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Benefits Of The Internet

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The Benefits Of Using The Internet For Business| Is It Worth The Risks?

It's quite obvious, taking in account the online Crime Statistics. That even if You may DON'T recognize; the true benefits of using the internet. Criminals seems to take advantages; of the opportunities of remote stealing. Which automatically compels to become smarter. This a continuation of the 5 dangers of internet post, be sure to chech it out.

How To Protect Your Privacy Online?

Since the internet is a Very BIG Web! We broke the topic Down, to a single sub-category.

Keeping in mind; that the internet is resourcesful to: Students, individuals, relationships, eCommerce, digital market, sales, shoppers, and everything else in between.

Let's look at it from a perspective of the problem solving abilities it contains and how the same power is used negatively. But a bit later on that...

What Are The BENEFITS of Using the INTERNET in Business?

Information Access: The internet is home to World-Class information. Global online citizens, they use it to share: Ideas, product experiences, research prices, compare millions of alternative options and make buying decisions.
A single keywords or phrase can explode into billions of webpages to buy from, learn, read and discuss, etc.

24 Hour Access:Unlike traditional stores, points-of-sales, or any other marketing platform; that you might know. The World Wide Web is a 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year business & information center.
This resource RUNS on Autopilot and Never sleeps. So it's Accessible anytime of the day, week, month or season.

Business Websites/eCommerce for others to Access:

Are very popular since its Arrival. Many Businesses are forced by Popular Demand; to establish an online-presence (website).

Or Risk getting 'Left Behind.' Savvy customers research your Brand, before investing a dime in your Products/Services.

They use the internet to research your Credibility/Reputation: Share reviews on your offers with other people. To make their buying decisions easier.

By this means; You are able to sell and market, or even share experiences, or information with them; on any conceivable topic. Within the Scope of business, or beyond.

An Effective Tool to Improve Your Customer Service

From Big, medium, small, to Startup business. Owns a professional website these days. Which allows them to connect with their target-markets, or interested groups.

On this platform they can now; communicate, support, attract new leads, advertise, or even register increase profit margins.

On their Virtual Platform, share unlimited information, on a marketing, or personal scale.

It is a Powerful Solution; that propels efficiency in Customer Service levels. It support Good service, and promotes modern practice.

Use of Multi-media, computers supports world-wide collaborations:

Large corporations with a global footprint. Examples such as McAfee being multi-national organizations. Which employs a global citizenship, in up to 2000 offices; in the world.

Collaborates and Makes information available, to their internet and external stake-holders. Through the internet medium.

Employees can simply access their Intranet, or log into the company's portal. Conveniently update, send, or retrieve information, to successfully complete their work projects.

Remember: As mentioned above 'this is just An Overview.' The Rewards of the internet are astronomical. However, this is a good foundation to start on.

Where There Are Benefits; There Are Equal Risks!

Why Should I Care About The Risks Of The Internet? Your privacy, confidentiality, bank accounts, identity, passwords, security numbers, etc. Are on the line!

The internet are no different to City life. No it's Even Worse! Because someone living in the 'unknown,' can Diminish your Bank account; remotely.

Meaning that they DON'T even have to live in a nearby area. Even Worse! They Can effortlessly, transfer your entire 'Bank Savings.' To a mule account; in the 'Atlantic Ocean.

Or even more Creepier; A Stalker can spy on all your online activities. By sending a simple 'Trojan Horse with spyware Combo', through an 'ILOVEU' email.

Which immediately grabs your attention. As soon as you click on the email, the malicious software' secretly installs.

From that point onwards, the hacker Can see everything you do online. In fact; he/she can do as they please with that information.

The Security Of Information On The Web

There are thousands of dangers, but I Only want to highlight; five dangers of the internet. That Spooks the wind out of every user.

  1. IDENTITY Theft: Is very Commonly used in hacking bank accounts, credit card details, security number, or Submitting Tax Claims; on your behalf.
  2. SPOOFING Threats: Where users are lured in to freely giving information. Examples of such; is that you might receive a 'security alerts notification.' To change you password on your banking facility, due to some threat. As soon respond to the email, by clicking on the link. You are directed to a Fake Website, that looks identical to your online banking platform.
  3. PHISHING Threats: Can be used to steal money from your account, mislead you into meeting with 'human traffickers.' It is almost like Using deception, to mislead you. Like an 'Old Man' may create a false identity, as a ' Teenager' (with a Fake profile). Ask you out on a Date, and kidnap you for Ransom, etc.
  4. FALSE INCRIMINATION (Accomplice). You can be wrongfully arrested. If someone hacks your open Wi-Fi Network, to commit a Crime. When the investigators trace the IP address, it will point to you.
  5. MALICIOUS Exposure: Sinister people can expose your privacy. With the vile intentions of destroying your reputation. You may have come across video clips. Where people was secretly recorded on spy cameras. The person may have been Naked, using the toilet or participating in a private activity. The videos are send to the public and this person gets defamed. Many people have committed Suicide over this.

How To Protect Your Privacy Online?

If you REALLY want to embrace the Benefits of the Internet, which is built on weaknesses. Without looking over your Shoulder every time.

An Information Security mindset, should be part of your online journey. For those who don't know: Even the most secure websites can transfer Computer viruses.

Equip your machine with a good antimalware program to enhance your online experience and calm your anxieties. Because the net is public, you can easily fall victim to the negatives thereof.

So, now you seamlessly seperate the Benefits, and eliminate the disadvantages. Always that you're are one click away from activating malware. Take Charge by learning: What is a macro virus in computer terms.