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Fraudulent Business Opportunities That Hurls In Large Volumes Desparate Folks!

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Ivan Bertolazzi
Fraudulent Business Opportunities That Hurls In Large Volumes Desparate Folks!

Before you leap into lucrative online opportunities that triggers your impulses, to pay your soaring debt. You may want to ask yourself: Why would anyone sell a product/secret that made him/her thousands of dollars if it really works?

The point is "Why" are they so eager to push a sale. Besides if they're really doing that good "Why" reveal your strategy. Compare the thought to a Chef.

As we all know they usually protective over their. Recipes and ingredients. Because they know by revealing their "true secret ingredients" would make them lose their "unique shine."

Why Would A Successful Brand Like Coka Cola Want Sell Their Marketing Secrets?

Most often when true Brands thrive at something, they grow so attached to the profitable resource.

So much so that they seldom think of exposing their intellectual property or money generating secrets.

Why Does Scammers Target Failed Startups Or Beginners?

Well there are many reasons, but you get specific obstacles, that some beginners finds extremely hard to figure out and these culprits knows it.

Some of you may be tempted to think that it's lack of knowledge, experience, money or resources. Which are both true and false. The problem is in the question: How To Make An Additional Income Fast?

The question reeks of desperation and whoever may promise a quick fix, with immediate results; have something more darker to in store for you.

If you ever experienced a crisis or some interval in you life where you needed extra money, and you need it fast. That feeling of anxiety, urgency and pressure can become your undoing.

How To Make Extra Money Fast

Quick fix methods are way to risky and normally leads to many unexpected pitfalls that you never anticipated or prepared for.

Everything in the Real World forms part of a bigger system: From a new born baby, to a tiny seed and straight up to a business adventure. It all plays its part in a world of processes.

Even the food that you eat, goes through several stages before it reaches the market and it goes through another process in your kitchen and pots, mixed with several other ingredients. Before you can even think of eating it.

There Is Consequences For Every Action, Likewise Is There Consequences For Not Acting:

Being too needy is extremely dangerous, especially in the wrong places. Naturally people rejects desperate looking folks, while others use OR exploit them.

Expressing your vulnerability to some people/neighborhoods or environments, is a way of letting them know that you're lost.

Why Do Most New Websites Fail?

"Everything is an Inside Job!" Are you familiar with the expression? Well this article is created to confirm that is true!

Everything Starts With You! You have to be more realistic about the new business journey, before even research an idea. Once you figure out the first step, everything else will fall into place!

The 9 Major Reason Why New Startups Fail Are:

1: The Wrong Attitude: You need to adapt the right mindset for every new relationship, opportunity, undertaking, commitment or objective.

The first step is your definite decision to stick to your plans and expect difficulties. Because that's life, nothing comes easy. Even if you're initial goal was to save money, exercise or study.

You would also have to deal with challenges like your moods swings on certain days, bad weather, sad days, pressure, small setbacks and so on.
2: Lack. Of Patience: Some people are merely discouraged by the word 'patience' itself. They think it means forever, slump their shoulders and give up before they even started.

While in reality patience is not the process of waiting, but the attitude you keep while waiting. It is more a sense of maturity and keeping your calm.

3: Honesty: This goes beyond only being transparent to others. Because ultimately it starts with you.

You should be honest with yourself about the real life challenges, where you at and where you're going .

The core of your character is being tested as you execute, manage and grow you business. Don't build your dreams on wishful thinking. Even marriages that are built on Fairy Tale Fantasies fails. In reality It's a Give And Take!

4: Punctuality: Time is the true currency and like the saying "Goals are Dreams with deadlines" - source: unknown.You have plan your work and deliver it on time, avoid excuses that may lead to failure.

Time and action is extremely difficult to give, in the beginning. You work on a dedicated schedule, while dealing with a spouse who thinks you're using your business as an excuse to ignore them. All this drama , time and money with no salary to show.

5: Perseverance: New startups change their minds much to often, because you are challenging the unknown. You tend to compare your results with experts; who have already invested several years to reach their expertise.

This makes it extremely difficult for some newcomers to follow through. They tend to loose interest because of their low self esteem.

What they don't know their low self-esteem is natural. Even experts also had it in the beginning.

They are only confident now, because they learned through experience how stuff works. If you know how something works, you become confident and learning takes time.

6: Willingness: Are you really decided on your plans, is it in writing? Good that's the first step into reality, because you see it outside your brain, on paper.

You must also prepare to learn and most importantly be Willing to apply knowledge. Even during tough times (usually in the beginning), weekends OR holidays. To be ready to sacrifice time, money, energy, and resources - Requires Courage!

7: Research: No matter how well you think you know a product that you're reviewing, or industry or skill.

There is always something that you don't know and need to improve on. Even experts that specializes in specific industries has to constantly stay updated, or become out dated.

8: Conviction: Do you know how to read? Of course you do! I suppose you can confidently say Yes! The fact that you read this article makes it even more obvious.

But would you have been so confident, if someone asked you to fly his/her jet? It would of course make you nervous or uneasy if you're not a pilot! Right?

But what you invest time and money to learn the skill, would you still be nervous OR caught of guard? No! You'd ironically be Excited about the idea.

So! The only way to get Conviction or Confidence is to Earn it, by learning the required skills for the undertaking. As you knowledge increases, gradually the anxiety fades.

9: Dedication or Commitment: The most challenging is staying committed to your definite decision. It's like marriage, it's easy to get married BUT hard to stay married.

Once you start realizing the actual price, sacrifices, bad times, changes, endurance, honesty, integrity; and even the good requires a lot of effort.

You literally have to fight for the good, because you only need to succeed once. Although you may have to experience several temporary defeats to get there!

How Do You Prepare For A New Startup?

