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How Do I fix Page Cannot Be Displayed: On Web Browser Or Internet Explorer!

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You may be familiar with the error message“ Internet Explorer cannot display the page.” On your internet browser. In most cases you may have tried to reboot or do a few troubleshooting tests of your own.
Well whatever lead you this page has to do with your internet browser or browsing experience. Irrespective whether you're using: Firefox, Internet Explorer,or Google Chrome, you're unable to access the internet.
You might be no stranger to random errors. Like screen freezes, lagging internet, or unresponsive Windows.


It’s difficult to make any assumptions to soon. However, you should bear in mind. That it could be a common Windows, or Browser error.
Another thing worth noting; is that your computer could also been infected. Especially, if you're start noticing a certain pattern. Or trend that the technical hiccup is following.

Deeply Hidden Computer Viruses!

Characteristically Cybercriminals, are smart. Or a more suitable term is 'Sneaky' Enough, to act in secrecy.
They tend to Hide harmful codes, or viruses; in such a way. That the symptoms are misread. As a result the threat goes unnoticed.
Making the infection, almost invisible... Or difficult to detect by others. Because, the effects are hidden in common errors.
Bear in mind; your web browser, Windows Program, or Operating system are vulnerable to common software errors.

  1. Software Conflicts: Normally encountered when your Operating System; is incompatible with certain software versions.
  2. A typical example; is when you inserted a '3G dongle.' Which automatically installs faulty software. That may NOT be suitable for your Windows version.
  3. Or perhaps you tried to download something, from the internet. Which resulted in some 'Unexpected Error.'
Software Conflicts are NOT only limited to the above examples. But, do you Get the idea.


Are one of the most difficult tasks. Apart from being complicated, it is almost impossible.
Why? Because accurately preparing a descriptive-list, with minutest detailed signs. Of infected computers, would have many flaws.


Common computer technical issues, or internet related problems. Are very similar to infected computer symptoms.
This makes it Really difficult to separate one from the other. Because they are so closely related on the surface.
If it's measured by the technical hindrances. At the same time, they are so different beneath the surface.
In Fact; they so different: To an extend where; one is normal, while the other is destructive.

IT'S LIKE COMPARING: A COMMON COLD TO TUBERCULOSIS (TB) However, the are certain patterns of random issues. Which makes it apparent that your Computer is Sick.
For instance, it may experience problems. But weeks apart, depending of course on your browsing habits.
  • You can't say that; it's weeks apart. If you connect once a month. Or if you're an irregular user.
  • Unless you a regular user, you'll be more at liberty to read patterns. Because, you connect almost daily. So, you will be able to SPOT certain changes.
However,there are examples; like freezing screens, Windows cannot display page errors, corrupted files, and so. That may show that your PC has been compromised.
(There are many examples, but that will require a post of its own. Which I will deliver on a later stage. This is just in introduction article). A Few More Examples Are:
  • Your default homepage might have changed.
  • You access to certain websites may be blocked
  • Annoying screens may pop up on your screen. Which might be difficult to delete, etc.

If You Web Browser Is Unable To Connect To The Internet...

It could also fall under the following categories:
A. Your connecting devices/internet service.
B. Or it could be your browser.

Hence, you did the 1st Step (troubleshooting your computer)! Which bring us to this section. Okay now say; you ping was successful. But the website or platform, that you're trying to connect to online.
So, after you 'pinged' a website, or your wifi router. And it 'Times out.' Or your browser. Gives negative feedback like; “page cannot be displayed.” Then it could also mean, that your 'internet browser' is faulty.
Why Do Internet Browsers Give Problems? Thank you for asking! There are many reasons these problems might occur.
  1. One of the most common reasons is Virus/Spyware infections.
  2. It could also be conflicting software, or corrupted files, that affects your internet browser.
  3. Then again; it could be a combination of both. Say your storage device got infected. By a virus (Logic/Time Bomb), which gradually affects operations.
The bottom line:It would only make sense, to single out the problem. By solving both!
. The questions you should be asking is...
How Do I fix A Faulty Internet Browser?
  • Let's assume you already started with the basic troubleshooting. Like: rebooting devices, 'Ping,' and so on.
  • You then have to proceed to the next level. By Reinstalling your web browser.
  • You can do this by doing a repair installation, of your internet browser. Try to connect afterwards, see if it resolves the issue.
  • Restore your Computer to normal. By remove the Virus, or Spyware infection. Protect your device from reinfections, or exposure to new virus-infections.
How to remove Malware: Viruses, adware, ransomware, trojan horses, rootkits, keyloggers, spyware,?


Is to use scanners, one example of such is: Good Antivirus Download. It's is Known to remove the most stubborn Malware threats.


Check the Internet Security Experts out! But What if...
The problem is NOT Malware inspired, and you already Scanned your computer?
Let's say; you were able to successfully ping a webpage. But, you can't connect based on, some 'faulty internet connection' setbacks.

In This Case: You Have To Dig Deeper! The most logical approach, is to... Bypass your wireless router. If you're using one, or any other secondary connecting devices.
1stStep: Remove the ethernet cable of your WiFi router from your computer.
2nd Step: Plug in your internet network cable, of your Internet Plan. Which is normally connected to a modem. Insert the cable directly to your PC (instead to of the router).
3rd: At this point your ethernet/ network/cat 6 cable - is directly in your PC/laptop. Try to connect to the internet.
Please Note: Don't go to a website, that you visited earlier. Your computer might download it from your Cache. Type a random web address, like:, or Google Search a new page.
1. What If You're Still Unable To Connect To A Webpage? This will indicate that there could be a 'general error' with your ISP. Or the error is related to your Internet Service.
For example; damaged cables, or service disruptions, etc.
Solution:Then you have to Contact your Technical Support/ Internet Access Provider. Explain the troubleshooting steps, you followed. And the final outcomes.
They will take it from there!

2. But, What If You're Able To Connect To The Internet. With a direct Connection To Your Network Cable?
  • Say, you're connected to the internet, via your internet cable; directly to the laptop/computer. While bypassing the transport gadget.
  • Then it clearly indicates, that your router is faulty, or improperly configured.

Slow Speeds: Could Also Be A Sign of Virus/Spyware Infection:

  1. Slow running internet connections. When Your notice speeds getting slower by the day.
  2. When your screen freezes much to often, or your screen change.
  3. If you get frequent random errors, that seems to happen more than usual. Such as: Unexpected Windows errors, software conflicts, programs fails to respond.
Your computer could be suffering an attack from Malware. There are Antivirus software that can remove existing Viruses/Malware. Examples of such are:Free Avast Antivirus Download/Malwarebytes.
It is important to eliminate the chances of cyber attacks.
Otherwise; it may cost you more than simply losing speed/data. You could be risking criminal attacks/hackers. Or activity recording MALWARE.

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