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Top 10 Ways How Netgear AC1750 Protects You From Password Cracking Threats!

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Can you Ever receive pleasure or satisfaction from something: When you're in a state of distrust, suspicious doubts or fear?
Aside from that: If you're really looking for a thrilling, risky, or daring experience.
It better be well-calculated, and logically planned. Work with the End in mind; in order to achieve the most suitable outcome.
Keep a moderate pace: Between The Two Extremes:
A). You get well-balanced Risks: Which are usually extremely profitable; should you succeed. And of course manageable; should you fail.
The risks can easily be minimized; and you can gradually shape them into your favor. Of a similar power - Are they measurable, and requires a great deal of effort.
B) On the other hand there are Pointless or fatal risks: Which you should try to avoid; at all cost. They're inspired by wishful thinking and usually defies common sense.
The outcomes are obviously dreadful, and destructive. Since they're very closely related; to tragic emotions, regrets, loss and a sense of defeat.
The Good News is that They Can Be Avoided!
The Internet is Highly Rewarding:However There are Two Sides to Every Coin!
It's easier to deceive someone online, or over the phone; as oppose to directly!
Why? Because someone can pretend to be a teenager; looking for a date. With a fake online profile picture. While in reality; it could be a ruthless predator.
Also learn why: USB Flash Drives Network Security risks, providing you take precautions!)
protect your Netgear from password cracking threats
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Then Again, it can be a person claiming to work for a Credit or Learning institution. While behind the scenes; hides a criminal, trying to obtain your banking details.
Or perhaps You can get tricked with a fake job posting. Which are used to Lure innocent victims; straight into the kidnappers den. No wonder Human trafficking is so rife; these days.

Protect Your Kids, Teenagers Or Household From Online Vultures!

Mind you! The internet is still a new born baby! In its earliest period of existence (crawling rather than walking).
And look Already! How fast it changed the way we: Think, meet new people, work, learn, research, shop, play, organize information and communicate forever. Amazing isn't it?
Let's Take For Example:
Facebook which has exploded into over 800 millions users; world wide. It seems like it all happened overnight.
And it's still in its infancy! The social media platform is Ballooning at even Faster Rates, going forward.
On the other side of the Coin: It became a hotspot for the Predators, the latests Phishing and Spear Phishing attacks.
Nevertheless, this article will Equip you, with enough ammunition, to stop them in their tracks.
Start by changing your Facebook settings to private. And select the option for authentication method.
Do you part because the Social Media platform, are also doing their part. However, you have to come to the party!
With that in mind: Companies like Netgear for instance; are forerunners in wireless internet industry.
They're keeping a steady flow of innovative, secure and high technologies. Like the Nighthawk Smart router range for instance; streaming in.
Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Routers: Has now belted the globe. While home users and several businesses, have reaped the rewards; from their high-ranking encrypted wifi solutions.
Today Billions of users are benefiting from the internet. While over 9 trillions of dollars are exchanging hands annually, through eCommerce transactions.

Men versus Machine:

  1. Cybercrime has now become a High Priority Monster. Since it's set to accumulate into the 6 Trillions of dollars by 2021.
  2. Since the 80's over 40,000 malware threats have been listed. While newer threats keeps emerging; daily.
  3. In recent years: Phishing attacks has dramatically increased. Not to even mention hacking, malware, lost data reports, time and productivity.
The Cybercrime Problem:Is estimated to hit over several billions of US dollars yearly.
Disclaimer:There may be affiliate links on this page. Which we earn a cut of commission from, when you click and buy from it.

Netgear AC1750 (R6700) Smart WiFi router - Prevents Spyware and Phishing Attacks

Please note: This doesn't mean you should stop using antivirus software! This will only help with first line security. Although it's a good place to start. However, several layers deeper, are highly recommended.
Download Future Proof Antivirus Software.

