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Latest Cyber Attacks: Intent To Conquer Home Users By Force!!!

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Akshar Dave
Recent Online Attacks On Consumers:

Did you know that: Windows 10 is Rated by far the Most secured Operating System; designed by Microsoft. Which is a Good thing! Is it NOT So?
On the other hand, the same was said about Windows 95; when it resisted the 'boot virus' Back in 1995. Well, that's Until Macro Executables Stole its Shine!

Equip Your Home Computer Network With Cyber Armor To Block Intruders:

If you're looking for a solution to a specific error on your Computer/network. The last thing you need is 'smart technical acronyms' to identify viruses.

To make matters Worse, is dealing with the Intellectual names, Antivirus Providers use to identify VIRUSES. It leaves you Wondering how much time and effort goes behind naming malware infections.

Why Does Malware Even Exist?

Makes one wonder: Were They Cloned in some "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll Lab," or some smart Nerdy Guy; who wanted to TAKE OVER the Cyber World. Or perhaps the Weakness in Operating SYSTEMS was Deliberately created to further enhance Profits. Whatever the Case may be, They're Here Now!
Are your Concerns pointed in the Direction. As Deflating it may Seem. I'm here to Tell you that; it Should be the least of your Worries! What you Should BE Concern with though is that...

Stealth Virus Attacks

They keep Getting Smarter, as if their Designers went back to the Drawing Board. How else CAN you Describe their secretive attributes. The same characteristic that helps them to escape, some antivirus programs. To Such an extend where it becomes invisible to MALWARE Scanners.
The Most Recent Computer viruses ARE So Difficult to detect due to the Fact That they; constantly seem to outwit malware detection. One notable trait it possesses; is to foil their Connecting origin.

Operation Silent Storm: Ambush On Home Internet Users!

They deceptively cloak their identity, by impersonating practical connections. Avoiding the Chances of being associated with Infected Files. This Makes it very efficient and Goal-Driven. Since it fools the Protection Software. Here you Are thinking, that you're in a GOOD Space. Your dashboard Gives you a healthy reports, while your 'WebCam' is spying on your family.
Little do you Expect; your system, is under siege (On prolonged malware assault). It's as if it's using a Silent Combat Strategy.
What Do They Know! That I Don't? Have you ever Stopped to Think: How Intelligently Your Operating System and/or Phone Firmware Thinks? Look at your Connecting device Right Now! It Can solve Problems in An instant! Imagine this: Whatever Command you type on your Smart Phone, Apps, Features, Icons, or Functions. Your device (unquestioningly) obediently executes.
It effortlessly completes EACH task, according to your requirements. If it Doesn't; then you Know your Device is Faulty! For Example:
  1. If you're Camera does NOT respond.
  2. An Icon Don't Open, or Completes your Requests.
  3. Your Internet Speed is Slower than usual. Or Your Operating System suddenly appears Corrupted.
The Bottom line:You expect Everything to operate smoothly. However, we Seldom think about OPERATIONS from an Analytical aspect. We don't Get Bogged-down, by thoughts of the background functionalities; of EACH Smart Apps.
But If you Really use Common Sense! Computers and Smart Gadgets Are; Amazingly Smart accurate calculating devices.
With That Concept (the advantages) In Mind;Ask Yourself the Following Questions:

How Smart Can Viruses Really Be?

Considering the Fact that they're Highly Intuitive Programs just like an Smart Apps. The Only difference is that they; execute Negative Commands. In order to Accomplish an Unpleasant Outcome. When you Think of it That Way: You Actually realize: "Oh! Depending on the program they run... they Can actually Outsmart My Protection Software Easily. Especially, if the Designers knows the weaknesses of several Antivirus programs.
How Does This Help You? It helps you in more Ways than you may Expect. Why? Because Already your Mind is Asking Questions. Not just basic questions, but Realistic Ones.

Always Ask The Right Questions: When You're Choosing Robust Internet Security

Another common "Ace Up Their Sleeves" to look out for: during the Hidden Process of Viruses. Let's assume a file is infected, naturally viruses will replicate (make copies) itself. Naturally Growth of executable codes, the Bigger file should Become. Since there are many Duplicate codes Injected; Overloading the NORMAL space.
Cleverly:Or Rather Cunningly, the sneaky virus conceals Growth and resumes the Normal Size. You Scanners don't detect anything unusual, and assumes all is Well.

Encrypted Viruses Or Rootkits:

Okay! Let's not Go too Fast here! Instead of talking about rootkits. Because, rootkits are NOT really bad by nature. They're neutral, They're as bad as you Want them to BE. Stuck And Confused?Okay! Let me put it this WAY they commonly used for BAD. That's why we identify them such. It Can also be used positive to scan listening ports, for maintenance purposes.
Let's Stick to the Encrypted virustopic, for Educational Purposes. Think of an encrypted Virus, as a Bomb hidden in your Volt. The only difference here is that is an organized malicious software. It does NOT even Appear to be a virus. It's Just a Script Awaiting for an infected document to execute a code, than it explodes (decrypts the disaster).

Home Wireless Security Threats

Are as REAL and sometimes Even Worse Than Professional Threats. The fact that MALWARE has the abilities to 'Shape-Shift.'
This Gives Us Reason To Believe:That "Cyber Attacks Stats" are inaccurate. It's suppose to BE more since, the a Stealth Attacks. Which are NOT detected, remains unrecorded; till the Final Nail!
VIRUSES EVOLVED:And if your Using an Antivirus That Didn't. You're in Big Trouble. Besides, who NEEDS to be Worried All the Time.
Always Choose An Antivirus Program That Regularly updates; an example of Such isAvast Antivirus ansd; Anti-spyware.
But I'll Rather be Worried! Then to think I'm Safe, while I'm Not. Viruses of today are hidden in Benefits, in PRACTICAL resources, in our home networks!