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8 Best External Storage Devices For Macbook Pro! And Their Risks!

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Don Milo

The Best Samsung EVO Solid State Drive Under $100 versus The Best SSD Under 200 dollars. Goes beyond the Obvious: Extra Space and/or Price margins. If your Really want to Get to the Bottom of it! And Clearly see the Wide Gaps; that sets Jump Drives Apart from the SSDs.
A Good place to start looking. Is to Simply COMPARE the latest Designed Drives to the Old:

External Hard Drive Storage Devices!

Which was Specifically, Designed for extra Storage! Nothing more! Nothing less! For example; They WOULD provide Extra 20 GB of External Memory. Which was the Ultimate Benefit.
While the RECENT storage devices. OFFERS more Benefits than Space. For example the Samsung 860 EVO Gives you Extras. Like Liquid Fast Internet Speed! Several layer encryption, and Much Much More.

The Latest BESTSELLERS - Internal & External PC Storage Devices

Please note: There are amazon affiliate links below. Which may earn us a commission if you buy from here! No additional cost to you!
best samsung solid state drive ssd
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  • 1stInternal Solid State Drives. Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD.
  • 2ndExternal Hard Drives.Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD – USB 3.0 for PC Laptop and Mac.
  • 3rdNetwork Attached Storage.Seagate IronWolf HDD – for PC Laptop and Mac.
  • 4thInternal Solid State Drives.
  • 5thUSB Flash Drives:PNY Elite-X 512GB USB 3.1 Gen 1 Flash Drive, Read Speeds up to 200MB/s
  • 6thUSB Flash Drive for iPhone128GB USB/Lightning/Micro USB 3 in 1. Photo Stick, Memory Stick, External Storage, Thumb Drive. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android, Mac, PC
  • 7thUSB Flash Drive 128G: USB Memory Stick 128GB Jump Drive Thumb Drive 3.0. Flash Drive Compatible for iPhone/iPad/PC/Android Password/Touch ID Protected Flash Drive for iOS/iPhone (128G Gold).
  • 8thUSB Flash Drive 128GB Photo Stick for iPhone, iPhone Flash Drive with 4 Ports, iPhone Memory Stick Compatible for iPhone/Android and Computer, iPhone Photo Stick with OTG Adapter - 128GB.

More BEST SELLERS Internal, External Drives:

Let's Discuss A Few Known Facts. We have Changed! Yup! We've Changed so Much So, That even technology Are Struggling to Keep up.
Do you Really Need Proof, to backup my statement? If Yes! Simply take a look Around you.
Look at how Fast New DEVICES, and latest advancements; are Flooding the Market. Were taking iPhones, Samsung's Power Phones, PS4's succeeded PS3's, Xbox, Macbook's, iMacs, HP laptops and so on.


It's All Because! Technology Are Fighting to keep up, with the consumers Needs. No Professional Company, will Blindly Invest Millions of Dollars, on a Product. Without Doing extensive Market Research. To confirm: Whether the Product is Feasible/Not.

In FACT: Technology Has to Exceed Our Expectations...
Simply to keep us interested, or wanting, or Drooling for More. By looking at Our smart devices. BE it your tablet, laptop, desktop, external hard drive, Solid State Drive, or Network Attached Storage ( NAS).
You Will Learn How Digitally Dependent; We Became: Our lives, business, and deepest Secrets are recorded on portable devices. I'm talking about Bank account numbers, organization data, our Clients sensitive and/confidential Propriety Information.

Why DOES The Best Solid State Drive (SSD) - Several Layer Security Features?

What Does this Tell Us About How "RIFE" Cyber Crime Became? The Samsung SSD has multiple security Encryption features. Not only on a software platform. But on the ACTUAL hardware design.


Instead of Going too MUCH, in Detail. Which I did on some of my "older posts." Let's simply stick Our Growing Needs: for Speed, Simplicity and Multi-user functionality.


Let's Use the same example: Samsung 860 SSD EVO 2.5 1TB for laptops, PCs, PS4's and More. What we Can learn is the following:
  1. The Samsung EVO has Great Space Options (1tb or more). However, There are smaller space alternatives (Flash Drives). Meaning our modern needs for space has escalated.
  2. The Need For Ultrafast Internet Speed is unlimited. Unlike HDDs, the SSD options: Adds more Value by Also Improving your Laptop, PCs, or Internet Speed.
  3. Flexibility and mobility: The device Encourages multi-user experience. For all your family, staff or connected devices; on your network. Plus is easy to carry from place to place. As it's up to 8 times lighter, than traditional hard drives.
  4. Security Encryptions: Are Several levels Deeper Protection. They have the latest security. Only You Can authorize user access.