It all begins with your attitude, you have to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically for the new project.

That alone requires courage, precursive faith, work and sacrifice. You have to understand that: There will be several hardships that comes with the new undertaking.

Before Your Business Eventually Carry You and Your Responsibilities. It will become your burden and responsibility.

Self Discipline: You have to setup a schedule, manage your time effectively and make room for extra responsibilities, in your existing plans.

Well Researched Business Plan: Research takes time, but most importantly it starts with you! You really have to do soul-searching and recognize your interest, knowledge, and skills.

Past Work Experience: Is a gold-mine for profitable ideas, skills or products. Which are already proven and tested, because how else would your old Company existed.

Besides You worked for them and they paid you for your skills. Which means those skills earn you money already, plus you already understand most of the customers questions, problems and needs.

You probably noticed some weaknesses, or gaps that you can fill. You can simply build on that and attract your own leads and customers.

Even if they sold certain products, it proves that the products are in demand. Why? Because they actually built an Empire on it.

Market Research Completes Up To 80% Of Your New Startup Efforts

Taking time to to Research Your Profile customers: Their problems and planning how to solve them, setup tests , learn where they shop, eat, drink and play. Makes the rest of your sales efforts easier.

Everything we do gives a final feeling. The benefits that we get from product advantages, and features are always feelings. So your work may be overwhelming at first, but it will surely reward you with more than money.

Imagine The Final Outcome And Feelings Of Success:

Keep the end in mind to motivate your current actions. Because it's challenging to work several months with no financial rewards OR salary.

However, you must remember you're still in the process of building a profitable business. Before you can even market it and eventually generate money for you.

We tend to think of everything in general terms; in our dreams. But we living it details when we're actually doing it.

Dealing with all the tiny details daily, can make us forget the bigger online threats!

The Danger Of Asking The Following Questions:
  • How can I make money right now?
  • How to make money fast online?
It Reeks Of Desperation: Indecision, lack of maturity and it leaves plenty of room for Cybercriminals to sell you Wild Fantasies.
Examples Such As: Small Business Opportunities with the following:
  • No Web Marketing Skills required
  • No Business Knowledge OR Experience
  • No Keyword Research or Search Engine Optimization
  • Which is an unrealistic push button sales approach. Meaning that they tell you what you want to hear and ask for a little investment.

Plus they get access to your banking details and computer, by installing malware.

The sad reality is that malicious people takes advantage of needy folks. Even unregistered loan sharks, human traffickers and criminals exploits desperate people.

Why do most startups fail?

Some startups only likes the concept of a new business. Because it is glamorized by unrealistic marketers with ulterior motives.
1) Unrealistic Execution: They think of it as something that you setup and forget. They tend to think of it as a destination, while in reality it's an ongoing process.
Like a new born baby, you have to nurture it, cloth it, take care of it. And likewise it first slides on its tummy, then learns to crawl, then walk, before it can start running.
2) They Want To Receive: Without giving. If you really believe in your goals and your willingness to achieve it. You must be able to invest the time, money and effort in it.
If you don't believe enough in your dreams, to join a professional training program to position your plans better. How can you expect customers to invest in it?
Commitment: Only serious people will work on a plan, even if it takes 10 months or more to make its first dime.
If your goal is to become an IT Expert, Business Developer or Professional Web Designer. You would go to college follow through and complete your studies. Likewise is the mindset of a serious entrepreneur, they learn, apply and patiently follow persevere, till something happens.

How do you prepare for a startup?

You have to know or learn: "What you don't know before you can know it": The reasons why most failing startups could not execute their plans effectively. Is because they never learned how to do it properly in the first place.

It's Sometimes Easier To Learn Something. But The Real Challenge Comes When You Actually Have To Apply That Knowledge - Source: unknown

Their Failure: Is the first step in leaning "how not to build a success business." But some people may take it as total defeat, and give up.
More Realistic Entrepreneurs: Even Well Established Professionals knows that you have to keep learning your way through to success and also to keep it.

Because you don't know everything there is to know. However there are people who went through it before you, and they are your best guides/advisors.

They Use Random Information: The internet is an ocean of world class information. However information comes in grades, you get:
  1. Random information: Are usually unorganized, overwhelming and free. Which cannot be trusted, unless it's based on common sense or you have experience of the claims made by the author.
  2. Research Data: Are backup data with references, citations and evidence. This is more valuable, professional and trustworthy.
  3. Premium Data: This version from high quality resources like: Universities, Colleges, Professional Businesses, Government, Scientific Sources and Well Established Organizations, etc.

Get your data from reputable sources, because the more conviction you have on in your "Formula." The more you will trust in the process.

In Conclusion:
You have be honest about your strengths and weakness. Which not only money and equipment but the following:
  • Your lack of skills needed for the business undertaking.
  • Think it through maturely, sacrifices will have to be made, discuss it with close family, as their time with you will be very much impacted.
There are several products and services. Some are more urgent and important than other:
Examples of Urgent and Important Products:
You can't do without Computer Network Security And Malware Scanners, or risk fraud, theft or bankruptcy.
Products and Services that are closely related to your profit, like manufacturing equipment, marketing, advertisements, keywords tools or anything helps you to make more profit, are urgent and important.
On The Other Hand: Products and services that are not directly related to your profits, are not urgent needs.
Examples such as your office designs (if you don't get walk in clients), brand new computers ( unless you really need it now).
The most important aspects on the beginning are the things that helps you to make profit faster or contributes to it.

Way too many startups fail financially because they over spend their startup capital in the beginning. While ironically they were suppose to cut cost and propel profits.

The most easiest and lucrative businesses to start is online. But even that requires months of effort and focus. In every business adventure your character will be tested, and there will be several obstacles to overcome.