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Bruteforce, Dictionary Scanning Or Exhaustive Network Password Search Attack: Fraud Threat!

Bute force dictionary Scanning attack image
Jorge Fakhouri Filho
A Rapid Password Cracking Technology Threat

As a small business or an entrepreneur. You should strongly focus on Securing data-transmission from end-to-end, to avoid any possibilities of hacking and malware threats.

We living in an age where information is key; to your identity, security and bank account. Therefore, it eliminates prying technologies. Injected by sinister pirates.

Bruteforce Attacks is for Short, While Dictionary Scanners For Longer Passwords

For Businesses it is best to employ an Internet Access Provider who have built an advanced infrastructure embracing on the following:
  1. Unbreakable codes
  2. Theoretical limits
  3. Brute-force attack
  4. Counter measures
  5. Credential recycling
Aside from choosing the most suitable ISP. To accommodate your Cloud, VPN, or business internet resources.
You should employ; one of the best antivirus programs. To ensure that you're protected from computer levels; as well.
Buy a wireless router, that safely manages your in-house WiFi networks.
The Brute-Force Attack are less often mention, by most Service Providers. While it is one of the most common assaults used, on them.
Stay updated with viruses, worms, rats, Trojans and all types of parasitic Malware!
A good place to start: Bookmark this webpage. We're constantly updated the most common, and latest Cyber threats!

Smartphones And Personal Computers Are The Most Vulnerable Devices:

Which shouldn't come as a surprise! Why? Because they are used by consumers. According experts, they make up for almost a third of all identity theft cases.

Hackers; sitting in close proximity to your home can easily brute-force their way in your banking account. Now! There are a few ways to stop this from happening, which we'll discuss in a bit.

But before we blow the lid off this one, let's look at why "consumers" became "The Cyber Attack Gold Rush."

Consumers Are The Life-Blood Of Every Business|

But NOT Only that! We're the low-hanging fruit! I don't like the idea that we sound so delicious to criminals. But let's call a 'spade' a 'spade'!Right?

They catch us where we drink, sleep and eat! Aren't we the most relaxed, vulnerable and off guard at our homes? And we even relax our home internet security measures.

These guys are smart enough to know that even a business owner, tend to expect the least cyber attacks; in their personal space.

Naturally home internet services are slower than business editions. Another plus is that it is commonly impacted by peak or off-peak data traffic challenges.

This makes it ideal for a brute-force or dictionary scan attack, which normally slows internet speed down. However, it's more likely to go unnoticed.

Apart from exhaustive password search threats, rootkits, backdoor Trojans and even traditional Phishing threats works better on this front.

Use Technology To Prevent Cyber Attacks:

It's difficult to walk on eggs around your online activities. The worst part is trying to manage the activities of your family members to avoid potential attacks.

Therefore using the right kind of computer protection software, will remove 90% of your worries. The other 10% will be dependent on good internet practices.

It is very common for home users to take online risks very lightly, till they run in a severe crisis. If you can't afford more stern security, the least you can do is create stronger passwords.

The longer and stronger your password is, the more difficult a brute-force attack becomes. Not to say that it won't be breakable, but at least it will take much longer to detect.
Here Are Tips Of Strong Passwords:

Please note this is only a basic protection measure, you may also need solid firewalls and Antivirus scanners.

But the Good news is Top Quality Home Wifi Routers comes with built in firewalls.

Regardless, you still need to create unbreakable passwords for your devices as well.

  • Create passwords of up to 15 characters.
  • Mix letters, numbers, symbols and special characters.
  • Create different passwords for different platforms.

I have written a more detailed guide on: How to create stronger passwords here!

Take Ways:

The best way to prevent a brute-force or any attack is by protecting your personal login details. Without your personal identity numbers hackers finds it close to impossible to access your accounts.

Short, logical numbers or names are the most vulnerable login details. These threats are getting more common and banks or businesses are not liable if your system gets hacked.

To track hackers are becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore we should invest in our personal security, since career criminals are growing into large syndicates groups.

Big Companies like Google, Amazon, Quora, Microsoft and so on are doing their best to protect their platforms. But the user are always the weakest link in the communications network. We don't realize lurking dangers, until it's much too late.

Besides: One Of The Best ways to stay abreast of online dangers. Is by learning more about them.

Please share your thoughts, or inform us on what viruses you want to hear of, in the near future.

I hope this helped. And allow you to enjoy Safer internet and wireless home networks. While eliminating malware threats, password guessing and avoid identity theft!