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Here's Why Most People Fall For Malware And Network Frauds!

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Most home-users try to avoid the dangers of the internet. By simply ignoring the topic, thinking it all will go away! Sadly the Cyber Network War only got started!Personally I think it's because of their lack of knowledge behind; how does malware work.
Well let me show you how Alarming it became, interestingly enough the following Antivirus and Cybersecurity Statistics, Trends and Facts may help to drive the point closer to your home!
Yes the Web is and Extremely powerful, overwhleming and resourceful treasure. It holds the worlds information records. And criminals Knows It too! Surprisingly they're not necessarily the common uneducated criminals; you expected. Mind you, most of them are highly educated folks!
In fact Malware Writers are highly skilled and qualified programmers, web designers, specialists, technicians, OR I.T. Professionals - who has gone bad!
Resentful People...
Who choose to use their: Knowledge, positions, technical know-how, power AND experience; to hurt OR manipulate others.
Ultimately! Their contributions to society, naturally depends on their conduct, background, circumstances and attitudes.
Which brings us closer to the following subject...

What Is Are Cybersecurity Threats

Cyber threat is the same any potential danger, that can potentially harm you. The only difference here is that it's specifically on the your computer, smartphone OR internet network.
Think of it as a common enemy ( colleague, rival, competitor, ex lover, etc.) will naturally look OR hope for some weakness in you, to capitalize on.
Likewise with cyber attacks, the criminals looks for cracks in your devices or networks. They also have tools and malware to breach your security encryption OR systems.

How does Malevolent Programs Work?

Some like viruses may make copies of itself, spread and imitate biological viruses.
The are different sub categories of malevolent programs or malware. There is a better description on the post: The 4 Stages In the Lifetime of Computer Viruses . Naturally every product has advantages and disadvantages, upsides and downside, good or bad.
So does some Good Programs, have opposite sides! Which happens to be the consequences of using it wrongfully!

Stuck AND Confused?
Well! We kinda expected that...In order to make it up to You! We prepared an Entire Post to make it more digestible.

The Best Examples Of Malware Attacks:

  1. Are usually the ones that easily vibrates, with our daily activities and online habits.
  2. Yes! There are many valuable ways: How the internet influences our lives.
  3. Likewise are there several ways: How it can destroy our lives; if wrongly used.

The Internet Is As Beneficial But Can Be Underestimated Like Water!

Let's Face It:
We need water for nourishment, health and survival purposes. We even use it to play, entertain ourselves, and have fun.
Sadly we take it for granted because of its abundance. But can you imagine what would happen if our wells runs dry? Not only will the worlds economy collapse but every living creature, plant and organism would be extinct.
At the same power, too much water can be disastrous. Even being exposed wrongfully to it, can harm us. For instance: Heavy rains causes floods, and you can drown, or belongings through it.

(Find out: Do Cyber Security Bootcamps Work?)

Water Gives Life BUT it Can also Take Lives:

So ultimately! It's not about how beneficial OR rewarding a resource may be. But rather how safely or responsibly we consume it. You may drive a Good car. But it is as good as you making it. If you're a reckless driver; it will cause you more pain rather than help.
1st:Run ins with the law and risk losing your drivers license.
2nd:You're danger to people who shares the road with you.
3rd:You lose money on tickets and you may even lose your life.

The Benefit Of A Device Or System, Depends On How Responsibly You Use it:

Some of the most stubborn Malware; out there. Such as Rootkits or Trojans, are not really bad on its own. But rather dependent on how constructively, OR destructively; you use them.
The Notorious Brute-Force Aka Exhaustive Search Is Good 1st Example: Can Be Used for Port Scanning Network Weakness:
You can use it to scan, or rapidly search for weakspots, on your network. It can positively contribute to maintenance procedures.
Which can help to test for listening ports, or strengthen security short-comings.
It is used by criminals, against your network's security resources. A malicious attack from a syndicate group; may undermine your cyber defense measurements.
With an exhaustive rapid search, dictionary attack OR numeric search; for long and short passwords. Thereby Draining your resources, defrauding consumers, OR overloading your system/network's storage (DDos Attack).

Some Forms Of Malware Are Good Software:

Some high commercial software; were originally designed for Good purposes. But are sadly, used for bad deeds; as well. The internet is a typical example of such exploitations. Because it was designed for a global networking benefits.
While some people, use it to wage Cyberwars; against others. But who are we to say, the same crimes happens on our City Streets. Why would it be any different online! Hey? The forces of Good And Evil Collides; whenever, wherever, OR with whatever means. How Severe will Cybercrime be 10 years from now? Trojan Horses is A mixture of Several Combinations of Maliciousware Think of it as an intuitive application on your Smartphone, OR Computer. Let's use good applications; as examples. Such as a screen recorders, content management tools, or video editors. Have you ever noticed how intelligent those Apps became. We simply tap the screen, or hit the keyboard. Give the commands: While they do all thinking and planning; for us.

