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Hubpages review 2020-2021 And Is It Good To Build An Online Business On Their Backbone?

Hubpages review 2020-2021 And Is It Good To Build An Online Business On Their Backbone?

In my Hubpages review 2020-2021 I discovered several hidden treasures and risks. Well, aside from high earning potential from the comfort of your home.

There are also a few experience related threats associated with only writing and publishing; without really gaining the technical know-how of a website.

Is Hubpages Legit And Worth Years Of Your Dedicated Effort

  1. HubPages is a genuine, well-established and reputable online business venture. That has been around since 2006, which makes it up to 15 years old by 2021.
  2. Usually fake businesses don't last more than two years, even so it had a rocky relationship with Google. Long story short, they had their fair share of speed-bumps along the way.
  3. The most challenging time in their business model, was the Google Panda Security Update penalty. Which took them years to recover from.
  4. However, they're one of a very few article directories that made it back. As a result they became: Strict on content standards, built zero tolerance for spammy inks and are more search engine compliant.

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Can You Make Money On Hubpages?

All the money making resources are already built-in the platform, to make your earning adventure Worthwhile:

  • A 14 year old, well established authority Hubpages domain:
  • Your article will rank much faster than a new blog, because Search Engines are familiar with the Brand.
  • hey are associated with Google Adsense and Amazon:
  • Which makes it simple, easy and convenient to monetize your articles.

You earn up to 60% of the revenue generated from your hub (articles). The same Ad principles of click, impressions and Amazon conversions apply.

They take up to 40% of your revenue, which is still a good deal. As you don't pay for hosting, website maintenance, etc.

Besides; business is a Give and Take! Right?

What Is The Purpose Of Hubpages?

Hubpages provides an opportunity for content marketers, to write unique articles and make extra money.

They're positioned as a revenue-sharing website. Where writers can create blog posts called (hubs or weblogs).

You write your hub, then it gets reviewed. If they're happy with the quality of your article. It gets published to their internal community and external search engines.

You treat these hubs as you would treat your blog. Update them, make them helpful, build links. And monetize them either: Adsense, Amazon, and E-bay advertisements.

Plus you get exposure to their community, which is excellent for building your online reputation and relationships.

Is Hubpages Free?

HubPages is a free and don't charge you monthly bills for hosting your content.

The company makes their money from a percentage commissions that your articles helps to generate.

Who owns Hubpages?

The TheMaven, Inc. HubPages Inc or Parent organizations

How much can you make on HubPages?

There are writers who makes more than $900 monthly. If you log on to their home page. They usually display a few success stories and earning potential proof; from loyal writers.

Irrespective, you have to be patient and put in hardwork like any other business model; to make it work.

Most of their top earners has been with them up to minimum two or more years. However, you find smart online marketers who makes it in a few months.

It all depends on your current knowledge, willingness to learn, consistency and realistic mindset.

Which shouldn't come as a surprise, since they survived Google Panda Updates. And you can learn from their mistakes.

Why Should You Join Hubpages?

If you're about to embark on a profitable writing adventure. But are struggling to find a reputable resource to generate an extra income.

People who don't have startup capital and are looking to start a online publishing career.

If you're a reclusive web writer trying to grow your online network and business reach. If you're looking for a new profitable undertaking and hoping to learn your way to success.

This Is For You!

A Bit My History:

I'm not an expert, high-earner or online super star. I'm just an ordinary guy who somehow discovered Hubpages somewhere in 2013; during my research.

I was so lost in the research phase and never attempted to learn through my own experiences. Instead I based my decisions on other peoples opinions.

Which was a major cause of my procrastination and failure.

Don't let it happen to You!

I eventually took charge and tried the resource for myself. And this is what I've learned...

hubpages review 2020
Andrea Piacquadio from pexel

Hubpages Review 2020:

1. Improves Your Writing And SEO Skills

If you thought you're a good writer, wait till you see hubpages rating system. I easily published my first few articles, with 48 hours it got unpublished.

Their content rating algorithm notified me about spammy elements and referred me to a high quality tutorial. Which served as a step-by-step guide to help me reach their high standards.

I had to go back and revisit my article fix the poor quality links and content. Which was not really what I expected.

The Good:

They have a rating system ranging from 4 to 8. Your goal should be to achieve eight. As a result it helps to improve writing skills. If you want to enhance your abilities, this is for you!

t the same time their high standards are aligned with Google's Content Policies. It helps to shape your attitude and refine your content strategy.

Don't see the strict content guidelines as a threat, but as a blessing in disguise.They help you become better. And after you've acquired good practices. You can pretty much go anywhere.

Meaning it directly and indirectly equips you for better future opportunities. Should you decide to create your own blog, guest posts, ebooks or other writing projects.

2. Learn While You Earn An Online Income:

The best attitude to weather a startup undertaking is a learning mindset, instead of earning.

Because it keeps you motivated especially in the stages when you work for nothing. What leads to most newcomers giving up. Is the lean times; when they're still in the beginning process of creating a valuable resource.

They usually have an impatient approach and often see little increments, to zero income. Get discouraged and Quit, without giving it time to work.

Because they think of business as a Plug and Play. While in reality. You first have to learn your craft, understand your territory and gain

The Bad:

Hubpages is not an instant money making program, unless you're already familiar with it.

