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Best Home vs Professional Edition Antivirus - Comparison Chart!

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Vitaly Vlasov

Which Specific Windows Complications - Does Avast Avast antivirus Home and Professional Edition; Solve?

To Visualize the True Benefits behind: Secured internet and/or wifi connections. We have to Dart straight to the Raw Computer Software and/or Hardware Conflicts.

Best Home vs Professional Edition Antivirus - Comparison Chart

Rather than dwelling on overly debated: Avast Reviews: Pros and Cons discussions.

What is the history of Computer Viruses:

Well, Most online-citizens tend to think: "Secure Internet Networks" is an overly-hyped luxury. They WOULD have been Right! Back in the 1980's.

Because, during those times viruses were Simply distracting little toolbars and/or extensions. But NOT powerful enough to Steal your identity.

Since, the 1990's Antiviruses Became A Necessity.

Malware became More lethal during the 90's. Which was Still a "Tear Drop to the Ocean." In Comparison: To what we're facing today in the 2019's. Going forward... they will Growing Even More Fiercely!

How Horrific will they Become? Who knows? Probably declare Cyber Wars on Countries, Governments systems, security drone hacking, and pose worse global threats.

What inspires me to think So! Just by measuring how hostile they became to: Banks, consumers, home users, businesses. Is enough Proof to Steer my imagination.

Anyways, Let's START by identifying Real Internet connection errors. Categorize them accordingly, then learn to Remove and Prevent them.

The Best Place to look for these kinds of computer hiccups. Is in our day-to-day digital assignments, work or projects

Bearing in Mind:There ARE Seen (Computer Errors) And Also Unseen (Windows OS/software conflicting ) Problems.

Quick history Lesson on computer viruses!

Finally! The '"Boot Virus" was defeated: Or At Least So They Thought...

Thank you to Windows 95; which happened to Be immune to the 'boot virus!' This Operating System was Regarded as a Hero! Back in 1995. When it first entered the Market.

Can You Imagine? The Joy, the Optimism And Excitement of Online Citizens:

Little Did They Expect! That their "Victory" will Be very Short-lived. In Fact, their happiness blinded them: From a Much Darker and Dominant Virus. As it Emerged! It Mercilessly left a deadlier "Macro Infection" onslaught!

A bit more on that later! For Now! Let's Stick to the basics...

What is The Story With Trojan Horses And Rootkits?

For Arguments Sake; Trojans and Rootkits Are NOT really Viruses. Most viruses are in fact “hybrid” combinations of various classes of badware. Including Rootkits and Trojan Horses; of course.

Macro Viruses usually infects documents, that Are macro-enabled:

Microsoft Office has many applications, that contains executable codes. This quality Makes it Vulnerable, to Macro-virus infections.

Since these macro viruses, related better to macro-enabled files. Although it's NOT only limited to it!

Disclosure:There are affiliate links on this page. Which earn us a share commission when you buy, without any additional cost to you! Thank you for your support!

Examples of Such Documents Are:

Microsoft Word and Excel. These files execute a macro by default. This happens every time: When the user opens an infected document.

These Are the Types of files; that Avast Antivirus Keeps in the Chest. Where it Automatically restricts it from usage, or rather from transmitting the infection to other documents.

Assuming you Don't have antivirus. The virus would naturally inflict harm on your System. By spreading to script, or configuration files; on your disk.

Features Home Professional
Antivirus Kernel: High performance antivirus engine Yes Yes
Strong Resident Protection Yes Yes
Built In Anti-Spyware Yes Yes
Built In Rootkit Detection Yes Yes
Strong Self-Protection Yes Yes
Automatic Incremental Updates Yes Yes
Virus Chest For Storage of Suspicious files Yes Yes
System Integration Yes Yes
Integrated Virus Cleaner Yes Yes
Command Line Scanner No Yes
Script Blocker No Yes
PUSH Updates No Yes
Enhanced User Interface & Ability to Create/Schedule Defined tasks No Yes

Thereafter, the repetitive process of MALICIOUS codes. Explodes into Auto-pilot mode! Viruses theoretically BECOMES Airborne, inside your System and/or Network.

It targets your Email and sends itself, to every address. Yes! Everyone! Including your Boss, friends or associates. It's totally Unbiased and Does NOT discriminate!

The Top Ten Antivirus Software Comparisons. Each one is unique in it's own way and designed for a specific user.

There is one that fits your home wifi networks security needs and your online habits.

Back To the Microsoft topic...

