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Human Brain vs Computers| Which is Smarter|

human brain vs computer picture
There is good and bad in everything. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the internet? This a continuation of the Dangers Of The Internet. As previously mentioned; the cyber space is a world with many paths.
These paths leads to diverse destinations, however your need an computing devices as a means of transport.

People manufactures and controls intelligent programs, networks, intuitive codes, graphics and artificial intelligent computers. But will it remain that way, or are they making us these days?

Let's break it into human language: Compare the Internet to your City. It's buzzing with people, flashy lights, pleasure, enjoyment, fashion, thrills and excitement, risks and dangers.

Can You Get Lost In Your Own City?

Some may say No! They can easily find their way around, which may turn out to be tue! But it will be extremely Difficult if You find yourself in a sticky situation, like the following:
  • You participate in activities that may negatively affect your overall well being.
  • Some hardened criminals takes you by force; with the motives of demanding ransom.
  • But most importantly how much self control and knowledge you have to stay away from potential threats.

The same applies online, in fact the internet can be a Good Or Bad Place. It all depends what you're using it for OR what it secretly use you for.

The web is used by the general public and as you know we all travel diverse paths, are driven by diverse intentions and motives.

Computers Versus Human Behavior| Who Is More Organized?

Computers are programmable electronic devices that effortlessly performs mathematical calculations, without the need to take breaks to recover.

It's also largely responsible for logical operations, especially ones that can process, transmit, store, retrieve large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

These devices are top performing equipment and highly productive tools. Especially for personal, home or business purposes.

They provides several other benefits; ranging from manipulating text, graphics, accessing the Internet, playing games, media advantages, etc.

Most importantly under favorable conditions, they don't forget, while people do!

Although People Are Responsible for Writing Good or Bad Or Codes:

While Computers Are Obedient Servants

They do what we tell them to, no questions asked, no salary demands, no discrimination, or trying to make sense out of chaos. Well unless we program them to do so.

Speaking of obedience let's compare it to a dog. They say a dog is loyal to his/her owner. So what if the owner is a cruel person and commands his/her creature to attack an innocent person.

The creature will obediently follow the order, no questions asked, no ands, ifs OR buts. Right? However animals are driven by an 'instinct'. Unlike humanbeings who are driven by a 'will' to survive.

Humans Are Known For Questioning Authority

Okay let's eliminating the chances of being forced by circumstance, need for survival, or some complex emotional dysfunction.
That is what ransomware does to a network, it literally brings your business to its knees. Simply to get the bosses to cooperate with the hackers demands.
It can be closely tied to: Examples such as: Blackmail, human trafficking, extreme pressure, mind control, etc. But even in such cases people tend to rebel against the attackers.
Human Behavior is Unpredictable
Even the most professionally trained soldiers: Are known for asking unexpected questions secretly or rebelliously reacting against certain orders that challenges a certain belief...
  • A friend that you trust may give you a kiss of betrayal.
  • Kids may betray their parents to get their hands on an earlier inheritance.
  • Your spouse may fall inlove with the lifestyle you afford them; not you! Without them even realizing it!

It's within our nature to question certain instructions. Even toddlers asks "Why" . We have a desire to understand, a supporting motive to propel our actions. Why did you click on this article?

Because the headline evoked curiosity. What is curiosity? It is a burning desire to investigate, explore or seek more information.
Emotions Are So Complex; Even The People In Whom They Live Can't Explain Them
You are usually Prompted or triggered by emotions of curiosity. Especially when something seems unusual, odd, out of the ordinary; or bizarre. You want to understand the reasoning behind.

Curiosity can mislead us into temptation or trouble, it can be the reason behind teenager/adult rebellion. In inspires the darkest activities, and addictions; online and off-lines.

Computer Don't get Prompted By Curiosity
They don't install spyware to your system, to find out what you're hiding or invade your privacy.

Your computer's WEBCAM don't decide to out of the blue to spy on your family; out of some personal vendetta. It's people who installs rootkits to hijack network and security cameras; for whatever reason.

On The Contrary Curiosity Is A Major Driver Behind New Inventions:

It the reason behind mankind's need to find out more, experiment and explore new avenues. With this innovations are born, the world is shaped.
The Good:Is when this drive is used to create, develop and innovate helpful ideas:
This is when there is a goal or expected outcome. Hopefully in a good context.
The Bad:Is when it's random and relates to bad ideas. This usually in negative outcomes:
How do you think some viruses emerged, well others were created by nerds and then you get the evil programmers; of course.

Artificial Intelligence Versus Emotional Intelligence

Now I could have said "human intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence." But the problem is Some People have more brains that feelings.

How many intelligent people are there? Yet they use their knowledge to harm others. Sometimes people have too much power, which leads to their own demise and of course some casualties.

Hence I prefer Emotional Intelligence, considering that it closely networked with: Love, intuition, positive feelings, hope, success and the well wishing of others.
We don't call conquerors emotional intelligent. But we usually call good samaritan, who puts other peoples best interest ahead theirs; emotionally acute.

Artificial Intelligence are fake because it is programmed, not learned. A computer cannot decide a specific cause of action, journey or destiny on its own.

If your laptop don't have Windows Microsoft Office installed, it won't simply go search for the software, because it thinks of it as useful.
You go buy the program, because you think it's practical. Imagining how easy it will make your online duties, studies or simply because you need it.

Computers Have No Real Emotional Drivers Accept The Software You Installed

Emotions, needs and desires are real drivers. They prompt you to shop online, access online banking, work, eat, drink and sleep. The are the motives behind the "Why" of the action:
Likewise with network attacks they are actioned by people, the malicious software are only their tools.

It is Not The Rootkits That Hijacks Your Network:

It is the person who implants it to your computer. For those who don't know rootkits are dominant programs that gives access, to unauthorized access.
If you're a manager and wants take control of your employees desktops, should the dire need arise.
This superior program can be useful, since he/she is not invading privacy. Because it's business property and should NOT be used for personal activities anyway.
But if you install it on someone else's personal computers, home networks or other people property; it becomes a crime.
The point is to avoid forced entry, but secretly hijacking someone's PC or network. Bear in mind antivirus software has specific features. Some may not prevent rootkits, or Trojans, or certain forms of malware.

That's Why? You should make sure you choose the best internet protection, that fits your needs OR ask for full version.

In Conclusion:The internet is like a city, buzzing with people, online shops, businesses websites, social platforms. Your computer is your storage device, routers are transporting devices and search engines is your navigating system.
One Thing You Should Always Remember:Public places are shared with the public and there is a lot of unforeseen circumstances, unpredictable behaviors, safety hazards, risks, threats and everything else in between.
Because where there is a lot of people, their is money, activities, resources an so on. Likewise you will find criminal hoping to catch someone off guard on your browsing experience.
You goals, intention or outlook may be Good, but likewise are the people who does the opposite. Their intentions are simply to cause disruption or look for opportunities to commit crimes.
Always prepare for unexpected events that usually happens in public places. Because there are always syndicate Groups plotting and planning against consumers.