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Outdo| 13 High Profile| Computer Attacks| Easy Tips!

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Martin Lopez
We are the living examples of our own cybercrime vulnerabilities. The only difference is some already happened, while others are waiting to happen. There are consequences for Securing our networks and Computers, likewise are the repercussions for NOT doing any thing about it!
Network and cyber attacks on individuals are more widespread than businesses. Could the High consumer attack results be the outcome of taking a backseat? There are several internet threats, which falls under more than 13 categories. However learning from the methods and behavior of such risks. Can help you stay abreast of the horrific consequences of being ignorant about the dark plots of your attackers.

Ever noticed; how easily hidden agendas can turn Good relationships toxic? Well, the same applies to the Cyber networks.

And the communications between: Your family members, associates, PCs, Desktops and mobile devices!

Malicious people can Only benefit; from your property. As long as you remain ignorant, and their intentions stays hidden.

The Need For Cyber Protection from Online Risks

You See, There are 3 Types Of People:
  1. The type that knows; they have a problem. And knows where to search for solutions.
  2. Also there are those, who have an error. But don't know where to start looking for help.
  3. Lastly, You get individuals that don't know they have an issue. Although they seem to notice, something irregular OR suspicious. They simply pretend all is in order and carry on.
Till It's Too Late Of Course... Logically speaking; you should first identify an issue, research the symptoms, and learn what caused it. Before you can even think of finding a solution. Right?
Naturally We Hate The Dark, Because It Symbolizes The Unknown. Creepy things, happens in the unknown. Which surprisingly, hits us off guard. That's why we feel more hurt if a friend betrays us. Because we didn't see it coming. Right?
Truthfully speaking, no Good Can come out of the unknown. Especially, if it's something, that you should have known about:
Not even computers, wifi networks, security encryption, OR systems can function; effectively. Without every component, working in harmony together.
An Even Scarier scenario: Is to accept a Computer error, as normal. Examples such as; screen freezes, random errors, weird pop ups and slow internet speeds.
While unknowingly risking Time-Bombs, Spyware, Rootkits, Exhaustive Search or Badware Attacks, etc.
Imagine trying to cure symptoms, with basic troubleshooting steps. While secretly the malware is disguised, as software/hardware errors.
The internet is an ocean, and no matter how Good of a surfer you are. You can never know, all there is to know about it!
There are always Tsunamis, Storms, and several unpredictable dangers. That can hit you by surprise. Which brings us to the following question...
What is the best invention in the history of mankind?
The answer to that should come easy! Right?
It happens to be the communications resource. Which are Globally used by: Individuals, home users and businesses.
It's proven to be: Highly Sophisticated, Capable, clever; and able to put available resources to efficient ingenious use.
Since it came into existence, it created many: Micro millionaires, Entrepreneurs, Independent Digital Marketers, Content Writers and many more success stories.
The internet developed, improved, Evolved and spread into various platforms; like: Wireless networks, mobile connections, VoIP, VDSL, high speed fiber, etc.

The Recent Cyber Attacks

1) Threats To Your Privacy: Like they say: With every Power of Good, Comes a similar Power of Evil, to manage. While some of us, use the internet constructively. Others use it destructively.

Slowly but surely: Exploitations in the World of Cyber Networks; emerged: Cybercriminals, hackers, cyberstalkers, cyberbullies, Spammers, and malicious programs!

Before There Was Light! It Was Dark: 2)Out Of Chaos Came Order:

During mankind's Darkest moments, emerged the greatest invention; ever. Originally it was called the arpanet.

The only way to avoid a nuclear attack, was to create a communications network. Capable of transmitting and storing; high volumes of information.
With this resource, two Countries could devise a solid-plan. Communicate better and collective act, to outsmart the opposition.
By using Sophisticated file sharing technology; over a global platform. This is how the idea of the internet; came about!