As you CAN imagine: It's NOT only limited Microsoft products. However, Microsoft is A Good Place to start.

Since, it used Widely and supports Macro-enabled product. We're Talking residentially and professionally.

Ironically! Some viruses may even Block your Access; to Cybersecurity based websites.

Now! Isn't That Just Too Convenient?

The Unexpected Windows Computer Errors:

There ARE Many more Errors that may Stem; from these Ordeals. Although it's NOT only limited to the below. However they ARE Some examples; of Infection Signs:

  • You May Be automatically - redirected to web pages, other than your true destination.
  • Note that malware can affect your browser. Or take control of your entire system.
  • You may receive random web-browser Pop Up notifications.
  • Every time these strange application appears. The malicious software spreads further and deepens.
  • Unknown or random toolbars may attach to your web browser.
  • This assists the hackers to record, interrupt, control, or sabotage your digital experience.
  • Your "Computers may Run Slower" than your Normal Speed.
  • Remember: Viruses spreads to all your healthy internal files. Hence, they use up your Storage Space. Share your connection and burdens your resources.
  • Then You Get the technical errors, where your Computer System: Are lagging, freezes, hangs, or are unresponsive, and ultimately stop working.
  • The Malware becomes dominant. As a result it suppresses normal operations. Think of it as "Dark Hole" or "Vacuum." Or weed that over-burdens your garden.

Organized Crime Syndicates:

  • Now! Are the Senders of 'badware' Intending to divert your Attention; from the Actual Data Theft?
  • Or Could it be that They're simply buying time. By manipulating you; to focus on the Symptoms. While They're diminishing your Bank Balances?

Avast antivirus Home/Professional Edition 4.8.

The Kernel Is one of the Most Recent avast antivirus programs. It's a combination of high-end technologies. With an Accelerated level of performance output. During Highly Concentrated Lab-tests:

The kernel Program; was Awarded for detected Up to 100% of “in-the-wild” viruses.

Which Happens to be the types of threats. That are widespread; amongst home and BUSINESS consumers.

Trojan Horses: Are Stubborn And Highly Resistant

At least for average Antivirus Programs. Trojans CAN Put up a Fierce Fight! Removal of these codes CAN Be a Extremely Difficult.
Why Are Trojans So Destructive?

Their BIG Secret: They Pretend to BE One thing: For example a useful application, or resource. While in Reality, they're the Opposite (a disruptive program).

It's like someone faking to BE A trusted advisor/friend. While their Goal is to betray/hurt you!

This MAKES it unbelievable hard to detected, categorized as Malware. By basic protection ware. Hence, they slip past their RADAR.

Trojan Horses Can't Deceive Efficient Avast Scanners

According the "in-the-wild" test results. Avast ALSO Outwitted Trojans Horses, Effectively. Compared to Competing Antiviruses.

Thus the Core Program (kernel) of Avast EARNED certification Effortlessly; through ICSA Labs. The Power Program Thoroughly removed; several kinds of Malware. Avast is also Frequently featured in...


Which Is: A High Profile Media Publication. Where Avast happens to Be; a Regular winner of the VB100 Awards. This is A Considerably High Standard; to Achieve repeatedly.

As You Can Imagine: With Popularity, Comes Pressure:
Why? Because, it's NOT a one time fulfillment. Instead It Becomes An Ongoing Process. The true character of your Brand is under extreme Surveillance!

Internet Security services Requires after sales support. Unlike a basic GADGETS, That Are a once off sales strategy. Services Requires long-term relationships and ongoing support.

Meaning: You ARE in fact Marketing Your Reputation:

Service delivery, Output levels, commitments, experiences, comparisons, reviews, customer satisfaction and lots of Real-Data. Contributes to your overall Quality.

It's Continuously Monitored, Updated, measured and documented.

Home Internet Protection Or “On-Access” Security

The Most important Quality of Any ANTIVIRUS. Is their ability to detect real-time threats, and Stop them from accessing your Computers.

