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7 Dangers Of The Internet| For Kids And Their Parents| Number 2 Will Scare You!

7 dangers of the internet picture
Emre Kuzu
Internet Attacks On Users

One of the dangers of the internet is the benefits of it, which I mentioned in 5 dangers of internet. We came to rely so heavily on the medium. The way we use information, save it, share and transmit it became our weakness.

1: Computers Became Our Brains

Whether you're deciding a holiday, need directions, want buy a new product, need a new career/job, looking for an old friend, researching ideas OR make any decisions. We turn to Google!

Some People Even Think Google Is The Internet:

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We even use "Google" the Brand name as a doing word/verb:
"I Googled it! Just Google it! I'll Google it!
In reality the internet is way bigger than you ever Imagined:
Picture a different World apart from planet Earth; called the Cyber Space.

Bits And Bytes Became The New Currency

On planet earth money is the currency, in the Cyber World information is the currency and your digital privacy is at stake. Home users and Businesses spends thousands of dollars to secure their networks from internet attacks.
Privacy Is Key On Every Network
As a parent you even give your children their privacy when they become teenagers. But they way online crimes are escalating, it has forced us to buy advanced home wireless routers which allows us to view their online activities.
How Many Kids Got Reeled In By Predators On Social Media Or Fake Websites
  1. Anyone criminal sick enough may update a fake Profile, like many predators did before. Target amateurs and setup a date, while in reality it's an ambush.
  2. How many teenagers never returned home after going to a fake job interview. Predators tend to target desperate job seekers for human trafficking purposes.
  3. Cruel rivals may even use your private information, hacked from your home network to destroy your reputation OR defame you.
  4. How many teenagers and elder folks are indecently exposed, by someone they trust OR secretly met. While being secretly recorded, blackmailed and exposed.
  5. There are several teenagers who could not live another day, while knowing their pictures are going viral online.
  6. Criminals use the internet to research the prospects, before they physically attack their homes. They may install spyware to monitor your online activities first.
  7. Then you get the unauthorized financial transfers, destruction of incriminating evidence against them, spiteful document disruption and online-attacks from toxic lovers.
The above is not even scratching the surface! The are bigger threats that involves countries, governments, computer programmers that gone bad and more.

How Do You Prevent Network Threats And Online Information Leaks?

Transparency is the Best solution, you have to see what goes out, what comes in and automatically block fake websites and profiles.
  • Educate your family about how to use the internet responsibly and the risks of meeting strangers online. I know many people who only connect with people they really know in person.
  • Use technology to organize your home online traffic, block spoofing threats (fake websites), Phishing attempts (email from cloned addresses).
There are several good network security software, scanners, detectors, anti-phishing/spear phishing, anti-ransomware and malware prevention resources.
I personally prefer Avast Antivirus Software, ESET or Avira.

The Benefits Of The Internet Are Countless

It helps us to conveniently pay accounts, without having to risk physical robberies from street hooligans. We safely shop, communicate, travel anywhere globally, learn and so much more while sitting at our desks.
The benefits of the internet outweighs the risks by far and if we use robust security that purify our online traffic. The threats reduces for ourselves and children.
All those fake jobs, face profiles and bait ads are placed on unauthorized platforms. They look legit but it's not. Those criminals don't use reputable sources that may verify their details, business registration numbers and other authentication details.
Criminals always try to avoid being traced, investigated or better yet caught. So they create fake information, ip addresses and locations.
However the malware scanners will weed out many fake platforms, to make your job easier, buying safer and protect your family from potential online danger.