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Portable Storage Devices Has Evolved But Remains Risky! Here's Why?

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Bruce Mars
Portable Storage Devices Has Evolved But Remains Risky! Here's Why?

Believe Me! Reviewing, or Comparing: The Best Internal/External Storage Devices. Was NOT an Easy Undertaking! It Literally Weighed heavy on my time, knowledge, experience and internet resources.

Why am I Even Bringing it Up?

I have this Weird tendencies. Of Imagining: How time-consuming the Same task would have been; for my audience.

Whenever, I Undertake a daunting task. Which is Obviously meant; to Make Your life and Research less Painful!
Please Checkout:
The Details: Samsung SSD vs Seagate IronWolf HDD review. As this an Overview of several alternative options. Disclaimer:There are amazon affiliate links in this post. We do earn a commission, should you buy, no extra cost to you!
Which made me think of the Prolonged Hours, it takes to research, several items on Amazon. Literally having to read through Every Specification CUSTOMER REVIEW!

BEARING IN MIND... There are "technical terms", that requires a research process; of its Own. Not to mention; Have test and try Several Competing Data storage Brands.
Fortunately My Many Years Of technical Experience. Made the process much Easier. However, back to Choosing the Most Fitting Storage Gadget and Comparison Chart.

External Data Storage Devices Reviews

SSD vs HDD Samsung SSD IronWolf HDD
Data Processing Algorithm Yes No
Capacity 1 TB 10 TB
Improved Computing Speed Yes No
Faster Upload & Download Yes Yes
Strong Data Encryption Yes No
Automatic Updates Yes Yes
User Friendly Setup Yes Yes
Easy Data Migration Yes No
Improves Operating System Yes No
Smooth Multi-user Workloads Yes Yes
MAC & Laptop Yes Yes
24/7 Uptime/No lagging Yes Yes
NAS Capability Yes Yes
Buy Now! Yes Yes

Needless to Say! As Previously mention in my "Best Storage Device Review." The Demands for Devices: Capable of Processing Large Quantities of Data, with Rock-Solid Encryption, and Mass Storage is Drastically increasing.

Now! There Are Different Categories of information. Like; Shareable, Entertaining, Educational, Personal, Confidential, Transactional, Business, and everything else in between.
Of A Similar Power: Are there many formats. In which these types Content; are embodied. Examples of such are: Documents, Files, Videos, Scripts, Powerpoint, Excel Spreadsheets, invoices, etc.

These Several Types Of Internal & External Storage Devices:

Are Relevant in their OWN Way. To Several Types situations, Consumers, and Occasions. Then Again you Get the One Size, fit all Product. Which is Firmly Positioned for Multi-PURPOSE, or Functionality.
Such As:
  1. Internal & External hard drives
  2. Internal & External Solid State Drives
  3. Network Attached Storage
  4. USB Flash Drives
  5. External zip drives
  6. floppy and tape drives.
  7. Compact Discs (CD's) & DVD's

So! Which Internal/External Drive is Best For You!

Like I said; Each Storage Device is unique to a specific situation. For instance; you Can't keep your Clients "Propriety Data permanently on a USB.
Considering that it's Easier to lose it, or Forget it in a Public place, or Get infected with Malware. As we Plug usb's into Any Computer/Laptop/Media device.
Which may already BE infected; with a virus. Which may Also Corrupt the information/Spread the Virus.
But It's A Good Temporary Solution: Considering that it's easier to carry around. You might keep "Information" temporarily on it. Transfer it later to your Primary "SSD or HDD." And delete it from the usb.

The Best External Hard Drive for your Computer:

Are Usually The ones that Comes with The Latest Security Encryption, and onboard Virus Protection. Nevertheless, if it Comes with onboard antivirus. You May Have to signup to the onboard Antivirus Provider.
Meaning... It's Ultimately Your Responsibility. To Make sure, you have a ' Good Quality ANTIVIRUS that frequently updates . With Good Virus Scanners to Match. However! It's never to late to download antivirus now!

A Good External Hard Drives for Video Editing, Gaming, Macbook, or your Computer:

Must Be a piece of Equipment, that Does Much More than Simply Storing your files. Technology has Advanced so much so!
That it became Smaller, More Compact, Portable, Smarter, Ultra Faster, Efficient and Easy to Use. At the Same time it Does Way More; than The Huge traditional hard drives. That once dominated the market.
Why Would You Sell Yourself Short? SSD's for Example Also includes the following benefits:
  1. Gone Are the Days: When your computer storage was Overcrowded. Where it left less Space for; processing new information. As a result your internet became slower, lags, hangs or delay uploads and downloads.
  2. Now! SSD's Increases Your Internet/WiFi Speeds! Devices like Best Selling Samsung, Contains Smart V-NAND technology. Which improves your Computer Operating Systems output. The device gives up 600 MB/s output, which is the Best in the Market.
  3. As your Workload increases! So Does the SSD intelligently allocate more Bandwidth. This makes it Super Efficient in eliminating downtime, lagging or hanging systems.
  4. The Samsung SSD contains Hardware Based encryption. Which is more Powerful, than software based security. As it Does Not Depreciate with time, INSTEAD it maintains its High-Encryption Standards.
  5. It Improves multi user experiences. Especially if You're a Gamer; your PS4 will become MUCH smoother. Plus upload and DOWNLOAD Speeds, drastically Increases.
Aside From That... Every other STORAGE device. BE It a : HDD,Internal & External hard drive, Network Attached Storage (NAS), USB Flash Drives, External zip drives, floppy and tape drives, Compact Discs (CD's) or DVD's.
Could BE sufficient for you. Depending on your Need for speed, multitasking, multi-users, filesharing speeds, data transfer rates, security protection layers and long-term quality.
Sometime more that One Device, would Be Best. Depending on your lifestyle, profession or habits.
For example:A USB flash drive are small, durable, and easy carry around.
Especially, when you're going to public places. Do Presentations, or Visit clients. However, you MAY want to read The Risks Of Portable Devices.
To ensure you Take the relevant security precautions. Avoid, Data Loss, Malware Threats and Data Distribution threats.
Choose What Fits Your Pockets. But Most Importantly! Consider the Value you put Behind, the ACTUAL information. Don't Spend $200 on $20 worth of data. However, the Value of that information.
May be worth thousands, by Next year the Same time.

How much will it Cost You in Time & Money. If it lands in the Wrong hands, or Gets Corrupted, or when you Lose it?