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The Online Privacy| High Priority Threat!

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Engine Akyurt
How To Protect Your Online Privacy
In CASE You're wondering: How do I fix Page cannot be displayed? On Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. Conflicted and Confused?
You should Be! Because the error COULD stem from your Internet Explorer, router configurations settings, hardware, or Service Provider. Well, you might NOT like the following possibility. As it Could be more than; your average technical hiccups.
Your could be experiencing signs of a; Virus Infected Computer. Don't sound too "Welcoming." Does it? Usually Malware, or harmful software shows specific tell tale symptoms; on your Windows workstations.
This Badware are used by attackers as tools to get them to achieve specific outcomes. They are cleverly snuck into your storage devices. Most commonly they are injected through infected mediums and MEDIA gadgets.

Protect Your Home Network Because It's A Gold Mine For Cyber Syndicate Groups

  1. Hardware Encrypted Storage Device which are 10 times stronger than software based.
  2. Highly Intuitive Home WiFi Networks which allows you to pause, stop and authorize connecting devices!

What is a Host for Computer Viruses?

Virus needs; a program, file, device or medium to attach to. This host can vary from a file, to program, to usb, email, computer, and many more. In summary a virus needs a place to live and gradually spread.
The goals of malware are very obvious. Yet the program can be DIFFICULT to identify. Its objective is generally to invade your private space, kidnap your information, and steal your identity.

Aways the case with Internet Banking Fraud

  • These days viruses are deliberately implant by groups of hackers. Working in teams, or as part of a Bigger Syndicate. It's very rarely limited to loners, or a one person.
  • They strategically Camouflage/Hide malicious codes. In programs that appears useful, downloads, files, scripts, practical content, and other unexpected places.

Page Cannot Be displayed On Your Web Browser:

As a Result of intrusive codes/programs the symptoms hard to identify. For instance; It CAN be hidden in general Windows/Web browser temporary errors.
Thus ‘Malware’ which means in general terms. Any parasitic/infestation form of Software on your PC. That negatively influences; it normal operations.
The most common kinds of harmful infestations. Involves a large scale of SABOTAGING Attacks.

List of DIFFERENT kinds of Network And Computer Threats:

Examples of Such are:
PC viruses, ransomware, rootkits, worms, trojan horses, keyloggers, DoS, DDoS attacks, dialers, spyware, adware, malicious BHOs, etc.
ISP related Attacks: Are Capable of Destroying an Entire LAN/WAN. Including your home network of computers; of course.
Hence, you need an Forward Thinking and Advanced Antivirus that CAN block more than PC attacks, but Also "exhaustive searches/worms":

Examples Of Brute-Force-Attacks:
  • TCP scanning
  • SYN scanning
  • UDP scanning
  • ACK scanning, etc.
Need More Information: On Brute-Force-Attack! You're Smart Enough to know that I'm only merely Skimming the surface Here! Right?

Anyways; Worms and Trojans: Are the most infamous forms of cyber attacks. PC Viruses most often goes unnoticed. Because they hide; in the shadows of Windows, Software & Hardware errors.

What Are The Symptoms Of Computer Viruses:

Cyber pirates invests a lot of their time, energy and creativity. To cover-up their tracks, by cloaking malware intrusion to your system.
Well, aside from the 'Hidden' phishing magnets they apply; to land the attack. Like the "Sweet Seductive Email" or Free Offers, etc.
They also conceal the after-effects; of the actual attack. Making it difficult to set; the infected device - Apart from the NOT infected one. Meaning that You really have to look deeper, than the obvious.
Reason being that; the same technical-hiccups. Caused by malware infestations, are NOW dressed in general Windows, hardware, or Software inconsistencies.

Your wireless router, printers and other extension devices. Can also produce the same error-messages. Which are normally; due to unstable internet connections, software conflicts, overcrowded storage, or incorrect configurations.
HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THIS? The Best Solution: Is to USE a Intuitive Antivirus Scanners . Instead of ONLY relying on Basic Troubleshooting methods.

Here ARE A Few Common Signs Of Virus Infected Windows PCs:

  1. “Internet Explorer could not display the page.” Are one of the problems; you might come across.
  2. Your internet may drop speed, surprisingly run slower than usual. It could be a WiFi router/Computer hindrance. Then again it could be a virus.
  3. Your Computer may freeze unexpectedly. When you're trying to access certain websites, docs, files, or programs. Which may results in situations: Where you have to restart your Windows Program.
  4. Your: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox browser refuses to function. In fact; the problem may have stirred you so much - to the extend. Where you had to restore, reinstalling, or switch to new browsers. With no improvement whatsoever.
  5. You attempt to connect to a specific website. Instead, you're diverted to a random platform. It's very common that certain malware attacks. May automatically diverts you to fake websites.
  6. Random pop-ups, or "annoying error messages appears." Or certain connections may Suddenly end. You may even notice that certain actions, may trigger unexpected problems.
  7. Sometimes your internet-browser, may refuse to access cybersecurity websites. Or certain programs may suspiciously be blocked.
  8. Your mouse cursor, may uncontrollably run across your screen. Especially in directions other; than your intended movements.
  9. You may notice strange numbers, or application that pop-ups; for no reason. It may happen on certain days, or browsing intervals.
  10. Your windows or home screen may change in size. It strangely gets smaller, bigger, or change shapes.
  11. Weird looking tool/format bars, or applications might appear at the top of your web browser.
  12. Your Windows Programs keeps freezing, hangs, or have low responsive levels.
  13. Eventually, it gets to a stage where unrecognizable apps may appear on your desktop. Which you have no idea, where it comes from.
  14. Your computer screen turns blank. Or it rapidly opens many document/webpages, that you only clicked on once. Or perhaps never clicked at all.
  15. Your PC perform certain functions, without your input. Such as restarting without the normal Windows Update Alert.
  16. You're unable to access internal Programs on your Operating System. Like Control Panel, Programs & Features, Task Manager, or Command Prompt.

Remember this Technical issues does NOT really Confirm; that your computer has been compromised.
Because sometimes it Could be a Basic error. But if you Notice an influx of random errors. You be increasingly concerned about your online privacy.
It May be signals of Malware infections. That ARE hidden in Common errors, which Should NOT be Taken lightly!

Therefore You have "Prevent Your Computer from Malware infection." By using a Well-Versed Malware Scanner; such as Free Avast Antivirus, or Premium Avast Protection.
The Reputable software will remove existing viruses, and prevent future threats.


  • It will improve your situation and GIVE you Peace-of-mind, that you're valuable information are safe.
  • It Will improve your Speed and Windows Operation Systems functionality.
  • Block Spyware, Phishing, Rootkits, Trojans...

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