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Cyber Threats| Viruses vs Worms| Which is Worse!

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Ali Pazani
Cyber Threats| Viruses vs Worms| Which is Worse!

One of The Most Severe Cases of Malware infection, was Mydoom. If you're thinking computer viruses are the worst. Wait! Till you learn about Network Borne Worms.

(Mydoom was a worm that infected over a quarter million computers. But! Before, we get too way ahead of ourselves. And weigh the damage it caused!) Let's make sure, that we're all on the same page here!
  1. Worms make their way with a crawling motion, artfully, slowly and by a devious means reducing resources. OR are network borne worms slightly different?
  2. While viruses are widespread diseases that has the potential to affect a large population of computers.

Viruses Versus Worms:

What Is The Difference?

The problem is way Bigger than you can ever imagine. Both threats have sent governments back to the drawing board. For instance have you seen how fast technology are advancing these days.

I've actually watched a news program where the people of South Africa (Third World) was protesting against an initiative where government were looking at employing "Robo Cops."

What? Sounds a little too farfetched for a Third-World Country! Huh?

Then what are your thoughts about the USA, Russia, Europe, UK, China, Japan and Canada's advancements? If you thinking; it's a bit too outrageous; for your liking!

Then maybe we should:

Evaluate the artificial-intelligence of these threats. Perhaps it will help us to understand the authors behind malware better:

Let's Begin By Balancing The Odds

Or Rather More Superior, Bold, Faster, and Capable of Global Destructive?

  1. What if a Country's "Robots", Drones OR Cyber Defense; gets hacked, virus OR worm infected?
  2. What your home OR business network gets Compromized?
  3. Do You even know how rife these "Online Attacks" became; Already?

What is A Computer Virus?

It's a malicious (destructive) software; that are transferred from one computer to another. Of a similar nature; it can also be passed on to Smartphones and tablets.

Viruses are similar to human-diseases. Which are easily transmitted from person to person.

What is A Network Borne Worm?

Network-borne worms are more popular, than viruses. Or rather Widely known, especially for bad deeds.

Considering the fact that: The internet, is most commonly used. On almost every personal or business computer.

Surprisingly, worms are transferred by the internet-medium. Now don't get me wrong! Viruses are also injected via the same medium.

But even so; worms are more triumphant. They're like viruses on steroids. If a virus is a drop of water; worms are the ocean.

Instead of affecting computers, it can destroy an entire Community, City, Country or more.

Worms can infect an entire LAN (Local Are Network). Or to make matters worse: An entire WAN; now that is your entire ISP's network.

The Difference between Viruses and Worms.

Is that a Basic anti-virus can stop some viruses, since you can install it on your PC. While worms are immune to 'low quality' anti-virus software.

Well, unless you have one of; The Best Antiviruses (which we'll discuss later).

Anyways, Worms are different in so many ways. Since they live on the internet. Instead of your storage devices.

There's not much you anti-virus can do about it. Which means the problem is beyond your control. And the ball is in your Internet Access Provider's court.

The Proactive Worms Versus Computer Viruses

A Thought Evoking example; of a catastrophe is Mydoom. According to Experts; up to 250 000 PC's were 'blasted' with the Mydoom worm.

If that sounds Shocking to You! Wait! Till you read this...
All of that damage occurred, in a single day; during January 2004.

Over a quarter million in "One day!" Now that is a News Worthy! Another story that will blow your lid off: Is the "ILOVEYOU" attack.

Ironically, the name suggests; mutual harmony and affection. The technical Disaster was one thing and the 'Explosive Cost another.


They have propelled Reputable Anti-virus programs. That was initially designed to protect your devices; from malware infections.

To further their reach, improve, evolve and expand their capabilities. They had to now: Block to worms, spyware and several other kinds of malicious software.


They are like a parasites, that thrives on weaknesses. They make copies of themselves, just like a virus.

The only difference is that they are; born on network, or security weaknesses.

They're self-driven and hard-working. Well, in a negative sense! For example; a worm will rapidly scan networks or gadgets for a flaw.

It creates a duplicates of itself, on the vulnerable gadget/network. Capitalizing; on the particular short-coming, it detected.

Rinse and repeat; by scanning another flaw and replicating itself.

Viruses use to be annoying little programs. Sadly! They Evolved in to equal horrific threats!

A few examples are:
  1. Time Bomb
  2. Logic Bomb
  3. Keyloggers
  4. Brute Force Attack

We in process of creating post of the above! Be sure to bookmark this website. To stay updated with the latest Cyber Threats!

Have you ever read, learned or experienced any type of cyber threat? Reading a story is one thing, being a part of it is another.