How to Fix Slow Download Speed on Windows 10

Slow Download Speed on Windows 10
Repair Slow Internet Connection Speeds On Windows 8

How to Fix Slow Download Speed on Windows 10? Firstly there are many free and paid ways to fix slow internet connections on your Computer.The problem with manual methods: Is that it's time consuming and you may not be able to reach certain places on your Operating System.

Operating Systems are becoming multifunctional and more complex. It's getting increasingly difficult to access certain application to delete duplicate information.

Therefore you need advanced cleaning solutions to solve the issue and save time.

How to Fix Slow Download Speed on Windows 10

It takes time and a great deal of concentration to first probe the essence of the fault. In order to solve the actual cause, instead of wasting time on random related symptoms.

Thus computer troubleshooting is necessary, to narrow-down the source. Logically speaking, you have to find the problem, before you can even think of researching a solution.

Whether it's no connection, lagging speeds, screen freezes, slow downloads, screen changing sizes, intermittent signal, buffering or jittering videos; it all originates from a single source.

What Are The 4 Main Functions Of Your Internet Connection?

  • Your Internet Plan or Broadband Restrictions
  • Your Computer or Transporting Devices.
  • Your Wireless Router; if you're using one.
  • Your modem and network cable; that you received from your Internet Service Provider.
Steps 1| Probe The Slow Connection Problem

Naturally understanding the true cause of the slow speed problem; gives you a better understanding of what you're dealing with.

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The best part is that sometimes identifying the cause, is all you need to solve it; once and for all.

What error messages do you receive?
In some instances you may not see error messages on your screen. But instead experience technical hiccups; like screen freezes, screen changing size, lagging speeds, down time, etc.
When did the problem start?
Here is where you trying to identify a pattern. Has been happening for quite sometime now, or is it random unexpected software errors? Whatever the case may be note it.
How many times per connection is it happening?
Sometimes a problem may occur days apart and slowly gain momentum. Other times a specific online activity may trigger an unexpected error.

Slow Internet Speeds

It would be senseless going through every troubleshooting procedure, only to find your Internet Plan has restricted bandwidth.

So to avoid burning yourself out for nothing: Check your internet bandwidth agreement first.

  • It's like living beyond your means, trying to spend resources that you can't afford. Make sure whatever you're streaming, connecting to, or doing falls within your plan's limits.
  • Check if your wireless router's features supports the bandwidth, the amount of streaming devices that you're using.
  • Usually connections on a public APN (Access Point Network) share the same area bandwidth; your ISP distribute to your neighborhood or suburb. It also gets overcrowded with traffic at peak hours, just like public roads.
Steps 2| Clean Your Computer Storage

Like a truck that's overloaded with supplies and as a result travels slower than usual.

So does a computer's speed decrease when the storage is overloaded with data.

Your computer saves duplicates of everything you do on it, by default. In order to make it easier accessible on a later stage.

This can consumes up to 10% of your disk space, of items that are useless. Clean your computer, browsing history cache and copied items.

Have you Downloaded any New Software or tools; lately. They can also negatively affect our PCs if they're not compatible with your Operating System.

How To Fix Your Connection On Windows 8?

  • You can do it manually, which will help to manage your disk space to some extend.
  • However computers OS are rapidly advancing and reaching some places manually is impossible. Use free or paid CCleaner for a thorough and super fast cleaning.
  • Using a Solid State Drives improves internet speed, if you save a lot of data, videos or information. The good thing about it, is that it also boost your internet speed.
Steps 3| Reboot PC

At this stage you already deleted browsing history, cache and all types of duplicate data.

The next best thing is to Reboot your PC, router and disconnect all connecting devices. Click start, shutdown and wait for about 3 minutes, before switching your PC on again.

After your computer is fully on, plug in your wifi router or network cables, try to connect and test your internet.

If your slow internet or no internet connection persists, resolve the connection issue with the following step:

Steps 4| Bypass Wireless Router

This is revealing especially in cases when your internet is slow for none of the above reasons or no connection.

Try this: Bypass router if you're using one, If not you should be, it's much safer than using a modem only.

For following reasons:
  • Wireless routers comes standard with built-in firewalls, which neutralizes spyware threats.
  • It also reduces hacking threats, especially if you secure your network; with a strong multi-character password.
  • Advance Routers also comes with security features such as parental controls, multiple device streaming capabilities and more.
Some routers are better than others. So it's in your to choose one that best fits your needs and requirements. Routers are also restricted to bandwidth, too many users can reduce speed.

Poor network may also result poor speeds, jittering, or buffer.

You can actually get to the bottom of it by reducing your connection devices to one; to see if your pressuring the device, or connect your modem directly; to test the speed.

If it's better than it simply exposes the cause. If not try another computer or connecting device. If it's faster your computer could be in error.

Steps 5| Bandwidth Restrictions

Bandwidth plays a major part in every aspect; for instance your Internet Plan, router, and websites; all have their own bandwidth restrictions.

You can also limit the amount of devices that access your router, to five, four or even one.

How you work with your space and fit yourself into it, makes the difference. Say you're plan supports a specific amount of bandwidth and you're using modem only.

Then it could be a network error or bottleneck broadband allocation.Even damaged fiber/copper cables can deteriorate you're online experience.

If you speed suddenly drops, it could be a sign that your internet gadget is over burdened. Then again there are wifi barriers that could also influence throughput levels.

Examples of solid objects such as; furnitures, walls and external objects can also impact wifi speeds.

  • Then again if your cable works fine and your router is slow. Try to place it higher or in a different room, especially if the error is on all your devices.
  • Try to place it far from microwaves, radios or avoid using many router in a similar location.
Steps 6| Change WiFi Routers

If you have access to more than one router, try a different router. To test if your throughput levels increases. This will help to confirm if the error is related to your primary device.

You can also try the same troubleshooting if with several computers to see if it's only one that is faulty.

Steps 7| Confirm WiFi Specifications

Be sure to check your wireless router and connecting equipments, wifi standards. There are specific model ranging from: A/B/G/N/AC and the latest is AD.

Usually AC and AC or N and N work better and faster. However there are more advanced models like AD.

But you really see the difference if you match the same WiFi standards, on your router and connecting devices.

Steps 8| Try Other Websites

As previously mentioned Websites are also limited to bandwidth. Therefore try several platforms before making any drastic decisions based on assumptions.

Steps 9| Create A WiFi Password

Secure wireless networks are better and safer than open connections. Aside from the protection it provides and unauthorized access that it prevents.

It also improves your internet speed. Since it limits unknown users from sponging off your wreless resources.

Steps 10| Remove Malware

Viruses and malware infections may also lead to slow internet or total shutdown. Download and install an accredited antivirus software and malware scanners combo..

I hope this page helps to answer: How to Fix Slow Download Speed on Windows 10? Most often the lagging connection speeds we encounter these days. Has to do with overloaded network and data systems.