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Top 5 Dangers Of The Internet - Number "1" Will Surprise You!

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Naveen Annam from Pexels
What Are The 5 Dangers Of Using The Internet?

One of Top five dangers of the internet, is that you can even lose your spouse in the online World! Have your every heard of adults losing themselves Online? We'll give you more information on that; after dealing with: What are The Benefits of Internet Properly?

We'd like to start from the tiniest detail and most of you will be stunned at how "Significant" a single digit can be.

How Big is the number 1. Especially those who think: Bigger is Better! Will Be Blown Away and realize that it's in fact the small things that matters the most.

Because the entire world literraly depends on the Number 'One.' Which I'll explain in a "Bit."

Speaking of bits is that NOT the same tiny bits grouped together that ultimately forms bytes, then Megabytes and so on. Anyways we'll get to that later. Right?

The 5 Dangers Of The Internet For Adults

We've narrowed the topic to five based on the reality that the World-Wide-Web is vast.

According Professional Researchers; trying to measure the Web is impossible.

Considering that you have to count all the deeply hidden databases upon databases, then the overwhelming data transmitted every millisecond and the clusters of interconnected networks.

Keeping In Mind; The Internet The Public Use Is Like A Tip of A Huge Mass Of Data. There are several layers and levels deeper referred as the Dark Internet.

Which our basic browsers are incapable of penetrating. Search the Web on how many websites are created every day. You'll be astounded.

The Most Dangerous Network Risks Of The Internet:

Involves: Countries, industry spies, political rivals, Business competitors, hackers, cyber bullies, toxic ex-lovers, resentful spouses, devious employees, psychos, predators and cyber stalkers.

I hope it helps to drive the point home! Now lets begin with the tiniest bit...

(The latest and most rapidly growing threat is network hijacking. Need More Statistically based Information? Read my post on: 7 Steps to take after ransomware attack.

Technically Speaking...
  1. The need for information has becomes so dominant that there are only a few ways to ward off, the the most deadliest global threats on the internet.
  2. Sociopaths can create false profiles to lure in, lonely and desparate people.
  3. Your identity is as fragile as your smartphone and whoever steals your phone or hacks it. Has the power to pretend to be you online.
  4. Some human traffickers advertise fake jobs to attract unexpecting teenagers.
  5. These day our homes evolved into smarter homes with Surround WiFi Networks
  6. Checkout these compelling FBI statistics of online predators

The Binary Code: 1's and 0's

I once went to the bank, they were were off-line. So I had to understand and return after a few days. I had the same experience with several professional businesses, government organizations and learning institutions.

Without The Internet Businesses Will Seize To Function Effectively

It's no longer a luxury it is an irresistible need, and a means to specific ends. We Officially became Cyber Citizens, it literally replaced the off-line world. It changed the way we meet people, learn, research, travel, window shop, buy, sell, and so on.
You may also like: Worldly Affairs Are Managed By The Net:

To such an extend that we need online security guards.

Why? Because people are stealing privacy and information. Which makes it the new gold-rush age for cybercriminals and that proves that infirmation is power.

The Benefits of The Internet?

Is beyond our Imagination. How little did You think of 1, before I explained it? Likewise with the scenarios of businesses being off-line. Maybe you experienced a few Down Time

The Entire World's Economy Would Collapse; Without the Internet.

I don't have to mention that about our: Water pumps, Electricity, Traffic lights, banks, Births and Deaths departments, and much more. Are controlled by the World Wide Web.

This post is about 5 dangers of the internet. But, I had to Give your a basic perspective. Of the importance of the cyber world. And you Know, the above BENEFITS did NOT even Scratch the Surface.

However, is Enough to get you up to speed. If We should really count the benefits. It will require Global industries, universities, institutions, Corporations, individuals, and everyone in between.

Scientists, Businesses, Online traders, Gamers, relations, and so on - to update what it Really means to them.

And eventually it will boil-down to the Same point above. The internet pumps Multi-Trillions into the World's Economy yearly.

5 Dangers of the Internet?

As we Already Know! Nothing is perfect, and the universe has a balance between night and day, good and bad, advantages and disadvantages, etc.

Bear in mind the same laws of nature applies; to this digital platform. Five Dangers is also an understatement. But, enough to stimulate your imagination. Right?

A very common term in: Internet Banking Fraud, Tax Fraud, Social Security number Theft.
A stranger can deceptively reel you in from dating website, fake job application, Face Book. Setup a fake profile, meet you somewhere and kidnap you.
A stranger/weird ex could implant Trojan Horses, with spyware. To invade your online privacy; to steal from you, stalk you, expose confidential, or propriety information.
If your home WiFi network is open, and you haven't created a secured username or password. Someone can a crime (fraud/theft) via your WiFi network. When police trace the ip address, it point back to you.
A Criminal can install MALWARE via email, download, pdf offer, etc. Turn your computer against you Unknowingly. Watch your family, through your "Webcam." To plot an Ambush!

There are thousands of more; for example: Spoofing, Phishing, Ransomware , Adware, Bots, etc.


  1. Get a Good WiFi SYSTEM, that is designed with TOPNOTCH end-to-end security, Firewalls and ability to monitor or restrict connections.
  2. Benefits: Firewalls breaks the communication; Between 'Spy' and its senders. Pus several layer security automatically blocks intruders.

Need More Information? Learn More about Google Mesh Network Review.

  • Plus you will definitely NEED one of the Best Free OR Premium Antivirus for PCs And Mobile Devices.
  • The Problem:Is like a Needle in a haystack. Since there are thousands of antiviruses, and NOT everyone is for you! Reputable, user-friendly, or convenient!
  • No Worries:I have already reviewed a few, and I Recommend Antivirus Software for Android Portable equipped with ADVANCE Malware Scanners.

The good news is the Brands on the above linked article, has decades experience in internet security.

The internet is Growing Faster than ever Before and so does Cybercrime, network risks and all kinds of malware threats.

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