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Luma Whole Your Home: Good OR Not?

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Disclaimer:There are affiliate links in this review,which we earn a commission from if you buy.
Ultimate Luma Review! Does The Wifi System Really have the Power to Ignite YOU'RE entire LARGE home with Surround WiFi? You know how Rare it is, to find Good routers. That Provides smooth and uninterrupted Wi-Fi signal in every room.
Things Gets Even More Complicated:
When house has two, or more stories, PLUS a basement. There ARE only a handful of Wireless routers. That can successfully penetrate Thick walls.
An Example is Asus RT88U.

But the Problem with the RT88U, is the short distance signal. No matter how good a router may be. There ARE always Some Weaknesses that comes with it!
However, no matter how great a device may be. The LAWS of physics are written in stone. You just can't erase them! Now CAN you? Therefore, you have BE More realistic; in your approach.


luma home wifi system review
Credit: Luma
Lumas are very flexible and easy to move around. You CAN pretty much move the light-weight units; from to room. Create SAFE secured, or Even guest networks. One solution for Your family and visitors.

Luma Technical Features, Specifications & Compatibilities

  • WIRELESS IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Simultaneous dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with low energy Bluetooth Surround Wifi enabled PORTS
  • Two Gigabit ethernet ports of WAN and LAN
  • USB 2 port SYSTEM, Quad-core processor LED tri-color light ring
  • ENCRYPTION WiFi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2) IN THE BOX

These Lumas Covers Each and every room with smooth WiFi.
WiFi coverage is like a rainbow.The closer you are to the center (near the router), the more powerful the signal. The further you drift away. The weaker it becomes.

Higher Placement of Your Luma Improves WiFi Penetration:

Avoids DATA Barriers, like cupboards at the bottom.
Positioning Your Luma on a high cupboard/platform. Helps to PROVIDE enhanced WiFi coverage. Always try to avoid internal barriers; like finishers below.
Position your system for optimized and uninterrupted throughput. Compare it to lamp, the higher it's installed. The better it lights-up, your entire room.

Luma Benefits: Surround WiFi and Mesh Networks

It harmonizes your online-anxieties, by neutralizing cyber threats. NOT to an extend, where you Can AVOID Additional Antivirus Programs (for your devices).
But, At least it Stops them; from exhausting your wireless resources!
However, it Automatically Blocks intruders, from using your Wifi Network!

THE POWER IS AT YOUR FINGER TIPS: Attackers has a weird-tendency, of hijacking your home networks. In response Luma puts the controls, back in your hands.

How Does Luma Protect Your Privacy?

You can Securely manage all your connecting devices; in one place. Their Propriety App allows you to do this:


  • It's Super Easy To Setup And Manage: You control everything from a central App.
  • Impressively Fast WiFi Networks: These powerful little Lumas work together to create an outrageously-fast, ultra-secure Surround WiFi network that’s customized for your home.
  • CONVENIENTLY MONITORING YOUR GADGETS - Makes it easier to Spot unknown devices.
  • CREATE TEMPORARY GUEST ACCESS - End the WiFi access; after appointed times.
  • STOP THE INTERNET - For your kids; when it's sleeping time. Or you CAN Prioritize some connections, above others.
  • EVERY GOOD HOME HAS RULES - Why Shouldn't your home network have any? Assign strict rules for all device. Like browsing durations, or monitor your children's online activities.
  • THE LUMA SMART APP - Is highly SOPHISTICATED software. It Even directs you, to accurately place your Next Luma. To GET the Most Favorable Signal.

Accomplish all of the Above and More; from a single App.Smart! Isn't it?
Already Excited! And were NOT even talking about Beyond 2020. This is The Future of Mesh Networks.
WAIT! Let's look At the...


  • It Doesn't Support USB 3.0 for faster files transfer. Instead you get 2.0 which is average in my opinion.
  • The Luma App only supports iPhone and Android Smartphones.
  • The software has a few weaknesses. It could have better and more efficient.
  • It's a bit expensive, if you were looking for a cheaper option.

FINAL VERDICT:This is a Good choice, if you're looking to centralize your WiFi network. The luma can also act as NAS (Network Attached Storage).
This price is NOT really an issue, considering that it's a once off payment. Besides, it's will Solve all your dead-zones for a very long time.
Simple, Sophisticated AND Practical Computer Network!
Need More information? Check out Amazon!