Which Is Impressive But Also Alarming at the same time:

The impressive parts is their acute artificial intelligence AND forward think capabilities. The Alarming part is that we're base our entire lives, our families AND businesses. Around the calculations, Memories AND decisions; of Computers.

Computers Are More Loyal And Reliable Than People:

Well, that's why you should be worried! Because the more people have access to your networks, OR systems. The more Increases the Chances of data leaks OR theft. Most of us don't even know our spouses phone numbers; by heart. If you forgot your phones at home, you're pretty much lost. What if technology turns against us.

Imagine Your devices spies OR exposes all Your secrets, online activities, text messages and transactions!
The Time Is Here:

If that sounds a little too farfetched! Think again! Because this is what actually happens if you are hacked, or spied upon; by strangers.

"Your money, reputation, job OR life is in their hands. They can do with it as they please!" The only bliss you have, is ignorance about it! Well until the evil results start surfacing; in your reality!

What If Your Own Smartphone, Or Computer Wage War Against You?

It would totally Disrupt Your Life! Why? Because Your Gadget Knows more about You! Than your own Husband OR Wife!
  1. It holds your financial secrets, deleted messages, phone numbers, secret conversations, chats AND email accounts.
  2. You Smart Devices Knows and Remembers: More Stuff About You! Than Your Own Self!
  3. This is living-proof on how intelligent software became. Malware are exactly the same: The only difference is that, it's programmed to do you wrong.
  4. OR perhaps distribute your data publicly, destroy it OR work against your best interest.
But not all of the malware attacks; are from malicious programmed applications. Some are from certified products, that are simply used wrongfully!
2nd Example: Use Spyware Productively to monitor stock:
Constructively: It is important for business owners, to be able to monitor their employees, output, stock, network resources and every detail.
In this manner they can professionally steer their businesses; in the most profitable directions.
While also making sure everyone do their jobs. Without wasting business time, money and online-resources on: Social websites, personal phone calls and unprofessional activities.
Most business are able to view the websites you visit; on their platform. Besides their internet, desktops, laptops or smartphones; are work equipment.
The only difference here is that: The company informs you, about their monitoring procedures, on their property.
Especially in call centers, banks, OR corporate environments. You also get rated accordingly and get performance bonuses.

Criminals Use Spyware With Evil Intentions To Violate People's Privacy:

Destructively:This is when someone sends the software, disguised in a business, professional looking or attractive email.
The victim don't know by opening the mail, the software being installed.
After secret installation! The criminal can now monitor all the activities, on your Personal Computer.
Which gives them an access to private information, passwords OR your private life.
This makes it illegal, harmful and intrusive. Because you don't have the right to invade privacy.
Even if it's not for money, it's still damaging and violates the right to privacy.
3rdExample: Smartphone Spyware Good For Kids:
Constructively:This software was not originally designed for kids. But most concerned parents use it to keeps tabs on small children.
You can't really blame them: Since human trafficking, kidnappings and crime is so widespread; these days.
But normally they may install it on their kids smartphones, if they are still under aged.
It wouldn't be smart invading your kids privacy, if they're young adults. If they find out it can really damage your relationship.
Mentally Deranged Family Members:I personally know a guy who was diagnosed with some mental disease.
He once disappeared for a number of weeks. His family/guardians couldn't find him. He ignored phone calls and completely lost his senses.
Unluckily they didn't have this software. But some 'good samaritan' managed to get his family's numbers, and called them.
He was safely returned home, after several weeks of disappearing. He actually had a tendency, of simply walking and getting lost; in the process
If you're taking care of someone with a mental disorder, memory loss, kids or an aged person. Using smart tracking technology on their phones, OR smart watches can be solution.
Destructively:Is when you're using it to stalk people, over aged family members, OR your spouse.
It would really hurt them much; to know that you don't trust them. Besides that it is illegal to violate someone else's privacy.
Unless they're under aged, mentally deranged, OR suffer from some lost of memory.
In this case you can justify it. Anything other than this reasons, makes you a Qualified Stalker, insecured, OR paranoid person. Than you're the one that needs help.
In Conclusion:However you do find people who don't respect boundaries. The same as you find people breaking into private property.
So will you find people that makes a living; from attacking private networks. They somehow know that: Users browsing your network, eCommerce site, OR professional website/blog. Are vulnerable ready-to-buy customers, with credit cards in their hands. All they have to do is let out their Fishing (Phishing) lines And hook them.
The internet has many benefits for businesses, consumers, students, shoppers and everybody else. But Cyber security from a well-versed Network Defensecompany, is not an option BUT a necessity!