Experienced marketers know that the real power lies in consistent action and patience.

Unfortunately, most newcomers think of online business as an instant method.

The Good:

Hubpages is a ready made open source platform. With a high authority domain, which are already recognized by search engines.

Instead of waiting for ages to get your new website index, while accumulating monthly charges. Hubpages is free and have all the resources to make you up to 50% successful already.

However the other 50% is dependent on your ability to learn and master the platform. While keeping the End in Mind.

Which is the High Earnings Potential at the end of the tunnel.Hubpages can be monetized with: Adsense, Amazon or Ebay.

3. It's A Free And Profitable Business Opportunity

Some would say they only give you up to 60% of your profits and take as much as 40%. Which means that you're somehow paying indirectly for the opportunity.

Which may be true! However I believe business is a give and take. If I go on a business venture with another business. We share the risks and share the success equally.

I give use my content on their platform, that they maintain and pay for. They give me convenience and an opportunity.

Which in my opinion is the same principles in affiliate marketing. Accept that I don't need a website, they provide it.

The Bad:

You don't make the rules like you would on your own website. Or at least so you think! But you don't really make the rules on your own blog.

  • If that was true, then why do your blog posts get penalized by search engines?
  • Why is it m difficult to get quality backlinks with poor content?
  • Why are there so many lonely bloggers with zero comments on their posts?

Because in reality you don't make the rules. Search Engines and visitors are you two major share holders and they make the rules.

Besides you can build a reputation on article directories and always use it to promote a blog in the long run.

The Good:

Hubpages helps You shine on their popular domain. If you used your own new domain, it would takes years to reach that level.

You can easily get thousands of internal and external traffic (from several Search Engines). Most new blogs takes up to 8 months or more only to get a handful of visits.

You get access to forums, tutorials and revenue building opportunities. All in one place; eliminating the chances of finding, testing and trying random platforms.

Although you can build backlinks to your seo articles to boost off-page seo. It still doesn't come close to the stressful tasks of maintaining a blog (financially and physically).

4. Finance Other Income Streams

You can use the money you earn from hubpages towards your bond, improve your lifestyle, further education, savings or financing other projects.

Without having to consume your existing budget. Which makes it a win-win, you have nothing to lose but gain new knowledge, experience, ideas and money.

The Bad:

You have to do research on a niche, keywords and writing converting content that gets long-term traffic.

Another stressful part is that you have to keep your content updated. Because as featured articles becomes outdated, it will drop into oblivion.

The Good:

All the above applies to every website. Google don't appreciated outdated content anyway.

So thing of hubpages as a learning experience, which equips you to meet Google's policies.

5. An Opportunity To Create Online Relationships

There are many like minded folks. There community is made out of: Experts, intermediary marketers and newcomers. As they say two minds are better than one.

Likewise are team work more powerful. Even corporate companies support the idea. Likewise, in Hubpages you get the opportunity to comment on others work.

They comment on yours, you create relationships by asking and answering questions.

This relationships can grow beyond Hubpages and evolve in Bigger Amounts of Followers. Especially if you planning to grow beyond this level later on.

The Bad:

You can't ask people to follow you, for links or directly suggest external relationships.
There are certain practices considered as spamming and they may flag you.

The Good:

Good relationships cones natural and you cannot prompt people to share content. It's always better if they do it out of their own. If you're worth linking to; the rest is history.

Hubpages review screenshot
6. Gain Content Marketing Experience

You can be a good writer, but you wont get very far if you're not a good marketer. This is one of the platforms that propels your content marketing reach.

With this profitable skills you can pretty much grow way bigger, than where you started. They have many good tutorials and experts that leads by example.

We always learn better for examples! Right?

7. Grow Online Authority

After using Hubpages for a few months, people begin to know your name and refer to you by it. This makes it easier to gain social proof and become an authority.

When newcomers notice social proof, they respect your recommendations more. And this of course helps to to makes more money on reviews.

8. Exposure To More Writing Opportunities

Your articles are read by many successful, ordinary and business minded folks online.

It is hard to find good reliable writers these days.You can use your articles as examples to pitch more side gigs.

You can grow from here to promote your Kindle books/eBooks and make even more money.

Content is the raw material of online profit. The better writer you become, the more profitable you become and marketable.

9. Website Domain Authority

If you have a website/blog you can pretty much use your authority on Hubpages for a quality links. Don't spam but if your article talks about some topic relevant to your blog.

You can; pretty much reference it and this will increase your website rank. Believe me Hubpages has authority, I saw how it improved my blogs rank in Google.

But don't use your hubs only to promote your blogs. You may get banned from them.

10. Case Study To Write About

With all the knowledge, success and failures on the platform, is not a waste of time. You are learning vital skills to share on a review, case study or blog post.

Use you hubs as a learning experience! By helpping others to solve their problems, earns their trust and we only buy from trustworthy people. Right?

Besides people are more likely to trust and buy from you if you help them. As oppose to buying from snake oil sales person.

Why? Because they sense that you're genuinely sharing information to help. Rather than of pushing your sales intentions.

Enough talking, researching and wasting time; like I did. Try Hubpages it might work for you, like it worked for others.