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Internet Privacy Attacks| You Can Easily Avoid But Seldom Does

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Vitaly Vlasov
Internet Privacy Attacks| You Can Easily Avoid But Seldom Does

Internet privacy became a major concern of online citizens. As much as the internet benefits surpasses it's risks. There are certain threats that makes our skins crawl.

The mere thought of a creepy stalker secretly watching your every online activity. Is scary as much as disturbing.

Whatever their intentions it can never be good. I mean who does that, of course people with no regard for other peoples privacy.

So here we are Cyber Attacks on your internet privacy are trending. Why? Times have changed and quite frankly you haven't! What more deflating! Is that it's still in its infancy and already it's darting for Trillions of dollars!

Internet Privacy Attacks

Well, 95% of all Cyber Security Attacks ARE master minded, from...Well you know who? So, Whether A Trojan horse is a Virus OR Not!Should BE the least of your worries Right Now!You'll find out Why Shortly...

In The Beginning...

The world of science believed; nature consists out of four elements!

Guess what they were? Well let me help you out: Earth, Water, Air and Fire!

As time went by, they later discovered that there's a fifth less obvious element! Which happens to be "Ether."

What is Ether:

When you screen in a hollow area, or at the mountains. Your voice "Echoes" back to you.

The sound waves that reflects back, OR return to you. Is not traveling through nothingness, but through Ether.

Is Ether Is An Invisible Network (Ethernet):

This is the fifth element in addition to air, earth, fire and water. In this element our invisible cellphone , television, router and wireless signals exists.

Cyberspace Is All Around Us:

This means our Cyberspace exists in a substance that fills all empty-space around us. Which allows electromagnetic waves to pass through and interact with matter.

So all our Mobile Network Signals, wifi hotspot and wireless microwaves; forms a spider web; all around us.

Meaning that our atmosphere is now; fenced with invisible vibrations of: Signals, bits, bytes, voice, infrared, bluetooth, bandwidth, etc.

Cyber Network Risks:

This overpowering Growth of cyberspace: Benefits AND dominates Our present and future connections to the world.

Like Day and Night, Summer and Winter, it is inescapably tied; to fatal flaws.

Opposing forces, vulnerabilities, weaknesses, lethal-threats, malware and all kinds of other cyber-attacks; are part of the package.

What are Cyber Hackers?

Can be defined: As an attack launched from a concealed position. Which is directed by any deliberate harmful AND spiteful individual, or syndicate group; who is a rival.

1) The term Cyber Hackers:

Does not necessarily involve loners; as you would like to think. It incorporates: Countries, governments, political opponents, business rivals, terrorists, industrial spies, resentful employees, paranoid partners and unauthorized users.

2) Cyber War On Home Users And Businesses:

There are several ways the Internet enriches our lives. There are also several ways how it can tell on you.

If anyone can see your private activities online, it will definitely "Blow The Lid Off."

3) We Are What We Think:

Which happens to be our most personal desires, thoughts and plans. We don't enjoy talking about it, but don't mind secretly feasting from that platter.

The sense of privacy online, gives us access to our most private journeys. Be it legally, financially, romantically, strategically or any hidden guilty pleasure.

Your Secrets Are Recorded In Your Saved Data:

In order for rivals to declare war on your: Business, Corporation, spy on your Plans, destroy your Credibility, steal and so on.

They simply have to gate-crash, your network security. In doing so they employ their most sophisticated and intrusive cyber-attack techniques.

It's worth noting that: The agendas behind: "Cyber War" are Way Bigger than your Devices, PC, Computing Systems and Networks.

It has a master mindset: Which could be as Enormous as Country vs Country and worse.

Online Identity theft is rife and Phishing and Spear Phishing attacks.

To think that Phishing is One of the oldest tricks AND yet we didn't become smarter.

Cybercrime should BE positioned to strip you off your world; as you once knew it!