You should have the following attachments:
  1. Your Modem
  2. Your Luma
  3. A Network Adapter
  4. A Power Adapter
With all the above, the rest is history! After downloading the Luma app.
Everything else will fall into place. The app will give you clear Step-by-Step instructions.
It will helps you Setup your Surround Wi-Fi system. In the most suitable manner, to optimize your home WiFi network.

Quick Setup Guide!

1. Go directly to your App Store, and search for Luma.
2. After Luma is detected. Download and install it.
3. As easy as that; you Now have the Amazing 'Surround WiFi app.'


1. Easily Navigate it to Google Play Store.
2. Search for the Luma App.
3. After that Download and install Luma.

WELCOME TO LUMA! At this Point you have to Create an account.
A good position, in accordance to your ACCESS POINT. Helps to Optimization WiFi output. Luma helps you do this, no other system has this ability.
Tailor MAKE your home Mesh Network According, your NEEDS.
  1. Setup the first Unit/Luma. Under the Comfort of the Convenient Apps; Guidance.
  2. Create A Unique NAME for Your New Wireless NETWORK.
  3. Connect your Luma to your modem, Next to the power.
  4. Switch on the modem; provided by your ISP.
  5. Continue to Setup, your 2nd and 3rd Lumas.
  6. Welcome the Surround WiFi Mesh Networks; in your home.


More Control and Smarter PRIORITIZATION of important Connections:
You Can now Complete your online tasks. Meet deadlines and Work more Efficiently.
Enjoy the ADVANTAGE of First-Class network
In Comparison to Home Wi-Fi routers; that only connected one device AT A time.
The Beautiful and Simple Design of Luma compliments YOUR SMART HOME.
MORE POWERFUL COVERAGE, in Every Corner of every room.

Smart PRIORITIZATION is the New Time management Skills:

  • Simply Select (QoS)PRIORITIZE device.
  • Confirm the PRIORITIZATION request.
  • Increase the BANDWIDTH, for your preferred device.
This is the BEST part, where you Get to Enjoy the benefits. Of Seamless Wireless Streaming on demand.

Feel confident with Ultimate control. Easily Give Ultra fast speed, or give slower speed to other devices.
  • PRIORITY Can either Be Given.
  • On the other hand. It Can be removed; from devices that drains your resources.
The Luma QoS Capability. Also Equips You with the AUTHORITY, to Give more online preference - for optional devices.

Back then; Internet Security Was A Luxury! Now It's A MUST:

CLOSED & PRIVATE NETWORKS Eliminates Cybercriminals.
Hackers seems to Target Consumers and Home stations. More readily, because common folks like You And I.
Happens to Be more Relaxed about 'Cyber Security.' Compared to BUSINESS platforms.
Luma IS Not lazy. It takes Charge by automatically protecting every gadget. Connected to your system, from many types of the cyber Attacks. You Never expected!

On Both Platforms:
1. Cybersecurity for your Primary Network.
2. Guests will also benefit equally.
Luma provides your with 24/7 Cyber security. Meaning you CAN do what you love, without worrying.


Instead of allowing every part-time user on your Primary Network. Simply allocate them to a temporary lane, for the most suitable time.
Setup a Quick Guest Network; on your App.
Activate the New Guest Setup.
The app automatically sends "Text Message" with a password. After you CHOOSE “ Invite!

WHAT'S YOURS, IS YOURS! Manage the devices, set parameters.
Gone are the days, where children could consume harmful online content. Or abuse you data-resources, with heavy downloads and HD streaming (not meant for them).
A simple Click, stops the connection. Add restrictions and limits to Content consumption. Besides, There ARE many online-weirdos; these days. Who Tricks teenagers, into meeting with them.

You Need Useful Features:
• User Profiles • Pause the Internet • Daily Time Limits • Content Filtering.

  1. You can constructively Create and craft user profiles.
  2. PAUSE a browser remotely, should the need be.
  3. Easily Allocate Boundaries with Dedicated time limits.
  4. Intelligently SET age restrictions. You can Cleverly create INDIVIDUAL rules & Regulations. Which helps to control what your kids/family consumes online.

However you still NEED a Top rated Free or Premium Quality cloud-based guard. For example Free Avast Antivirus Download to further enhance your online security!
Do you know of a better system? With specific functionality. That is designed around your family's needs for connectivity and security. Please Share your thoughts below!