  • The Netgear AC1750: Comes with a built-in firewalls. Which helps to protect your home network: From forcible entry to your internet, or eaves dropping via Spyware.
  • For those who don't know: Firewalls also blocks communication between; spyware and their senders. Cyber Stalkers and criminals loves to install spyware; to secretly monitor their victims!
Don't Let It Happen To You or Your Loved Ones:Take Full Control Of Your Entire Wireless Network!
Fortunate for You! Top rated wifi routers are not only positioned; for performance excellence. But they also meet you half-way, on security encryption matters.
Thoughtful! Don't you think?
Look! Here's the thing...Over the past few years, reputable Brands like Netgear. Has refined their craftsmanship and introduced a catalog range; of Smart Nighthawk Routers.
These internet gadgets: Are Capable of Stopping Some of most deadliest cyber attacks.
But! Only if You enable the features accordingly. You would definitely find Immense Security Rewards!

10 Internet Security Benefits: Of The Netgear Nighthawk R6700 - Smart Secured Wi-Fi Router (under $100)

  1. It Stops Phishing, Spear Phishing Attacks, Intrusion, Spoofing and False Websites.
  2. Parental Controls: Don't underestimate them.
  3. Smart Access to Your Network: Authorize connecting gadgets.
  4. Block Services from the Internet: Eliminate false websites.
  5. Schedule When to Block Internet Sites and Services.
  6. Avoid Blocking on a Trusted Computer.
  7. Set Up Security Event Email Notifications.
  8. Use Keywords to Block Certain Internet Websites.
  9. Increase Bandwidth, reduce data consumption rates - Airtime Fairness.
  10. Explicit and Implicit Beamforming technology.
1st:What is Phishing Attacks? They are used to trick the victim into giving personal information:
Examples such as a fake phone call, claiming to be from a bank, institution or business. They may claim the nature of the call is to verify your details.
While reality they stealing sensitive data, to defraud you. Although it's not only limited to money. It has a wider scope of even darker threats.
2nd:What is Spear Phishing Attacks: Instead of targeting random consumers, or users. Spear phishing targets a specific person, business, or group of employers.
This could be situations where someone may know: Your financial background, income bracket, or employment status, etc.

Netgear AC1750 Access Controls - Also removes Phishing, Spear Phishing and Fake websites:

Most users tend to think that: Parental Controls are there for keeping tabs on your kids only. Well! they're wrong, which you will discover shortly.
Using this feature correctly eliminates many other threats. Over and above it manages your internet traffic, databundles, bandwidth and enhances productivity.

To Setup all the relevant restrictions on your Nighthawk AC1750:

  1. You have to launch your browser. Through a computer, or smart gadget that's already connected to the network.
  2. Type the following address: or
  3. Choose Parental Controls: And follow the instructions on the screen.
Which in return rewards you with faster internet speeds, reduce your risks, and saves you the stress of high billing accounts.
  • You activate this functionality from the BASIC Home screen. Your browser will now link to the Live Parental Controls website.
  • This is where you will learn more about Live Parental Controls and download the application.
1stHigh: Ideal for time management - Keeping your kids in check or even use it to make sure you stick to your online priorities.
Prevention from adult related websites, unlawful online activities, participation in social networking, video sharing, phishing threats and unproductive activities.
2nd: Moderate: Perhaps you don't want to be too harsh. But still keeping it professional and clean.
Prevents all adult related websites, risky/forbidden platforms and of course phishing attacks.
3rdLow: It keeps your home wifi network clean from x rated movies and of course phishing attacks.
This is below average, which is relevant to certain times, events and occasion.
4thMinimal: If you're want browse freely but still eliminate a common risk.
This level only removes Phishing Attacks.
5thNone: This of course will leave you wide open, to all kinds of websites or attacks. Most people have this unknowingly enabled.
Don't Let It Be You!

Control Access to Your Home WiFi Network - Prevents Intruders:

You can effortlessly manage and authorize connections; to your wifi network. The remote control is in your hands, simply switch on/off devices as you please.

Select an Access Rule:

Say Goodbye to the times where neighbors, or strangers used up your online resources. The Nighthawk AC1750 gives you options, to allow or stop devices as you please.
What makes this setting, even more convenient. Is that you don't have to go through the trouble of: Manually entering the MAC address, of every new gadget.
You can always choose: To manually add new connecting devices. Where you type the MAC address of new devices on screen. You simply choose through this setting.
Which is Ideal for Ethernet, and MAC address for a WiFi connections. However, this setting will not affect devices that were previously blocked. It will only apply to connections going forward.