Cyber Wars The Silent Storm:

Networks can be infiltrated; unless it remains protected. Since some sinister characters: Always seems to find a way to sabotage others, steal, destroy or cause harm.
Fast forward to today. The internet is widespread. There are ways to secure privacy. Examples such as: Password management, Top Tier Antivirus Software, Firewalls and Security Scanners. Which blocks malicious software and intruders.

The Web OR Internet Emerged

3) The Laws of Information: The internet protocol is based on a set of standards. Which defines the process; of transmitting, storing or exchanging information.

Ideally, it happens over a World Class platform. Have you ever noticed: The term "protocol" are highly used in military language or jargon.

Wireless Networks And The Exploitation Of It:

The Connecting Devices: Uses security authentication protocol, to ensure privacy between all connections. However the end-to-end security is not %100 robust.

Through past exploitations and online-criminal activities. It has been proven to have some weaknesses.

The first measurement of security namely: WEP, was replaced with WPA and again with WPA2. However there are always new loop-holes, that comes into play.

Cyber Network Defense

4) The Advantages: The words "internet protocol" is the most logical description, for basic communications principles. Respectfully used by every computer, on the internet. This is where the internet inherited its name.

Information is very important to the future of humanity. In the same sense can it be delivered in several: Forms, standards, quantities, concepts, classes, values, etc. You get basic, general, random, and Organized information.

Premium Data Versus General Data:

Organized information is usually of a Higher Calibre. If compared to general class. Because it's usually in its original form: Profitable, valuable, proven, backed up, tried, tested and top-class.

Examples such as University Content, Propriety Data, Classified Documents and so on. No wonder hackers and cybercriminals loves it.

The Benefits of The Information Medium:

Unlike the olden days, before the internet's time. Where criminals had to approach you directly! With Guns Blazing of course, or physically attack your Private Property.

They can now remotely access your data, finances, resources, secrets and private space. Why do you think Phishing attacks are so common globally.

They can even pretend to be someone looking for an intimate partner and use it as a bait method, to capture their victims. Human trafficking, kidnappings and many other attacks; are rife.

Information Resources Management

5) The Benefits Of The Internet For Businesses: The filesharing resource was so useful, that after the world conflict. It was commercialized. And the public started benefiting from the Power of the web.

It promoted B2B (Business to Business) Communications, managing, organizing and sharing information. Also Business to Consumer and the other way around.

There are actually many more details to it. But, to make a long story short! You are incredibly fortunate, to use the web for such a little investment.

Cyber Weaknesses And Network Attacks:

Now that you're able to sit on your office chair. While traveling through the cyberspace; globally.

You can communicate on Skype, Conduct Global Video Meetings, use PBX systems, International Switch boards on VoIP, instantly connect to anyone, anywhere.

With that kind of Power: Comes world-class cyber attacks, to resist. Unlike your physical business building. Where your security guards, handles your safety requirements.
You needs evolved into: Cyber security resources, secured wireless networks, several layer encryptions, and cyber defense intelligence.
Or risks losing your entire legacy, wealth, reputation, OR budget.

A: But What If A Bomb Strike - Hit A Few Internet Sites?

Bear in mind; the internet was initiated; in the midst of More Horrific attacks. Hence it was designed, with the possibility of a similar imagined catastrophes; in mind.
Guess what would happen? Although the strike may destroy a few sites, still the resource will thrive.

How Will The Web Prevail; Against All These Odds?

Say! The most direct connection paths were wiped out. As a backup: Sophisticated Routers will be employed. To drive the high volumes of network traffic, trough alternative routes.
During the beginning stages of the internet. It was NOT as user friendly, convenience; and easy to buy; like now.
As you can imagine; it was only in the hands of a chosen few, namely: Field Experts, Government Officials, Programmers, Engineers, Scientists, etc.

The Internet Was A Very Complex Programmable Network:

6) Traditionally: In the most controlled manner, it performed mathematical calculations and logical operations. Which could process, store and retrieve large amounts of Classified data.

Bluntly stated; There was nothing accessible, cheap OR user-friendly about it. At least for us! More disappointingly! Nothing like Personal Computers, Home Networks, or Office Desktops existed, in olden days.