WAIT! THERE'S MORE! However, For that You have to checkout this detail Samsung SSD 1TB 2.5 Review!


The unrealized threats that Awaits you. Are merely Determined; by the Value you put in The Storage Equipment. There Are Specific Features, which are useful to certain Groups of People.

The more portable the Storage Gadget become. Of a similar power The More Convenient, it Also becomes for malware INFECTION. Let's take the USB drive for example. Most Commonly used for Sensitive information, or media content.
The tiny gadget Gets plugged into: Computers, Laptops, TVs, decoders, media players, and and on.


As easy at it is for US, to plug into multiple Computers and/or Laptops. Likewise is it Easy for attackers to spreading malware. From Computer to computer, by means of a single INFECTED usb's.

These tiny storage sticks, Can easily install Viruses/Harmful Software. Bypassing your firewalls, and Gradually spread to your Entire home computer NETWORK. If you Don't take Relevant precautions.
Once the malicious software is active. It Can be used as a means for Criminals to steal data, violate you PRIVACY, or damage your Computers.
Because! It's also EASY to Download on these smart gadgets. You are more likely to DOWNLOAD viruses and malware scanners from infected platforms. And transfer them to your Laptop/Computer.
They are Cheap and Very popular among CONSUMERS and businesses; world wide. Hence, they are widespread and a VULNERABLE tool; for cyber attacks!
There are Even Cases: Where users may Hold their personal, business, and sensitive data on them. Not thinking! They're Easy to lose, or Get misplaced. This poses another threat worth noting. THE SOLUTION:Install reputable Scanners on your Computers. Some of the Most Advanced Antivirus Programs, are Good enough to Scan and NEUTRALIZE infected Usb Flash Drives.

Most people tend to keep: Bank details, private data, customer information or Highly Confidential content. On their SMARTPHONES. Which is one of the Most Unsafe Practices.
Apart from losing your power phone. There are some applications, that allows the Designers to spy on your personal activities.

You Could Be Running An untrusted Application As we Speak:
I Came across many Applications, that gives you a small consent message to Accept; before downloading. Which notifies, you that by downloading the application.
The designer will BE able to VIEW your Contact details, phone books, images or any saved data.


To reduce or eliminate the DATA loss, cyber risks and/or malware attacks. Whether your a Gamer, Video editor, Website designer, or any Common user. The Following Guide Will Help You To Maintain Your Security:

  1. Download Quality antivirus software (which updates). And has Good Scanning abilities. Scan Every gadget; that you Connect with - through your Computers ports. Including usb's, external drives, and so on.
  2. Use your Clean usb As a temporary storage solution. Where you temporarily store data. Until you used it, or transferred it - to your Primary SSD Storage. Make sure you "Delete INFORMATION" after transferring it.
  3. Keep your storage device safe. If you get rid of old storage equipment. Make sure you Destroy it. Did you know: Data can be retrieved from a Computers hard drives. Long after it was deleted.
  4. Don't plug your USB into any computer, Unless You sure that it has Antivirus. Avoid inserting unknown devices to you Home, or Business Desktops.
  5. Deactivate Autorun: When you Plug a usb, in your Computer. There is an automated program that opens the content. This is feature is Called the Auto play/Autorun option. Disable this it on your PC. It Helps to Avoid harmful software (on a usb), to automatically download.
  6. Smart Prioritization: Store your private and your organizations data; in separate Storage Devices. More important stuff can Go into you SSD storage device.
  7. Turn on automatic updates on: your Windows, Antivirus and online applications. Makes sure your Computers Operating Systems is updated to current.
  8. Create Strong Passwords For your Storage and Connecting Gadgets. Use letters, numbers, symbols and special characters. To avoid "Brute-Force-Attacks", Dictionary or Numerical scanner threats.
  9. Think Twice ABOUT Accepting the terms and conditions: Of certain Software, Phone Apps and/or Games. Which requires access to your personal data.
  10. If you're a Gamer or Downloads large quantities of Files; or Apps. Only use credible and trusted sources. Like Google Play, iStore, Android, verified platforms or Secured Business resources.
  11. Run anti-malware software on all your Computer, smart devices. From time-to-time to avoid the Slightest Chances of malware entering your home/business NETWORK.

Buy USB FLASH DRIVES that are secured. With onboard anti-virus Features. They Are Relevant to our Current Challenges.
The Best Part is they Automatically Block malware; from Accessing. Both the Actual drive itself, and also THE Computers you plug it into.


The Bestselling SSD from Samsung uses the latest ENCRYPTION features. You can also Easily import all your data from other devices!
Need More Information? Learn more About The Best SSD for Laptop, or Computer Stage.