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Badware, Malware, Cyber Attacks OR Whatever You Call It: Are Becoming Smarter! Are You?

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Rene Asmussen

It's surprising how: Attacks on Unix based servers, LINUX and Mac, are Rapidly Catching up! With the high infection standards set by Microsoft Windows.

Trojan Horses, rootkits, Botnets, BHO's, worms and other types of Badware: Are featured on the Cards.

It's A Normal Reaction!

For users to Escape, to Safer Alternatives. If They exist, or at least if they think so! As you can imagine: Linux had to deal with High Volumes of Migrations Flooding in!

Business and home networks needs several security layers these days!
Even the Smartest Wireless Routers have their weaknesses!
Think Of It In This Way!

They say: An experienced fisherman, understands the habitat, and nature of fish... So instead of going to random spots; like an amateur.

The experts simply goes to the right place. Where the fish eats, mates and lives. Let down his/her line and catch large amounts of fish; every time!

In a similar manner do we position:
Business startups, Marketing Strategies, or sales Plans. We simply lazer target specific areas, brackets or groups of potential customers.

Connect to them, solve their problems, and sales conversions happens effortlessly.

Cyber Criminals First Plan, Than Work Their Plans

Even off-line the same principles applies. Take for instance; Our Overcrowded Cities! They're infested with all types of mischief makers.

Because that's where all the people ARE At. They Go there to work, shop, buy, sell or spend their Money.

Most often thieves waits for an Easy target, or Opportunity; and act on it!
So the more Valuable A place, resource or products becomes! The more the Risks increases!
Once Upon A Time: Linux and MAC OS were Known, or rather believed to be! The Most Protected Systems in the World. Some people Even went as far as; thinking that The Systems ARE 100% Immune.
Which was kind of unrealistic. Don't you think? Because Nothing in the World is 100% Perfect! Right?

Every Computer System and Network or Product Has Flaws:

Aside from that! The Server is Undeniably Rewarding. So it was Eventually Crowned; as the Cream of the Crop.
Times have Changed!

You see! What Contributed to this high Security Standards. Is a COMBINATION of Obvious and Scary!

It turns out that...

What lead to the impression that Linux and Mac (Operating Systems), were Totally Immune.

Happened to be inspired by Common Sense. The Programs Were NOT as: Widely used as Microsoft's Windows; at the time.

Fast Forward To Now!

Network Security Threats: Are Linux OS and Mac Really Susceptible Malware Infections?

Such as: Ransomware, Viruses, Rootkits, Botnets,Trojan Horses, Ransomware, Worms and many other forms of malicious Programs.
One of the Most impressive Qualities of Linux, is that it receives regular updates. Which MAKES it difficult for viruses to Sneak in.
Considering The Obvious... That malware Needs a root access; on Unix based or Linux Servers. In this Way it can gradually Drip-feed itself; to the Rest of the system.
It's Amazing how network threats, always looks for Vulnerabilities, in any given system.
However; there are a tiny flaws in the Linux System. The weakness, is connected to a strengths. Which makes it kind of hard to see. It's sort of like a Double-Edge sword. We'll discuss it in a bit...

Linux Vulnerabilities vs Root Access Viruses:

So! Now that the Operating Systems are Trending. Hackers Seems to readily attack Linux, and Mac. Which results in their Virus Infection Rates rapidly Increasing.

This Clearly proves that they were NOT really immune. But were NOT consider valuable/noticed, at the time. Hence nobody wrote malware for them. Out of Sight, and out of mind! I GUESS!

But now! That the Spotlight is Shining, on them. Their Customers Are steadily increasing, And of course So ARE their Risks.
The weakness in Linux is usually the user, And their privileges to spread the infection to others. This determines the extend of the POTENTIAL damage.

Linux, Mac And Unix Are Really Well-Protected?

Technically Speaking! It is Safer in a small sense. Because, the weaknesses are on a single source. Instead of spiraling in all directions. Well, At least if you Compare it to Windows OS.
However the system May use Word or Excel. And that makes it vulnerable to Macro viruses. Which Can be shared with other users on the network.
Linux memory kernel has a read-only functionality. Which stops most of MALWARE threats to penetrate deeper.
Long Story Short:
  1. Now! When virus Attacks ARE showing No signs of slowing down. In fact: It's Only Getting started, and predicted to Hit Trillions of Dollars; by 2021.
  2. Linux became Even more Desirable. Word-of-mouth and free advertising can be very powerful. Since people already Crowned it, as one of The Safest in the Market.
  3. Let's Face It! The system is Highly resourceful. It supports multi-user capabilities. While providing Each user with unique privileges, and access rights.
Thus for malware to penetrate a Linux system, it needs root access. In this case it CAN cause Severe damage to the Entire System.