Even The Most Fortunate Users: Had to undergo extreme, difficult and advanced training. To operate the Complex networking resource. It only demanded the most technical savvy, highly skilled, and qualified personnel.
...COMPARED TO MODERN TIMES: There are actually kids that creates professional websites, navigate, manage and use the internet; better than their parents.
Almost every home, and individual has some means of connection. It is so widespread, you can even use your phone, or public platforms to connect.
The internet does NOT discriminate. So much so, that literally even the most malicious users, can surf it.

Search Engines Cyber World Navigators

7) Websites Versus Website Crawlers: The heart of interlinked hypertext documents; Is what we refer to as the Web. Because it's designed the same as a global spider web. WWW and/or W3 is the Shorter Versions of World Wide Web.

Of a similar expression we refer to Search Engines like: Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on. As website spiders that crawls websites.

Why? Because web browsers, helps us, to rapidly search through Billions of webpages, in seconds.
These pages are contains text, pictures, videos, charts, infograpics, multimedia, maps and other graphics. Browser easily connect to several files, using hyperlinks.
8) Imagine: How Mundane It Must Have Been, To Manually Type Each Website Address? Hypertext Transfer Protocol Commonly known as HTTP. Is the basic standard used by the Web. The name of the protocol explains how information are positioned and transmitted.
Technically speaking, Web browsers and servers intelligently; responds to various commands.

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Is the protocol used most commonly to transfer web pages and accompanying data over the Internet.

The Dangers Of DDos Threat:

In a SYN flood attack: A process where the cybercriminals, sends overwhelming amounts of rapid repeating SYN packets.
Which automatically blast every port, on a server. Even more cunningly is hides its original IP address. While displaying a false one.

The server takes the requests as a normal. It's totally oblivious, about the ambush. It thereby resorts to accepting the high demand of requests, and establishes connections.

It obediently answers to the attempt, from every port with SYN-ACK (synchronization acknowledged).
Naturally! This flooding request exhausts your systems resources. Overloads your network, by this means a SYN flood stops more important connections.

Since your system is now overloaded with exhausting and overcrowded requests. Hence, the name "denial-of-service attack." Because attackers blasts your server with ultrafast repeated SYN requests.

Since your system is bombarded with commands. It becomes congested and unresponsive to normal online activities. As a result it gets choked, with lined-up prompts. Which leads to an error message, or down time.
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9) Your Internet Service Provider:

Is responsible for providing internet access to a Wide Area Network. They use data Transmition technology capable of transport high quality of internet protocols.
1: Examples Such As:
  1. Tradition Dial-up connections: Which were charged on phone call tariffs.
  2. EDGE, 3G, LTE, 4G or 5G through simcards or Cables modem.
  3. DSL, ADSL, VDSL, Wi-Fi, Fiber Optic cables, or dedicated high-speed internet connections.
With these packages, you get a variety of communication benefits. Which ranges from several convenient methods.
2: Examples Such As:
  • Voice calls, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).
  • Traditional text messaging from the Switch System.
  • Instant massaging, and electronic messaging email.
  • Data Storage Clouds, Several layer Encryption methods.

10) The Dangers Of Email Attacks:

Emails services came into play around 1995. As a value added service, ISP's made it more convenient for ordinary folks; like us. To enjoy access to e-mail services.

Their objectives are clearly seen. Being that their aim is to be: A one stop communications solution. Some even provide website hosting services, data storage clouds, and plenty more.

When it comes to electronic messaging. Which replaced traditional post office visits. A technology called FTP (File Transfer Protocol), is the basic network protocol.
The advanced standard exchanges files. It is mainly structured between the email-client and email-server.
In this case the FTP functionality automatically transports files. According to the internal program plan. It also employs authentication password options or anonymous alternatives.
The Dark Side: Like the internet has a history, similar does viruses. For example there were Boot Viruses that affected programs, however it mainly worked MS-DOS systems. Which we no longer use, so it died out.

