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3 Benefits Of The Internet For Struggling Startups

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Three Business Ideas Lucrative Startups

One of the best business ideas for lucrative startups is security. It's play a major role in our lives. So much so that without it, several operations seizes to function effectively.

Examples of such are:

Online privacy, secure online transactions, home security, antivirus, protection from cyber hackes and so on.

Now! Most of these ideas may sound common. But the effectiveness ultimately depends on who you're targeting.
Take the "home security idea" for instance. It may not be a priority for someone living in an apartment.
But it will be a top priority for a husband who works late shifts. So in this case you may target a specific industry with irregular hours.
This idea alone covers a large variety of extension products; like: Security gates, security cameras, alarms, etc.
You Don't Need Money To Execute A Good Idea: Of course there are several ways to start a successful venture with little to zero money.
There are many examples of people earning high incomes without any upfront investment.
  • Does it cost you capital to start a job?
  • Do you need an initial investment to fix someone internet connection?
  • Do you pay have to someone to market their business?
Of Course No! Instead they pay you for your time and effort.
Which makes it safe to say: It takes an irresistible idea and Energy to make a Profit.

3 Benefits Of The Internet For Micro Startups

The internet is an information giant and it's benefits are widespread, likewise has the demand for network security increased.
In this post I narrowed down profitable ways it can reward specific groups of people.
Which happens to be the reclusive, financial strapped and low esteemed types.
Before I drive my point home.
Here's a sneak preview three ideas:
  1. Start An Online Business For Free
  2. Learn A New Skills That Provide Services
  3. Help online businesses achieve their goals by fixing their problem; in return for profit
Why Target Introverts Out Of All People? It's a perfect example of how deep and wide the advantages the web penetrates.
I mean if it helps people with no money, relationships, connections, network or social footprint.
Then definitely it has the potential to liberate everybody else.
  • Introverts are very unpopular and quite folks. They don't have large groups of friends or social circles.
  • They primarily focus on their own minds, feelings, or affairs. Which makes it even more difficult for them to build relationships.
  • They find it awfully challenging to ask for favors or help from others.
  • Now! Can you imagine how hard it is for ones who are limited to their own minds, feelings, or affairs; to start a business?

If Unpopular People Can Benefit From The Internet| What Does It Mean To You:

Say for instance; you already have many social followers, or large groups of friends.
It simply means this ideas will be like a piece of cake for you.
Lonely startups finds it 10 times harder to succeed, compared to outgoing people.

The Only Thing That Keeps You From Becoming Recession Proof| Is You!

1st: This resource will help you if you're the quiet, shy and private type. Why? Because everything happens from your room.
2nd: It will help you generate income instead of consuming your already tiny budget.
3rd: If you're tired of borrowing from family members, or shy to ask strangers for help.
4th: If your monthly income (if you have any) are low and everyday feels like a challenge.
5th: If your financial burdens are eating your heart away and you're losing self-respect.
This Is For You! Have you ever researched, tried and tested several ideas and nothing worked out.
Are you stuck and confused?
Help Is Here! There are thousands of ways to make an additional income.
Similarly are there many experts and tutorials online. One will say this, while others says that.
You might be the future one to drive your opinions home.
As the saying goes Different Strokes For Different Folks| Some of us are good at mountain climbing, others are good at biking, and not everybody has a voice to die for. We are so much the same, yet so different. Likewise does different characters relate to different ideas.
You Only Need A Plan That Fits Your Nature: Don't let the following business ideas confuse you. The power is in how you execute them.
You can pretty much personalize a common idea, to fit your personal preferences.

There Are Many Ways To Sell:

And with these methods comes several web based communication methods and product options for example: car, online, telephone (cold calling), etc.
But instead of talking about medium lets discuss strategies.
  • Examples such as: Direct approach (going from person to person), Networking through target groups, referrals from customers.
  • Sell by asking question, sell by consultation (common online), hard selling (traditional), use products as a solution to specific problem (help).
There Are Smarter And Silent Ways Of Selling:
Let's use the 3 business ideas as examples.
But!Wait! First we have to give you the bottom line. In Every Business Undertaking Your Character Will Be Tested: Since that's the case! I suggest you start by adapting the right Attitude.
  1. Treat Your First Business Like College Or A Learning Experience!
  2. Understand That You Can Make Money Immediately! But realistically speaking; you're still learning and gaining experience. And all of that takes time.
  3. Everyday you act on a plan the more momentum it gains. Input determines output.
  4. Don't compare your first few months to someone else's two years/more.
Finally; If you started last year where would you have been now? Likewise if you start now! Where will you be in the next 6 months or more?

