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The Internet Puts The World In Your Pocket| If Power Corrupts| What Does This Mean?

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The Internet Makes The World A Smaller Place

Why is the internet important in our daily lives? Ever thought about it? How it affects society is still a scratch to the surface when your compare it to the way it changes the world.

I mean it made the world a smaller place. Who would think that you would be able to keep it in your hands.

A Single Digit Is The Keys To The Entire World Wide Web
  1. It Is The Ultimate Source of power.
  2. It Simple easy to go unnoticed, Yet it's One of The Most Powerful Numbers

Who would ever have thought that the number "1" (which is a binary codes). Would be so Powerful, valuable and dominant; that it even replaces currency?


Regardless of it mysterious nature it is kind of obvious. The problem is that we don't pay much attention to small stuff.

Common Human Behavior:

It's within our nature to overthink the obvious and make it complicated. We also tend to undermine important things, because it seems common.

Scarcity Creates Demand:

This Blinds us from recognizing precious resources like 'water'. Despite it being abundant. In reality it's more precious than 'diamonds.'

We betray our faulty outlook with words, such as: " Bigger is Better, The More The Merrier"....

But that is also one of our Major pitfalls, we try to hard to read between the lines and by doing so avoid the obvious details.

Well! In This Case Less Is More:
  • Well it is the little things that makes us fall in love. A simple smile, touch or experience can 'floor' even the toughest guy.
  • If your spouse stops doing the little things. You more likely to fall out of love with them.
  • No matter how small a "misquito" may be, it can keep a big person awake night.
  • Even the Biggest building starts with the smallest brick.

Likewise Is The Internet Built On A Foundation Of 1's And 0's

The Number One is the Most Powerful Digit:

  1. It only takes a forensic scientist to find "One" tiny spec of DNA, which in return makes them 99.9 % accurate on the real suspect. The chances of the other 1 percent is reduced to 0.
  2. It Only takes "One" Candles take away "All" the darkness that surrounds you!
  3. It Only takes "1" Success sperm-cell racing against thousands; to stimulate an egg.
  4. You Only have to Succeed "Once" and that's all it takes. Irrespective whether you failed over 10 thousand times.
  5. True Love comes "Once" in a lifetime and all it takes is One Betrayal to make it lose it's shine.
  6. All it takes is one Root Access for malware to attack your entire Home/business Network Or expose your family maliciously.

Are The World's Economy Dependent On The Internet?

Just look around you all you see is smartphones, computers and internet networks that works around the clock.
People Became Introverts| They'd Rather Meet Friends Online| Than start an old fashioned conversation.
Even voice calls became one of the last things you do on your phone, unless you're forced by circumstance! Right?
  • You're either reporting sick, running late, or really have to call a client, etc.
  • You mostly chat, more chat, then send text messages, or participate in social media conversation.
  • In the background those symbols, numbers and letters translates into 1s and 0s:
  • In order for your computing device to understand what you commanding it to do.
So it's safe to say that voice calls: Are the 5th to 6th most important things that you do; with your Mobile Phones.

Which is Crazy! Don't You Think?

Besides phone calls are the primary reason for one to have a "Phones." Right? But it became the last thing we do with it! Why?

Data Is Transmitted In Bits Or Bytes

  • Even "Traditional Monolog Voice Calls" Migrated To VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).
  • The Internet Cropped the World, into "One" Smaller Platform. In the palms of your hands Or fingertips.
  • There are so many people who have friends in other Countries, through Face Book, social media or online communities.

I actually know someone who married a lady he met on Face Book. Which is odd since the only time he really traveled overseas is when they decided to get married.

The digital content, smart apps, websites, chats are translated into 1's and 0's.

There are even computer viruses that outsmarts your computer, unless you block their persuasive codes; with world class antivirus software.

Like digital DNA traces are your online activities recorded and if someone we're to commit a crime on your network; through some rootkits or unauthorized access.

The data trail may point back to your home or business IP address, falsely incriminating you without you even knowing it!

So the Digit 1 can actually make or break you; it ultimately depends on cyber security protection layers and most importanty; your online practices