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Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 (R6700) Smart WiFi Router vs Netgear N750

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How Much Faster AC Than N? You'll Be Surprised!
Wireless Technology keeps advancing towards, more improved bandwidths. So, Is WiFi AC Better Than N models? And if Yes!

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  1. What difference does it make anyway?
  2. What Problem does it Solve?
  3. Why should you choose one above the other?
  4. Most importantly will it increase your internet speed?

Let's Begin with the End; in mind. In this case! It would be: How will it improve your internet speeds?
You can start by confirming. Which Wireless modes - Your current smart devices supports.
Meaning that; You have to check your: Smartphones, tablets, tv's, and connecting equipments - WiFi Capabilities first.

Why Should You? Well, simply to determine: Which of the two WiFi frequencies. Will better relate to your existing electronics.
I'm Stuck and Confused? I thought that much! Okay, let me make it more digestible?!

2. What Does 802.11 ABGN AC Mean?

netgear nighthawk ac1750 (R6700)
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Technologically! It describes one, of the 5 frequency categories. The wireless gadget, comes standard with. It also gives you an indication; on how old the model is.
I have written a detailed post, on the specific times. Each wifi band; was introduced. However, WiFi modes A, or B, or G, or N, or AC are the different wifi standards.
  1. Firstly, you get: 802.11a : Which was succeeded by 802.11b, then along came 802.11g, continued to by 802.11n, and finally 802.11ac.
  2. As you can see AC is the latest technology.
  3. But is it the Best?

Don't Get Too Excited! Well...At least NOT just yet! By the notion; that AC is the fastest! Technically Speaking! You will only experience the 'true potential.'
Only! If you successfully match the router. With similar wireless connecting device.

For Example:
  • Netgear Nighthawk (AC1750) Smart WiFi Router (R6700); versus AC Smartphones.
  • Netgear Nighthawk N750 vs N Smartphone/laptop.
You look very Disappointed! Did I just 'Burst Your Bubble.'
Well, don't be!

AC Router Versus N Devices.

The good news is: Despite the Rude Awakening!It will connect you N devices. On your new AC (routers).
However, the AC router will lower its wings, to the N standards. Or your older models.

Nowadays! There are even more; Advanced Routers:

Examples of Such Are:
  • Netgear R8500 Nighthawk X8: The first AC5300 Smart WiFi (with the first Active Antennas in the industry).
  • Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200 Smart WiFi Router. (Futuristic 160 MHz).
  • TP-Link Talon AD7200 Wi-Fi Device, (holds the Crown of the first 802.11ad router in the industry).

However these routers are Triband (Next generation). And there are only a few computers, laptops and Smartphones. In the market that supports the Futuristic Bandwidths.
  • For instance; AC5300, or 160 MHz, or 802.11ad.
Making the Superior Routers; Pretty Much Ordinary; for now! Since the higher frequencies, will reduce to levels, of your current devices.
The Velocity, or Throughput of Routers; are estimations. You can't take the data-rates, as definite values. Because, there are so many factors that - influences the actual data transfer rates.
Therefore, it is inconsistent, compared to cable internet. Since, it depends on your internet plan, home design, external-obstacles, and other wifi drawbacks!

For Example:
  • AC standard = 1.3 Gbps ( Giga Bits per second) determines the data transfer rates. Measured per second).
  • Ultimately, it is 1331 mbps ( megabits per second), or 166 megabytes per second.
  • Which is impressively fast: Compared to the N standard speed of 450 (megabits per second).

1. Is 5GHz Faster Than 2.4 GHz?

The two bands travels diverse paths; to accomplish the same goal. Which is ultimately, connecting your devices remotely.
Sounds Confusing?
  • 5 Gigahertz is for shorter distance. Between your wireless router, and your computer/smartphones. (Short range frequency).
However, it provides faster data transfer rates, than 2.5 GHz on this platform.
  • While: 2.5 Gigahertz is for longer space; between router and connecting devices. (Longer distance frequency).
While it's much slower that 5 GHz speeds. But, stronger on long range. Which kind of makes sense. Considering the laws of physics. The closer you are to the signal, the better the signal-strength becomes.
The further you go away from it, the weaker it becomes.

3. Which WiFi is the Fastest?

The answer follows a moderate course, between the two extremes! Since, it all depends on circumstances:
You will get faster speeds on 5 GHz. Which requires you to remain, closer to the router. As this band is ideal for close range,.
However, you will get faster speeds on 2.5 GHz. When you decide to go further, away from the router. Compared to the shorter space that 5 GHz provides.
In Conclusion: If you use an AC router, with AC devices. It will give you even faster speeds.
Compared to a person. That may be using a N model router: With AC gadgets. Or AC router with A, or B, or G, or N model connecting gadgets.
With More Speed Comes extra Responsibilities. It consumes data bundles more aggressively, and your browsing habit increases.
Likewise are you exposed to more Home Network Threats.