  • Avast provides several security layers. To provide the best safety-zone for sensitive information, and your home computers.
  • Whatever protection you choose. Automatic updates is Crucial to its effectiveness. If it Does NOT update, than it easily becomes Outdated.
  • This is One of Features that Contributes heavily; to Avast Softwares Success Lab-results. If your Protection does NOT prioritize this Effort. Than You Should consider Downloading Free Avast Today!
  • Avast for Home User online protection. Includes a variety security functions. These state-of-the-art resources has the Ability to find viruses. Without GIVING it the slightest Gap to access your PC.
  • Avast Software Equips your home network, with Built-in anti-spyware technology! Not just your average anti-spyware. But A Certified quality by the High Profile:West Coast Labs.
  • The Antivirus includes anti-rootkit protection. Again! We're NOT talking about your "Average Joe" here! We're Talking Top Class GMER technology. Plus! It Comes standard on Avast!
  • Once your antivirus detects a rootkit. This malicious badware is deactivated. Next it is neatly eliminated, without a trace. Or setbacks On your online performance.
  • The Antivirus over-delivers on demand! As Avast has a resourceful virus database. The software CAN be automatically programmed, to remove rootkits consistently.
  • Viruses of today ARE Smart and Proactive. They Are so fully developed, that they CAN automatically Switch off your Protection. Your Need a Powerful Antivirus, to prevents this from happening
  • The Avast Antivirus has a specification. Called "A Strong Self-Protection" built-in. Which is a Unique ability, for the Antivirus to Protects itself.
  • This feature stops the viruses attempts, to disable the program. Plus it Prevents the most advanced cyber threats.

Automatic Updates is a platform. Where Avast is Dominant. Which is one of the key factors; behind its Award Winning Success.

Remember these Updates are highly intuitive. The virus database and antivirus receives; automatic updates regularly.

Why Broadband Resident Protection?

1stIf you run dedicated Internet, or WiFi connections in your Smart home. You receive automatic updates, at specific times. To keep your connects pure and smoothly running.
2ndAre you an irregular user? Do you connect on certain days only? No Worries! Avast will monitor your pattern, and send updates when you're online.

Virus Chest Functionality

The Virus Chest represents A secured folder. Which is named after a secured large and strong box.

Instead Of It Being; As you may be tempted to believe. A place Where money is being kept, or a treasury.

The Chest can be described as a virtual container; on your computer disk.

It's a Separate-Source: Which makes it ideal for storing potentially dangerous files. It's Equipped with Special Functionalities - Making it a Safe House for doubtful application.

This Does NOT Stop you from working with the files. However there ARE security restrictions that may apply to it.

Which means it is carefully Managed. To eliminate potential opportunistic infections. So Ultimately!

The Virus Chest removes the chances of untrustworthy files, which may cause Harm to your Windows Operating Systems.

Avast's Main Goal is to ensure that No badware. For example viruses, mix with your sensitive documents. Since the files stored inside the Chest, are isolated from your Operating System.

Potential danger are removed, from the equation: For more information, see 'Avast Antivirus Review

System Integration Avast Antivirus Program.

1stEasily Activate Explorer Extension to Run A Scan:
By directly Selecting a folder.
2ndOr Choose a file by right clicking you mouse. Then select one of the options, from the drop-down list.

Avast Antivirus: Convenient Management Interface

  1. You Get An intuitive screen-saver, which proactively performs virus scanning.
  2. The Avast Antivirus works side-by-side with your favorite screen-saver. Which means you don't have to change your settings; to accommodate this function.
  3. It is Super Easy to Enable the Antivirus screen saver. Need More information?Go to 'Avast Antivirus 2019

Compatibility: Avast Antivirus Home Edition 4.8

Without Slowing your Computer, or lagging your Windows Performance. On your 32-bit versions of Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista.

It is Capable to Run A “boot-time scan.” Convenient for processing a scan. At the same time, your computer switches on.

Ideal for stopping a virus for Creeping in. While your PC is vulnerable.

This feature is very useful; for Computers that might Already be infected. Or removal of your existing malware.

Built-in Avast Virus Cleaner: Keeps you computer purified and squeaky clean from all forms of badware.


The Avast Antivirus Solution clearly Shows through Actions. That it's a Firm believer of: Prevention rather than Cure. Over and Above; it includes the Special Virus Cleaner.

Which removes existing malware, or viruses from your Computers. This Makes it a "One Stop Solution" or Better yet a Full-featured Security resources.

The DISADVANTAGES of Avast Home Edition

  • Viruses are Growing more Rapidly then Ever Before. Like every product has it's weaknesses. The high Growth rate of viruses Cannot fully be contained EASILY, or Removed.
  • This Disadvantage requires you to Seek help from Experts. To help you make sure that All your existing threats; are totally removed.

The best people to Assist your in this regard, or Give your More information with "Virus Cleaner." Is the Same people that has up to 30 years experience in the cybersecurity industry.