Activate Security Email Notifications

This advanced security feature; helps you to stay updated, on what happens on your network. The router actually emails you activity reports.
With this log capability, network activities are recorded. You stay informed about security violation attempts.
Such as scenarios: Where websites or services that you previously blocked, were attempted to access.
To enable email notifications:
  1. Launch the Internet browser from your connected computer, or smartphone.
  2. Logs are sent according your preferred schedule.
  3. Once the log activities are sent, it is automatically cleared from the Nighthawks R6700 memory.

Use Keywords to Block Internet Sites

The Nighthawk R6700 is equipped with even more internet security features. For instance;Keyword blocking option:
  • Never
  • Per Time Schedule
This feature allows you to enable keyword blocking. Set it to specific schedules that you set. You stop Internet websites and/or Services.
By leaving it on: "Always." It will by default apply keyword blocking, ignoring the Schedule options.

How to Delete Keywords from the List to Be Blocked on your wifi network:

You have the following options at your little fingertips:
  • Simply select the word, and then the Delete Keyword button. Immediately the keyword will be erased from your list.
  • If want to totally remove all the keywords. Easily choose the Clear List button. Your list will be totally cleared.

Block Certain Types of Services from the Internet:

You can forbid certain services on your home network. You even choose to to it per schedule or all the time.
Accurately block the services:
  • You can pretty much block services all the time, by clicking Always radio button. This is useful in situation where you want to block bad websites or unauthorized services.
  • There is also an option to block the services on a scheduled basis. Click the Per Schedule radio button.

Schedule When to Block Internet Sites and Services When you set a schedule: This feature will assume the same time frames, to restrict sites and services.
Specify when to restrict keywords and services:
Set Days to Block: Click the check box for the specific days, want to restrict the keywords, or set it for Every Day. This will selects the check boxes for everyday; automatically.
Specific Times during the Day: You can now choose from and to time options. This is within 24 hours intervals.

Avoid Restrictions on a Trusted Computer:

One computer can be prioritized and given the upper hand. However, this particular PC should be connected on a fixed IP address. Avoid the restriction procedure by reserving the IP address.
Set Up a Guest Network - Protects Your Security Key
The Netgear AC1750 is a dual band Smart router. You get 2.5 GHz (Good for long range), and 5GHz (Best for short range).
You can conveniently setup guest networks. Allowing visitors at your home to share your internet experience.
In this manner you can safely create a guest network to: 2.4 GHz b/g/n or 5.0 GHz a/n. Without the having to expose your security key, to your visitors.

Airtime Fairness: Enables a fair usage balance of Each User and Optimizes Performance:

The Airtime fairness manages congestion and ensures each user benefits equally on the network.
You can now rest assured; that the Network resources are equally balanced. The router will intelligently divide it by time. Say four users are connected, each would equally get a quarter 1/4 of your bandwidth, and wifi resources.
This feature is automatically activated on every Netgear Nighthawk AC1750, but you can disable it. If it suits your needs best!

Implicit And Explicit Beamforming Technology:

Explicit Beamforming Coverage: is a lazer sharp technology. Where the wireless router's signal; seeks out the connecting devices.
Explicit is for external Beamforming.
Meaning your router actively search for the connecting gadgets. It is a lazer targeted, or direct sensor based antenna technology.
This advanced capability takes charge immediately and proactively works. Irrespective, whether the connecting gadget, supports Beamforming or not.
Implicit Beamforming Amplifiers:
The Smart Nighthawk router intelligently extract data from the connecting gadget.
This information allows the Beamforming intelligence to Optimize your WiFi coverage.
Again this capability is automatically enabled. However, you have the option to disable it.
In Conclusion:This is only an overview of the security features of the Best Seller Netgear Nighthawk AC1750.
There are so many features that I didn't even mention; like: Gaming upstream and downstream,Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities, IPv6 connections, Plug & Play, and so on.
However the goal of this review was accomplished. As this is one of the Highly rated and best secured wireless routers.
By taking time to enabling the features. You can Gladly Benefits from ultrafast internet speeds, secure home wireless networks (free from Phishing attacks & Network Intrusions).
Which will create a safer digital environment for you and you family members.