Linux is Growing Even More Popular; as we speak. As A Result; It Caught The Attention of Well-versed Malware Writers:

More Linux systems, falls victim to Malicious Software Attacks. By this stage! Hackers Caught on: That more of their Potential Victim's were Jumping Ship; to the believed to be Safer System.

Experts Gathered: That nobody cared about developing Malware for Linux, Unix, or Mac OS. Because it was Only used by a handful of people.

Linux Servers vs Trojans Threats

Let's start by explaining what Trojan Horses really is. They're NOT necessarily viruses. They don't replicate themselves like viruses do, instead they are Cleverly automated; from host to host.
Most often they are Combined with other forms of malware, or automation programs to propel their outreach. Ultimately they're deceptive programs, that comes across as Good Guys; But turns out to be Bad Guys.
This Seemingly Evil Characteristic; neutralizes your Guards, from the lurking danger or harm. It even goes as far as escaping detection, from some antivirus programs.
They can hide on your Linux, Mac, or Windows Operating system. For extended periods of time; unless you act fast.
Of a similar nature: Are they difficult to remove. Thanks to their genuine appearance, that fools most Antivirus Software.
By far Trojans are one of the most Popular threats to Your networks security. Irrespective, whether they're regarded as viruses OR Not.
The Bottom Line: The Unforgiving Damage that they're CAPABLE of, makes some badware attacks looks like Amateurs.

Trojan Horses: Server Versus Client!

A Trojan horse attacks Falls under two parts Categories: a Server and a Client:

The server attack is a process: Where the Badware is hidden in some valuable software, or online downloadable file.

To obviously Mislead you, or throw you off guard. In this case you ARE mislead to believe it's a One thing, while in reality it the Opposite.
Examples Of Such Are:
  1. An Mp3, Mp4 or Pdf file Download.
  2. Free eBook, Video or Album.
  3. User Guide, Manual, Free Images, or Anything that you May consider helpful.
The Ambush Strategy Are:
Usually carried out online. While the Victims, ARE random internet users. The BAIT Method: Used to lead innocent Victims on: Is the particular the downloads or exclusive offers.
2nd:This is The Most Famous of the two. The Most Common medium used is email services. You may find an email; with an "Irresistible Subjects Lines." This message usually Stands out; above the rest.
Aside from it Being the Most attractive. It is also the Most Common; Globally.
Examples Of Such:
  1. In March 1999: The Infamous Melissa virus went viral. It literally Brought a Big Corporation like Microsoft, to its knees. To Make matters Worse: It also Mercilessly, Deprived many other BIG Companies - From using their e-mail services, till the Problem was eventually resolved.
  2. Imagine a sweet ILOVEYOU email in your mailbox? That's exactly what the Victims must have felt. When the virus went on a Violent Frenzy during the 2000's. The Devastating Effects, was Widespread.
  3. As you can imagine: Email attached viruses, uses email messaging as a transport mode. It usually goes on autopilot: By automatically sending itself, to thousands of people; in all the victims mail lists/address books.

The infection CAN only happen; if the Received email is opened. The email usually comes with an attachment. Opening the attachment, is a means of accepting the Trojans/Virus to install; itself.

Back to the basics:

Linux Malware Detection Software:

As a solution MOST Linux users employed The Best Linux-based antivirus Programs. Therefore it is Highly recommended for Linux Computers to download well-versed anti-virus software.
The Scanners can clean Word and Excel Microsoft documents. Besides Samba and NFS machines. Are susceptible to propagate viruses. PREVENTING MALWARE ATTACKS ON LINUX SERVERS:

Viruses, trojan horses or ultimately many types of malware are a small, yet Lethal threats for Linux systems.

However minimal the threat may appear. With the right user connected, it Can spread like wild-fire.
Bear in mind; that the virus needs root access. And this vulnerability in Linux is limited, to the user's account privileges on the system.
This also means a viruses on a restricted account, can also Spread into the whole system.
With its multi-user options the malicious program, may run every time the originally infected user connects. The loop-hole in this case may be. To tempt one user to download the malicious code.
The Consequences: Emails, or file transfers would be Enough to set it off.
Unless the relevant steps is taken to restrict the user, till it's treated. And that leaves you with the following options
There Are Only A Few ANTIVIRUS Software; that Treats Linux Systems:
Examples Of Such Are:
1st: Avast Antivirus Software- Helps to neutralize threats and Scan Microsoft-based documents, gadgets accessing your ports. For any malware seeking root access.
Discuss your specific Needs with the experts (Avast), to get the Best solutions that fits your needs and requirements.
2nd:Panda also has a Propriety Linux Based Protection. It always in you best interest to check which option best fits your profile.