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USB Flash Drives Cyber Security Risk| Can It Bypass Antivirus Software!

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USB Flash Drives Cyber Security Risk| Can It Bypass Antivirus Software!

How can a business or home user prevent USB Flash Drive Attacks? Removable media, jump drives, or USB devices are the globally popular, the most affordable and flexible storage solutions. Cyber criminals knows how useful these tiny gadgets are and how often they are plugged into random computer networks.

This makes these tiny storage objects the ultimate weapon to bypass antivirus programs, the perfect keys for unauthorized access; by the help of malware injection.

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Of course any piece of Equipment that keeps your Personal, or Clients, or Sensitive, or Propriety information. Should be Held in High-Esteem.

USB Flash Drives Are Used On Your Network: Whether You Know it or Not!

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But Before we delve into their loopholes. Let's Briefly Discuss The Advantages & Disadvantages of USB's.
  1. It is Small, Compact and EASY to carry around in our pocket. Which is Good for Storing and Accessing information; on the Go!
  2. You Can Conveniently: Download, retrieve and Upload data; remotely. Most professionals keeps their clients personal and Propriety Data on it. Which comes in handy when they need it.
  3. You Can Easily Slip it into Any PC, Desktop, or Laptop. It's Widely compatible, with universal ports. And most people Consider them network-friendly.

Hackers or Cyber criminals Shares The Same Sentiments With You!

They love USB flash drives, Or simplified storage DEVICES - for the Same reasons you do. In fact: They Know how important: "Saved Information" is to you!

USB Security Risks To Windows Based Servers?

The Benefits Of A USB Flash Drive Is Breathtakingly Overwhelming. Are they Equal in Measure to Their Risks?

Considering the fact that: They so tiny, easy to use and Most Often Goes unnoticed to common users. For instance: Your family member, friend, or employees. Don't Even have to intend Any harm; when they plug their USB flashdrives in your computer.

Maybe they innocently, want to listen to their favorite tunes. It's always Nice to do that; While performing your online duties.

Unintentionally, they CAN bring your entire business, or home network to its Knees. And that can happen, in within a Blink of an eye!
Scary! Huh?

Little do Most Professional and Casual users Expect: That their USB device may be carrying Unforgiving Viruses, Trojans, Rootkits or any other Malicious Program.

Hence, USB's are a major security risks to your Company! As it Can Easily bypass your Firewalls, and Silently inject Lethal Threats.

What is The Solution: Therefore You Need Quality and Well-Versed Malware Scanner. In order to NEUTRALIZE any Opportunistic dangers. That may find access through your ports.

In this case you CAN install a Good Antivirus For Windows. To Eliminate security risks, that May Cost you years of hardwork, data and money.

What are the risks of a USB drive?

The advantages of a USB Flash drives. Was Never Disregarded by Cyber criminals. In fact they Embrace the Benefits, that we find in these gadgets.
They openly Appreciate its resourcefulness. I mean who wouldn't? Especially now! Since it helps them: To catch us where we eat, sleep, drink, work and play.
What Does It Means To You Or Your Organization: Like previously mentioned: The Dangers of Using simple storage media, may seem harmless; at first. And this May Encourage you to lower your Guards. Instead of taking the relevant precautions.
Which is a Mixture of Ignorance and Disaster. And that's a Potential Catastrophe in the making. Which obviously leads to Horrific Consequences.
Up to 25% of badware (malicious software) are Circulated by means of USB flash drives. Don't underestimate these portable GADGETS. Which is easy to do, in most cases.

USB's ARE Famous And Simultaneously Notorious For Malware Transfers

It all depends on the Way You Use it! They're Globally Popular for their Convenience. Likewise Are they infamous for Easy transportation of malware.
That Alone! Makes them Capable of Enhancing or Paralyzing: Your entire online-experience.
That's Why You Have to Manage Them Securely! Or else it can Destroy an Entire LAN/WAN. Meaning from a Personal Computer, it Can escalate to your Entire Home/Business network. Ultimately it may Disrupt a Wide Area Network (WAN). Which is your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
To learn more about securing your Company/Home network. Consult the Antivirus Experts, they ARE One of the Best Internet Security Companies.

What is a USB attack?

Apart from their small Physical Size/appearance. They Surely Pack a Powerful Punch.
Not forgetting: They're Highly relevant, resourceful, flexible and user-friendly. Hence, they Propel the Success of ultrafast filesharing. And vibrates well with: Access on demand, and information readiness. Especially! When you need it most!
The Benefits of a USB flash drives, or jump drive. Are also Closely Tied to their weaknesses.
It's perfect for presentations, meetings and visiting clients off site. Which also makes it EASY to misplace or lose.
How Are USB Flash Drives A Security Risk?
The fact that it's EASY to transfer files, information and media content. Makes it of a Similar Measure Easy to transfer:
Trojan Horses, Rootkits, Keyloggers, Viruses, Ransomware, worms, dialers, spyware, adware, malicious BHOs, rogue security software and other malicious programs.
They CAN Defuse Your Strong Firewalls:

Because USB flash drives, jump drives or music players. Can easily plug into the USB ports of Desktops, PCs, or laptops. It's a Primary target and useful Resource for hackers; as well.

  • They simply inject malware on One USB. Then the Entire Process of Spreading, Goes on Auto-pilot.
  • Another Weakness In Your Computer is Autorun/Autoplay MODE:
  • This is the process when you insert a USB in your port. Then a small bubble, or pop up instantly notifies you of the contents. This functionality means your Autorun/Autoplay mode is Enabled.
  • Which means the Bug may instantly get launched. With the help of your Computers the Autorun or Autoplay feature.
The Solution: Disable the Autorun/Autoplay Mode, helps to delay the distribution of the malicious program.
However, if some manually access the drive/information on the storage device. It may still Continue to infect your system.
This shows how important Antivirus is For Your PC.
In Conclusion:USB Flash Drives are Neutral Devices, similar like your Smartphone or WINDOWS PC.
It's as Safe as you Keep it. Antivirus Software is No longer a Luxury. It is a Necessity!
Times have Changed and therefore Cyber criminals targets: The BEST and Most Popular resources that we use!
The Final Solution:

1st: First disable Your PCs Autorun/ Autoplay Mode. This helps to stall the automatic functionality, which executes the malicious programs.

2nd: Finally install obe of The Best Antivirus Program. This will help to clean your USB's from malicious software. Before it access your computers Windows Operating Systems.