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The Best Antivirus For Home Use

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The Best Antivirus For Home Use

Avast Solutions is an Award Winning antivirus Company. Who produces high-quality; Windows Based security technologies. Ultimately their aim is to protect your online resources, systems and sensitive information.

Against all New and Old kinds of malware attacks.

Many years of experience in the internet security industry has built the solid reputation of Avast Antivirus Software. Apart from the fact that they're LAB Certified.

A large audience of global customers has supported their stance. And firmly positioned them as best-in-class security solution for any Windows based Operating System.

Career criminals goes to far extends to get access to your personal information, for all you know someone may remotely recording your online activities as we speak.

Make A Statement: Bolt Your Home Wifi Network And External Storage Devices:

  1. The Samsung EVO Solid State Drive: Has hardware based encryption; which is 10 times stronger that software based security!Plus it does not weaken with time and also increase your internet speed!
  2. The Best Wireless Home Routers they have stood the test of time and have future ready wireless encryption, support multiple 4k streaming and more!

Avast Antivirus Software

Secures you against several forms of Malware, that haunts our modern lifestyle. For instance; spyware, rootkits, ransomware, phishing attacks.

It Even goes beyond and protecting your privacy or better yet 'identity.' I have written a detailed 'Detailed Avast Antivirus Review.' Where you'll discover more details, not mention here!

The advanced cyber security Company, has been in the business of Computer Protection. For up to 3 decades and they keep getting Stronger.

They entered the cyber security industry. Back in the days; when viruses was merely harmless, and annoying little Pop-ups.

Avast actually witnessed! How it Evolved in this 'Monstrous Threats.' That now has the Power, to diminish your entire Bank Balance, in an instant.

The Brand goes beyond simply scanning, and depending on updates. To detect and Do Away with malware threats. They took cybersecurity to the Next level.

  1. Firstly they provide structural analysis, behavioral scanning, and intuitive cloud based protection services.
  2. Which is NOT only ideal foryour safety. But ALSO improves your Computers Performances.
  3. Avast Antivirus Solution Solves three major problems: Protection, Privacy and Performance enhancement.

You CAN Download Any of their Four Packages; without having register. Avast hopes to protect you as soon as possible.

NOT Wasting Time on registration, which Could be all it TAKES for a Malware Attacks, to creep in.

There ARE 4 Popular Home Network Security Options to Choose From:

  • Free Avast Antivirus
  • Premium Avast Antivirus
  • Premium Avast Antivirus (Multi Devices)
  • Ultimate Avast Antivirus (Suite)

How Do I Get Avast Free Antivirus?

How do I register Avast Free for One You? You can simply download the free antivirus program. With no need to formally registration.

However, the free option provides basic protection from: Anti-Phishing, Rootkits, Ransomware, and more.

Yet! It's Limited to the extra features, that usually comes with Premium products. Like the advanced and efficient web, file, and mail scanners.

Full-version and more sophisticated security from fake websites, webcam hijackers, etc.

Apart from 'limited features' of the free version. It's MUCH better than most competitors Premium Products.

Bearing in MIND, the Avast Free Antivirus program. Is also of a lesser Performance quality, compared to the Premium Products.

Malware Threats: What Does it Mean to Your Computer?

Malware are so notorious, or famous for doing evil. So much so, that it has many nicknames.

Examples of such are; malevolent ware, malicious software, badware and so on. As you can see nothing about it; sounds Good.

Do you Know Why? Because it's a Threat to your computer. Whether it's a Virus attack, keyloggers, spyware, rootkits, or any other form of harmful software.

It falls under the categories of MALWARE.

What is a Computer virus?

I've explain it in detail in a previous post.

However, it's a software that interrupts your computer normal functionality. Computer viruses spreads like a biological disease, and destroys your internal programs.

Viruses attaches to a host file or code. You can get it via infected files, websites, downloads, file transfers, usb jump drives, or deliberate attacks.

Some are annoying, while most are lethal. They can cause information loss, or entirely destroy your system.

They can also RUN in combination with Trojans horses, Rootkits, Spyware, etc.

How Do Avast Antivirus Protect Your Computer?

Avast is key! Because it's an updated antivirus solution. Unlike lesser quality security products: That doesn't Grow, with the times.

Viruses keeps getting better, faster, and sneakier. Hackers use them, as a weapons to steal from consumers. Hence, the Protection ware should stay ahead of their enhancements.

Installed Avast Antivirus on all your computers at home, or work. Keep it running while you go about your online activities.

What are rootkits?

Rootkits are malicious software that are highly secretive, complex and encrypted.

They are strategic, organized and are good at remaining hidden from detection.

They can enter your system accompanied; with other badware. Like keyloggers, Trojan Horses and turn you good life into a horror show.

Avast Antivirus detects, removes and prevents the most stubborn attacks. Trojans, Rootkits are extremely difficult to remove, and requires up-to-date security software!

What is spyware?

Spyware does what it says; it invades your online privacy.

Records all your online activities, save information and shares it with the sender.

Why would anyone want to Spy on you? The answer is simple to steal money from your accounts, or credit card details, or use whatever they wish against you.

These Spyware are installed by smart criminals, that targets specific demographics, industries, or profile customers.

However you can even see them before they even get to you, if you choose the right antivirus software for your personal computer or home network.

You'll be surprised at business enemies and close related people that resorts to such attacks.