of FBI Ransomware Attacks On Smartphones:
  1. You get a static screen that appears with government official branding. Supposedly the Internet Crime Intelligence Department.
  2. It usually pops-up after try to downloading some adult video. This page locks your screen, at the same time your device vibrates out of control.
  3. They may even have a picture of your face on the incriminating screen. Which the malware captured to make it seem more convincing.
  4. It most commonly blocks you out of the device and Requests the payment of a penalty fee.
  5. The demand for money is most commonly written or sometimes a voice may authoritatively request it through your speaker.

How do I remove the FBI virus from my Android?

It depends on the type of maliciousware. Sometimes this may not work, especially if they hijacked your administrators privileges.

  • You can try to restart your Android smartphone on Safe Mode, which should refresh your gadget or tablet without loading third-party apps.
  • Next you can attempt to Uninstall the harmful software.

However this may not work if they installed Trojans with the ransomware. Trojan horses are known to escape human detection. Likewise can it evade weak mobile antivirus protection.

Because they are hidden in useful applications and sometimes even go as far as performing useful functions.

For instance it can be a Fake Chat application, disguised as a game, business tool, etc.

Can ransomware be removed?

If you have a lower ranking ransomware, like a fake document converter, or poor quality browser extensions. The following steps can rid you off its annoyances:

Disclaimer: This is only useful if you already backed up your data on another external drive or platform.

By using the below method may result in losing all your saved information. And even in some cases where it may removes weak badware. It doesn't have the potential to decrypt infected files.

So Will a factory reset remove ransomware?

If you reset your device to factory settings. There may be one of the following scenarios:

  • You remove all your saved items and lose your information anyway.
  • In the process you may potentially delete the destructive software.
  • However the Ransomware senders may still get hold of your information. The malware may have an encryption code and the criminals may still keep your resources.

What happens if you pay ransomware?

I recommend you don't pay the ransom, because that will only further expose you vulnerability.

It will also expose your credit card details, even if they give a a prepaid voucher option. You can never trust a criminal to keep their end of the bargain.

Sophisticated Antivirus like: AVG AntiVirus Free, Avast Mobile Security, Avira Antivirus Security or Bitdefender Mobile Security can help to prevent such threats.

How do I check for malware on my Android?

These best rated antivirus software has the ability to identify, detect and destroy infected apps.

  • If it's ransomware you'll know it because it will of course lock you device and demand money.
  • For other more deep rooted threats that are disguised as useful like Trojans. You need a best rated mobile antivirus as you can detect them with the naked-eye.

How do I remove a viruses from my Android phone?

  • Download and install your mobile antivirus software
  • Allow it to scan your entire device and apps.
  • It will automatically remove all the dangerous and false software.

How Can I Protect My Android Portable Device From Viruses?

1st: You should understand that: Every system; be it: Linux, Mac OS network or Android device has a weakness. No matter how secure they may say it is.

The ultimate weakness is the user. Of a similar capacity are mobile devices susceptible to viruses or ransomware.

2nd: With the above knowledge you can now take constructive action to prevent potential threats.

With a more realistic attitude, you have the upperhand to practice safer user behaviors. Like to avoid downloading Apps from uncertified websites.

3rd: One of the most common ways how malware or spyware access Android Smartphones. Is through downloading from unauthorized app stores.

4nd: Equip yourself with one of The Best Mobile Antivirus Software For Android that updates like ESET mobile security app.

5th: Most importantly always back up your data on a secure external device. In case you run in situations where you may lose your device.

When It Comes To Mobile Security| Prevention Is Always Better Than Treatment:

Normally users who take the relevant precautions; are less likely to fall victim to viruses, Trojan or Ransomware attacks.

  1. Should you fall in one of the traps your device are Well-Equipped; to Weather the Storm. And your encrypted data will be safe from online-criminals.
  2. Backing up your resources helps you to have even more options at your fingertips, as opposed to someone who didn't.
  3. When Push comes to shove and your Android device gets stolen or compromized in any other way.
  4. You can always resort to drastic measures like Factory resetting your phone. Without worrying of losing proprietary data.
There are many malware variants and not all has the same payload or features. Some are more stubborn that others. But for the most standard forms of ransomware.

Rebooting Your Smartphone In Safe Mode:

Which by default avoid third-party applications from loading. Particularly badware.

Providing you the opportunity to uninstall harmful installations. This is a most common path followed by savvy users. However cybercriminals are also creating more stubborn badware.

The Option Of Booting Your Phone In Safe Mode:

There's not a one size fits all way to reboot your Android Smartphone. There are a variety of ways to reboot different makes and models.

Be sure to double check how to do it on your model. If you're lucky enough, this may be a temporary solution.

But it should NOT be treated as a your ultimate solution. Because some mobile threats are more lethal and stealthy.

There Are Different Types Of Mobile Malware Families:

Some sophisticated smartphone viruses, may go as far hijacking your Administrator privileges. In order to plant it's claws even deeper in your Firmware.

This makes it closer to impossible to reverse. Since it holds the authoritative keys for your settings.

In order to remove the unwanted program, you may even need professional technical support.

Mobile Trojans May Lock Your Device With An Encrypted Code:

If the ransomware is combined with a Trojan, or have the ability to dominate your Android's Administrator rights.

It may automatically create an Encrypted Code to further lock you out, and prioritize the harmful app.

This will obviously make it even more intrusive. As the malicious software will now claim ownership over your handset.

In More Severe Malicious Infection Cases:

You may not be able to reset the lock through Google Android Device Manager or use factory settings.

But even if you get that far to remove all your data, from the phone. Hoping to uninstall the malicious software in the process.

Chances are all your files would already be encrypted and the hackers may have captured it. This puts you in a dilemma, where all the odds are against you.

Simplocker Is A Crypto-Ransomware:

The name of the attack sounds intimidating already. Trying to avoid the consequences of the it is even more complicated.

This where the Best Mobile Antivirus Software For Android comes in handy. But only if you it, in good time.

Chances are it would have been avoided and all of this may not have happened.

In Summary:

Android Smartphones or any other piece of technology has a flaw. The most common flaw is the decisions and practices of the user.

Bookmark This Learning Resource:

The most powerful defense other than Best Mobile Antivirus Software For Android. Is to equip yourself with the power of knowledge. We always update this page to keep you updated.

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