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What Are The 4 Stages In The Life Time Of A Computer Virus?

4 patterns a computer virus follows picture
Mochammad Algi
What Are The 4 Stages In The Life Time Of A Computer Virus?

There are specific stages that computer viruses goes through, from the time your device first comes in contact with it, up to the time when it does the damage it was created for.

Like a biological disease it also gives tell-tale signs of its harmful presence. A simple "Page Cannot be displayed errors" could mean more than just a random error.

Common technical problems are often mistaken for general software or hardware faults.

Which gives malware authors a suitable place to hide malicious software and ensure that it remains undetected.

This provides the most ideal malware infection opportunities to underplay the danger of cyberattacks.

You Can't Afford To Take Any Chances At The Expenses Of Your Online-Privacy:

  1. You have to diversify the places where you store information.
  2. Improve the way you connect to the internet, by using transporting devices with built-in firewall security and one-spot management solutions.
  3. Learn how to separate trusted website from fake sources that may be used as malware carriers.
Gone are the days when unexpected PC errors were harmless

The internet is still a baby and as it's Growing into faster frontiers like 5G networks, which is up-to 10x faster than 4G. Likewise does the intelligence of cyber infiltration.

So instead being duped into believing one thing, while it turns out to be another.

You have to gradually eliminate any potential opening in your network. Be it in your smartphone, pc or any other extention device.

Common Computer Software Conflicts May Turn Out To Be Virus Symptoms

I'm NOT being negative Here! But most home users, tend to think that it's a hardware/Software hiccups.

Treat every error as a potential vulnerability, unless you know that you're using a robust network security measure.

Logic Or Time-Bomb Personal Computer Virus!

Follows a secret pattern of distruction, by disguising it's file disruption strategies everyday computer problems.

Little do you expect the internal damage it does to your Operating System. Hence the name time-bomb or logic-bomb becausw it fits into to logical day-to-day experiences.

For Examples:

The methodical pattern of a time-based infection may spread specific days only. It may be days apart and that alone may be enough to fool even the most trained user.

The 4 Primary Phases A Computer Virus Follow During its Lifetime

  • The First Stage:This can be seen as the passive phase. The program is present on your system. But it's totally inactive, harmless and everything seems normal.
  • This code will be triggered on a certain date, time, code or activity that your perform online. For now! It just sits there! Waiting to be activated.
  • This is way it Lives up to its name: Time Bomb! It's simply waiting to Get detonated. Think of a peaceful Silence, before the Storm!

Do You Really Want to Know; What Happens Next?Good! Keep reading! Remember that was only the 1ststage.

As we move into the proceeding stages. It will be within you're Best interest; to keep the following in mind...

The Benefits Of The Internet Are Global

Apart from that the internet does NOT discriminate in the least. It is Highly rewarding for whoever and however they Choose to use it.

I suppose I don't have to remind You that! There Are Good People out there! And of Course Bad Folks too; not forgetting everyone else; in between the two Extremes!

Compare The Internet With Financial Transactions

What better motive is there for someone to attack random strangers on the net.

Money is A Powerful driver

Likewise is having No Money! A Powerful Motive to make an effort to obtain it.Right?

Anyways...Where were we? Okay!
  1. Some Computer Programmers use their Employable skills, to create useful online resources.
  2. On the Contrary: Others join Dark Syndicate Groups, use their skills and knowledge to harm others.

Mind You! Not all the Malware/Spyware was Created, with the sole intention to steal/spy on others!

Well technically! It was initially created for Managers, Entrepreneurs and Business owners, to monitor, and manage employees more efficiently.

By means of spying on Employees online activities. To ensure business resources are used productively and professionally!

Unfortunately! It landed in the Wrong hands! And of course! Here We are Reading articles on "Cyber Crime Prevention."

The Risks Of The Internet Are More Intense For Home users

Not to say businesses are immune to network attacks. But simply because home users are more care free.

They assume that Everybody Else are sticking to their Lanes. Which is unfortunately NOT the Case!

Criminals Cross Boundaries They don't respect the privacy of others. Ironically,they're defensive over their harmful intentiins.

The Internet Is An Ocean Of Digital Currency:

It's literally a WEB. Connecting to 'Almost' Every person, home, business or institution; Globally! Just like a "Spider Web" of communication.

People research private thoughts, interests, work, business, study material, passions, and secret Desires online.

Likewise do they store sensitive data! That Penetrates deep, into their most delicate departments.

We're talking Propriety Data, Source Documents, Blueprint Plans, Portfolios, Business Treasures and Estate Secrets, passwords, and much more.

With the Right knowledge, Criminal Attitude And Tools:

Someone in the Amazon Jungle, Can access a Computer in the USA, UK, Australia, AFRICA or anywhere else.

The Internet is a World Class Information Bank. Like the ocean Are beneficial with multiple treasures.

Namely: Fish, pearls, sports, relaxation, holidays, transportation of LARGE Cargo, etc.

In Comparison the internet is Lucrative virtual resource. That criminals Chooses to use for Pirate- Activities! The make a living, by Causing Others Misery...

Malicious Password Sniffers Or Spyware

Most Often we're think in general terms. For example: I want a Superior Router that provides Uninterrupted Surround wifi; for my family! Sounds familiar! Huh?

We tend to forget that... With Absolute Online Power! Comes A Similar Level Of Responsibility.

Let's Get Back to the...

The Growth Process Of A Virus.

Quick reminder:he first stage was the idle process, where it was awaiting activation through some code, time, or activity.

2ndThe Multiplying Phase: At this point in time: The time-bomb virus, creates copies of itself. It stores its identical copies on healthy programs, computer system or disk.

Of cause this replicating process; are powered by your data-bundles, internet resources and infests your online storage space.

Now Each new copy produces the same results. While the primary infection repeats the procedure. By now you have an army, working around the clock; to reproduce themselves.

Every new infected program, will now create clones of the original virus. The multiplying processes goes on autopilot, and viral.

3rdThe Detonation Phase: By this time, the virus is in full-swing it does what it came to do. This is referred to as the "Trigger Effect!"

As obvious as the name may Sound! So is the outcome. The logic/time-bomb is triggered by some external system activity, online action, code, or process.

There's NOT a specific action! Which I can advise you to Avoid, to Stop your Computer's Demise. Since the trigger Can easily be pulled; by a variety of activities, processes, or events.

Even the Amount of duplicates can contribute to the 'Detonation.' Ultimately! The Outcome is Inevitable! Unless You use the Right Malware Removal Program.

So! Let's assume you Took the back seat; by Not downloading Intuitive Virus Scanners and Malware Detectors.

Like most home-users/consume do. Allow nature to take its Place, then follows the:

The Explosion Is When Your Computer Eventually Dies

Your system is at its weakest. The virus is at it Most Dominant Position. The Real Destruction of the executable codes are being implemented.

Here's Where It Gets Real Tricky!

You Are now at the mercy of the Ultimate Power of the Virus. The final-outcome is determined by the Category/Rank of the Harmful Executable Code.

  • If the initial virus were simply an annoying program. The ultimate outcome may amount to software conflicts.
  • Like random screen messages displaying. Which are normally difficult to delete, deactivate, or remove.

Beyond this annoyances, it may Not have any Dire Consequences. But Who wants to take any chances.

Worst Case scenario: Is a case when more disruptive badware is behind your common computer errors.

The damage may run deeper, like gradually corrupting internal programs, saved data, and media files.

The Big Question: Is The Beast Really Dead? Or is it only Sleeping? Unless you make sure it's done away with for good!