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Powerful Free Antivirus Download One Year!

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The Free Avast Antivirus Download For those who don't Know! Avast had a SafeZone Browser which came was paused. They enhanced to a more advanced browser, although it Doesn't affect those folks, that are still using the browser.
Are better than Most Competitors Premium. Considering that eliminates ransomware threats.
This is effortlessly accomplished by what avast calls their "Shield technologies." Which protects and monitors emails, files, Websites, and online Behavior.
If So much is Already Accomplished by the Avast Antivirus free download. I bet it makes you curious about the Power of the Premier versions.
I'll just Say; that it has Everything of the Free Avast version, on Steroids and Much More.

  1. What is Avast Antivirus Latest version?
  2. Is it Safe to Download Avast Antivirus?

Protection Avast Browser Technology And Benefits

Once the upgraded SafeZone version is completed. People using the old browser, will receive automatic updates. Avast is a Cyber Security Company, that continuously improves, to stay ahead of online-dangers.
They Somehow discovered that HTTPS are NOT really as Safe; as we expect it should be. Since most websites are investing in: HTTPS instead of the unprotected version of HTTP.

It Became the Latest target of CYBER CRIMINALS. They are go to far extends; to implant Malware in Secured Websites.

Hence, Avast stepped up to the Challenge. They busy Working on a more sophisticated browser. To accurately scan, even secured websites. Without slowing your speed, on navigation the websites.

Web/Mail/File Shield - Excellent for Spoofing, Fake and Infected Websites

avast free antivirus download
Credit: Avast
This technology Equips you to shop, browse or register only on clean websites.
Eliminating the doubts, anxieties and 'fears,' that haunts you. It blocks even the slightest chances of MALWARE infections.
The feature supports SPDY+HTTPS/HTTP 2.0 traffic. HTTPS certificates are scanned, without replacing them. It also detects and decrypts SSL/TSL traffic.
To ensure purity and disclosure of concealed threats. All of this happens with 'zero interruptions' on your end.

Avast Disk Version - Removes Existing Malware Threats

If you ever had an infected computer, and had to RUN a Rescue Disk. The procedure Can normally take multiple days. At the Same instance, you may lose bits of your existing information.
  • Avast DOES the makes hard work for you. While Saving you days and preserving your Saved data.
  • It Gives you the power to save a disk version. Directly on your disk or usb stick.

Ready to Use:Say your Computer was Already exposed to malware. You can now reboot, your Computer to restore it to standard Operations.
Plus:The Rescue Disk feature are on offer to all Avast packages. It's intuitively and works on Windows PE (a preinstallation environment).
Meaning that you can boot your Computer. Even if it has no Operating System installed.

Scans Inbox and Files - Ideal For Latest Phishing Threats & Trojan Horses

Avast don't Only Protect you from 'infected websites,' infected Files, and Emails. Which ARE normally the most common 'Weaknesses' - that Malware seems to love.

More Secured Mail Protection Automatic Scans and filters your inbox, to Stopping Email threats; in their tracks.
Allowing Cleaner Files to launch & download. The Scanner also monitors the quality of files, downloading on your PC. Ideal for filesharing threats, and so on.

Easy To Control & Manage You can easily change setting on all the dashboard. Enable or disable HTTPS scanning, or any other scanning feature.

Avast Antivirus: Secures Your Online Shopping Experiences

This security program literally controls where and on what, you use your credit cards. It prevents you from updating credit card details on fraudulent websites sites.
You know those fake, phishing, spoofing websites. Very popular hackers online tools. Most commonly used to deceptively, extract sensitive data from unaware users.

It stops ransomware from taking your personal files; on hostage. While it Gives 'Spyware' the cold-shoulder.

Ransomware & Phishing Protection

First of all Phishing Threats; are One of the Oldest 'kids around the block.' Even so it's still the Most Common. While still has the Most Victims, as ever.
Authorities are stunned at how,even till this day! Phishing Attacks are Growing even faster than Ever.
In Response To That:Avast have modified the anti-phishing feature; to over deliver. This anti-phishing enhancement, can now smell infected website; before you fall victim to it.
Frequent Quicker scans runs in 5 minutes intervals. So, you are protected from a proactive security resource.
Free Avast Antivirus Download

Bear in Mind this post was just An Overview! We're in the process of writing a more detailed Avast Antivirus review.
Avast Antivirus Is the Best. Because, it keeps developing to stay abreast of the latest threats.