1. Start An Online Business Free

There are 4 important things every business do and there are millions of ideas all around us.
1 st They Make:
Every business makes something of value. Whether they sell products or provide services, it's still regarded as making.
2 nd
They sell their products or services for profit.
3 rd They Count:
They have to measure their output, take stock or do some form of bookkeeping.
4 th: They Buy
They either buy raw materials or services to operate their businesses
The Problem: Everybody can hope to start a business , but not everybody knows how to run a profitable one. Successful Startups Are Not The Smartest:
Instead they use their common sense better than many.
For example: They use existing ideas and simply make them better.
Why? Because existing ideas already has a tested and proven market.
Which of course minimizes web based risks of coming up with "Brand New Inventions" that no one wants.
Examples Of Such Are:
Whatsapp took the idea of Blackberry Messenger (BBM):
Which had a few flaws as it was only limited to Blackberry Devices.

They improved the instant messaging concept:
By making it useful and accessible to every smartphone; regardless the Brands Name.
Still! They didn't Grow Big overnight. It took time, patience and dedication to work their way to the top.
Google Came After Yahoo:
They also took advantage of a proven idea and provided a better service.
Today they are the Leading Search Engine Brand.
So What Can You Learn From It?
Take your existing work skills, which is already proven to make money.
Since your employee paid you for it and turn it into a business.
Get one customer, that another and not more than you can handle. Grow gradually!
The Smaller the Opportunity the Less resources you need. The Bigger the opportunity the More resources You Need -source-unknown
Use your cooking ideas and target diabetic patients, or a narrow group who really need to change their eating habits.
Design your business around people with burning desires. If you can solve one persons problems, the rest will follow.
You will learn in the proceeding ideas how to get you product or service from zero to launch.
Tip: The best way to go is to look for problem in specific industries.
Let's take Estate Agents for example they continuously need leads to fuel their revenue stream.
You could sell leads to them.
The same goes for every industry. They have several problems that they willing to pay good money for.
Bookkeeping, sales reports, excel spreads and so on.
Are examples of common pains that every business have to endure.

2. Learn New Skills

Since you already struggling with low self esteem.
Imagining owning a lucrative business may wear you down.
In fact low self-esteem stems from situation where you lack knowledge or experience.
For instance: Would you be comfortable piloting a plane? Of course No!
  • Why? Because you don't know how to pilot a plane.
  • But what if you learn how to do it! Then you'll be much more confident, wouldn't you?
I bet the thought of starting a conversation with the opposite sex, had the same anxieties. But look at you now!
Meaning that if you don't have the skills for an idea, you can always learn.
Even experienced business people have to keep sharpening their skills.
Learn A Skill And Provide A Service:
Don't be scared to invest in yourself, if you don't who will?
Besides it only helps to improve your mindset and approach.
What Could be better than learning from someone who already succeeded?
The Only Reason You're Uneasy About Success, is because you don't know how to obtain it.
Doctors, scientist, judges and highly skilled workers; spent several years learning before they eventually qualified.
There Are Many Free Courses Online: Examples Such As:
Web designing:
The market for web designers can never get saturated. Simply target an under serviced market and thrive.
Content writing:
Content is the driving force behind Google. Without it search engines and websites would be out of business.
Digital Marketing:
Every online business has to keep the engine running. Online marketing makes up for as much as 80% of it's future continuation.
Learn To Help In Return For Payment:
Invest months in learning a skill, that help to make other peoples life easier and money will follow.

3. Solve A Specific Problem

Every business solves problems for payment.
The value of the solution determines the price.
The more important fixing the problem is for the customer, the more they're willing to pay.
Examples Of Burning Problems:
  • Problems that are closer to peoples money, health or well-being.
  • A job may be an unemployed persons burning desire, while a diabetic patient may highly prioritize healthy diets.
  • Advertising and marketing is a burning desire for small businesses. Since they are very sensitive with prices, but also after quality.
Bonus Tip:
Let's assume you have a specific problem you overcome or learned to manage in your life.
Believe me their are thousands struggling with the same problem.
Be it: Weight issues that you overcame with home made foods, computer related issues on computers, marriage advice for financial dependent women, etc.
Again it can also be not so obvious issues like: Home designing on a tight budget (in this case target estate flippers), outdoor survival techniques, self defense techniques (crime is escalating), etc.
Bottom Line:
Times are changing crime is escalating, even extroverts are forced to become introverts! Look at the coronavirus prevention laws .
People are forced to do their shopping, banking, business and other activities online.
You can takes all these challengers as an opportunity to come up with a prifatable solutions, of your own.