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Is WiFi N Version Worthless Compared To The AC Models? Read And Find Out!

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WiFi N Version Works Best With N Model Devices

Ever heard conflicting opinions about How powerful Wireless AC routers ARE Compared N models? In a nutshell WiFi AC works faster with similar ac model devices AND N version works smoother with N gadgets. But they can also connect to unmatched frequencies.

The best wireless routers are manufactured around the understanding that there are a broad range of needs, target markets and situations where each model fits in.

Wireless AC compatibility is the latest frequency design, and it already stretched it's muscles with mind-blowing router throughput levels.

Consumer Needs vs Innovation:

Technology advancements are surprisingly driven by the everchaning desires of society.

Unlike the mere need for innovation that most of us may be tempted to think.

Every Wireless Router Is Crafted For A Specific Person

There are many kinds of people, income levels, range requirements, computer technical errors to overcome and so on.

Every WiFi Router Solves A Specific Problem:

Hence, the best frequency/connecting device for one individual, can be the worst online-experience for another

What's Really Frustrating About Wireless Routers?

Is the fact that the features are listed in complicated technical terms.

Which is kind of confusing; since these gadgets were initially designed for ordinary home users; like You and I.

But Fortunately articles like this breaks that jargon; from robotic concepts into digestible human chunks.

How can you begin to fix internet speed problems (that you're most likely to encounter) without even wrapping your head around these challenging terms.

As Rewarding As The Internet May Be:

There are also many disadvantages like Cybercrime that requires additional network security encryption to block intruders from attacking you on the public web.

The Advantages Of A Wireless Routers Over A Modem Only Connection

Most routers comes with a built-in firewall, which makes it safer than a direct modem connection.

It simplifies the complicated setups of big computer networks and some even prioritizes your workload.

Thus technical specs are very important, as it determines the WiFi advantages and benefits; that ultimately us more productive.

Buying The Wrong Router Can Cost You More Than Money

We here to make sure you don't go through that awful experience. Thank You! You're welcome!

How do we accomplish that? Well we have to measure the odds. Meaning we have to dig into the history of WiFi standards.

In summary: Either WiFi AC with Be Faster for you (depending on a few keypoints), OR Wireless N models will perform Even better; under certain circumstances.

This page will explain and help you understand NOT Only N and AC models. But the entire package - 802.11 A/B/G/N and AC.

Wifi technology has been growing, which started with Wifi A in the early 90's, later came to B, by 2000 came G, till we eventual got to N. Which is of course succeeded with AC.

And Guess What?

It's becoming even faster, presently there are AD models that are up to 6 times faster than AC; and so on. So Wifi A, B, G,N and AC is wireless standards; which defines range and output levels.

However the speed you will get still rest on some logical factors. Which we'll clear as we proceed.

1. WiFi AC or N: Which Is The Best For Your Individual Needs?

Now! You'd be tempted to think that replacing your Netgear N750, with an Netgear AC1750; would drastically increase your wifi speed.

However it also depends on the frequency grade of your smartphones, tablets and wireless equipment.

If most of your devices are WiFi N standards, they would of course have better throughput with an equivalent N router.

Wireless N Models Are As Good As Your Smart Device

Don't throw your devices just yet, there's more! Odd combinations or matched gadgets, will still connect with your faster AC router.

However, the router downgrade OR lower its throughput to meet your slow connection or connecting device halfway.

Meaning that your speed will be on the level of the lowest version. This clearly confirms that AC Routers, works to its full potential Only with AC equivalent Gadgets . The same applies to: Wireless A/B/G/N or the advanced AD.

2. So Technically Wi-Fi AC is Better N?

But Still! It depends on what are the standards of our connecting equipment. Unless you're hoping to gradually upgrade your connecting gadgets; in the long-term!

So, before you ask yourself the question: Do I need 802.11 ac? The answer would be obviously dependent on your smart phones, tablets, laptops and appliances.

That Is If You Already Have A Router:

If you're not sure! Simply look for the WiFi Logo (Black Sticker) at the back of each device. For some Smartphones it is written under the removable battery

3. Which Is Better Between 5GHz vs 2.4GHz WiFi range?

These two options are very common in Dualband routers. These days you get Triband routers with a third signal feature.

Both 5GHz And 2.4GHz Signal Range Are important; here's Why?
  1. 5GHz are very powerful and designed for short distance connections. When you're station closer to the router, however it's weaker on long distances.
  2. That's where 2.4GHz comes in to save the day! Which happens to be are a bit weaker than the 5GHz. But more powerful than the 5 Gigahertz for long range. Ideal for roaming further away from the router.

The speed, stability AND consistency of your signal, are dependent on your internet speed plan, routers capability and external barriers; that affects wifi coverage.

4. What Is Good About Dual Frequency Routers?

As you can see with the above pointers, specific features are suitable for specific situations.

Which brings us the options to switch lanes, when one band is overcrowded with data-traffic.

Logically, frequencies also gets congested like peak hour traffic public traffic, or sometimes to many of your own devices are heavy on one band.

In conclusion:

The article taught us one thing! Which is all the products, devices, wireless routers OR bandwidths are designed around Your needs!

Something might be Good for me! While it may be Be Perfect for you. Hence we should always look at our internet related problems; from a detailed perspective.

However the are products that we can't do without! Examples such as: Dedicated Internet, good enough antivirus with anti malware programs and secured end-to-end wifi connections