11) Just When We Thought We're Safe: The Unforgiving Macro Virus Emerged:

The macro virus never discriminates. It don't care about: Age, Gender, Windows, Email, Home users, Business, or anything else in between. It attacks every unprotected, executable exchange file.
As a result businesses were the most Impacted. Simply because they're busier, in online services. They're forced by business nature, circumstances, and has to serve the masses.
Unlike Boot Viruses That Targeted Programs. Macro Viruses targeted files... That Alone made it 10 times, more powerful, dangerous and widespread. Because it spread much faster through several sharing, transferring, uploading and downloading varieties.

12) Mail Worms Are Super Faster Than Macro Viruses:

If you think Macros are brutal. Mail Worms are even more: Horrific, destructive, superior and bold. In comparison to any other viruses.
The world was Shook! By the introduction explosion of worms. When email services were introduced.

13) Characteristics Of The Horrific Mail Worm Invasion:

  1. It directly darts for the infected users email address and mail list. Automatically transmits itself to every recipient. Repeat the entire process on the recipients and spreads globally.
  2. It's smart and intuitive enough, to head straight for the mass mailing functionality; in your mailbox.
  3. It repeatedly sends high volumes of emails, seconds apart. Even when you choose to do the same manually, it be would humanly impossible.
  4. It spreads by the speed of light, so does your usage, storage, billing accounts and data consumption rates.
The infection is either attached on the email, and whoever open it, unknowingly activates it.
Don't Feel Safe Yet! Other worms are hidden in the actual email. Simply clicking the email is a dangerous attempt; on its own. There may appear a technical complex message, or even something readable.
The worms then becomes your unauthorized, personal assistant. It automatically replies to messages. It literally hijacks your email services, like a spiritual possession. It controls the transmition functionality on autopilot.

A Mail Worm is The Ocean and Macro viruses A Teardrop:

Regardless how horrifying Virus Attacks may also be. Most viruses are activated by some activity, process or event. Although mail works also requires an action of opening the email.
They Still Spread More Swiftly; Here's Why? 1st: It does not depend on you to spread. Like viruses would normally wait for you to unknowingly share them, with other users. Instead, worms proactively sends itself, immediately after activation.
2nd: Even if you unknowingly transfer a Macro Viruses, to other users. It is still physically impossible to transfer, the same volumes, speed, capacity, OR extend; as worms.
If You Thought Mail Worms Are The Worst! Wait till You Hear About Pure Worms! First Sneak Preview: Our Next Article Will Be About Pure worms. Which are totally self-subsisting, independent. And don't need your intervention or activation.
As long as your network supports their right environment, they're Good to Go! Which we'll discuss later. (Bookmark this Security Guide, to stay updated). Curious Already? Oh! I forgot to mention the internet is the most suitable network; pure worms need. But you know it wouldn't be nice Giving You Problems Without Solutions! Right?
I assume you heard of the Infamous Trojan horses. But not the way we will explain it, in our future post of course. So keep you Eyes Peeled.
Do You like interesting graphics, images, games, or applications? There could be Trojans hidden in them. Were about to not only tell you about the threat, but Also expose their hiding places.
Wait! You thought Linux, OR MACs are immune, you'll be surprised. More on that coming soon.
Again! Antivirus Stops Them In their Tracks:

Third Sneak Preview of Backdoor Trojan Horses:

Haven't hear about the Backdoor Trojan yet! This is the ultimate hacking tool. Which allows unauthorized access to the cyber intruder.
Think of it as a spyware on horse-power, or rocket fuel. It's like a Ghost controlling your network. Creepy! Huh?
Imagine someone sitting in the Bermuda, controlling your computer. It's a malicious software that can be mixed with something: Useful, entertaining, resourceful or irresistible.
Final Words:The best protection against cyber network risks, threats. OR the Most Superior Cyber Network Defense; is knowledge about it.
(Speaking of computer networks, you may want to learn about USB Flash Drive Cyber attacks for the sake of your safety)
With the right information: You can also choose the most suitable antivirus solution, for it.