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5 Best Wireless Routers For Large Home| Cybercrimestop

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Daria Shevtsova
The five Best Wireless Routers For Home Reviews:

Gives users and online citizens a taste of the future technology advancements. As you'll notice long range, multi user-functionality, network attached storage and wireless encryption seems to be high priorities.

Which tells us that high data consumption, securing home wifi networks, enhanced usability and high-speed are the features in demand.

Let's take for instance the AD technology, which is up to 10 times faster than AC, everything about the future growth of technology, is hidden the specs of the latest connecting devices.

Although some gadgets like the ASUS RT-AC88U, Google WiFi system, Netgear R7000 and more; are not really brand new. They were ahead of their time when they first entered the market.

Of course topnotch features, plays a major role in every smart transporting device!

However there are more crucial requirements, which are less often mentioned. And if they are by any slim chance, they are lightly skimmed through.

Advanced Wireless Routers for home users puts Safety First :

best wireless routers 2020

Why? Because they have enough history in the internet business to know that "Cybercriminals Declared against home users/consumers.

Need proof to support my claims? Well here goes: Hacker Compromised Family’s Wi-Fi, Taunted Family With Thermostat, Camera for 24 Hours!

Top Five Best WiFi Routers For Your Home:

Please note:There are affiliates links on this site, which we earn commission from if you buy.

Internet transporting devices are not 100% responsible for your security. Although they generally help with basic fist layer protection.

However you need to employ a more solid second antimalware protection layer.

Every Family; Undeniably Needs Communication, Security, Stability and to Feel Connected: Why Would it Be Different Online?

  1. Google Wifi system: Good for protected room to room coverage in large homes
  2. TP-Link Archer C7: Best affordable router under $100
  3. Netgear R7000: Best multi streaming device router
  4. D-Link DIR 890L: Best Long Range Wireless Router
  5. Asus RT-AC88U: High-Speed Gaming Router

There are detailed descriptions of each device as you scroll down. However we highly recommend your read there whole article, because every point matters.

Some devices simply transfer data packets,faster and more efficient than others.

They're Equipped with better end-to-end encryption technologies and stronger built-in firewalls.

1. Google Wifi system: 3-Pack (Best surround wifi system

The Company Google is Worth more than 260 Billions. So what does that mean to wireless technology? Let's face it!

These guys surely packs a punch; I mean ask Yahoo! In my best efforts to better express myself.

Here goes: Google's incredible Growth as a Communications Leader, their timeline, transition from a search-and-software company to a consumer gadgets maker.

I know it makes the traditional telephone (landline) industry looks like beginners. To think that it took them from 1877 to 1905 to get up to 2.2 million users.

Since, Google seems to know what it takes to keep you connected. The WiFi system for medium OR large homes. Is a system that consists out of 'three units.'

In large houses a single unit per room, can light up your entire home with good coverage. The more 'dead zones' you have in your house, the more units you can add.

Need more information?

Check a more detailed description of the Google WiFi System; now known as Google Nest Wifi.

Features: Click Here:Google Nest Wifi Price!

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Easy to install and Setup.
  • Monitor internet or network throughput. It gives you the insight to confirm if your network is working order.
  • You have more control over connections, like pausing the internet on any connecting gadget.
  • The intuitive settings allows you to restrict or stop malicious websites.
  • Prioritize your private or main connections, and setup guest networks for visitors.
  • The Wi-Fi coverage is top quality and all bands are impressively fast.
  • It's equipped with a user friendly App; to help you manage all your smart appliances and connecting devices; in one spot.
  • The system is an ideal solution for large homes with big rooms. However smaller houses can also benefit extravagantly from the solution.
  • Each unit provides a WiFi hot spot, which you can easily move to another room.
  • The color of each units is glossy. The design is modern, with LED light.
  • It's one of the Best performing Wifi systems, that you can find
Disadvantages and Shortcomings:
  • If you're living in a large multiple rooms. You obviously need more units; to get get good surround coverage.
  • In order to use the system You have stay logged into your Google account. This means you have to be more cautious with your login details, to avoid compromising your password.
VERDICT: This is a good solution to poor range, dead zones and intermittent signal quality. If you're battling with short distance range issues, this for You!
It's also excellent for the family, you can monitor their online activities OR pause your kids internet when they should be sleeping.

2. TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 Dual Band Wireless AC Gigabit Router (Best affordable range under $100)

This Company are clearly a business, that wants to make it affordable for everybody to be able benefit from the internet. No matter what's your status, income bracket Or budget!

There are only a good cheap routers like the TP-Link Archer. Which can be used as examples for quality low budget products.

Have you ever come across a device that is fairly cheap, however it over delivers in value. Look you can't of course spend under $100.

While expecting the quality and performance of a routers under $200 device. Right?

I mean you have to draw the line somewhere! It has to make business sense; for you and the manufacturer.

But still you may stumble upon products, that somehow gives back more, than what you expected.

The “TP-Link Archer C7” is the kind of routers that you want to invest your $100 and still feel that you got if for a bargain.

However if you living in a large home, you might want to include a Range Extender as well.

Even so, for all the above: You might have to fork-out less than $200. So it's not about how much you spend, but how smart you spend it.

Besides there should be quality products for people in the lower income level.

But even if you have more than enough money! It wouldn't make sense to overspending it on stuff that you don't need.

And some people are irregular internet users, or simply just need basic internet reading emails and browsing.

TP-Link Archer C7 will surprise you with its stellar performance. However it is a router only deal (no modem).

Besides it's always better to have two separated devices (modem and router), instead of Combo deals. If one breaks it don't affect the other.

Another bonus of Wifi Routers,is that it comes with additional built-in firewalls; for extra protection.

  • Smooth internet speed, coupled with an amazing entry level price.
  • The setup is easy, simple and new comer friendly.
  • The TP-Link Archer C7 is a basic router. However, the range and ultimate performance over delivers for its price range.
  • The routers outer parts are plastic, which may be a turn off to some users.
  • If the cheap appearance bothers you much. The overall performance, will make up for it.

Look if you only need basic internet without the hype, bells and whistles. The TP-Link Archer C7 is the best way forward.

Then again you may prefer something better, but your income does not allow you the luxury. In such times you have to vibe with the times.

Basic internet with excellent performance is always better than 'no internet connection.' Right?

Protect Your home WiFi Network from Cyber Attacks before it's too late!

Nighthawk - Dual Band WiFi Router AC1900 | R7000| Netgear| Review

(Best affordable router)

If you're looking for a Premium level high-speed gaming router. Where the Netgear Nighthawk R7000. Would have been the most suitable option.

Alternatively if you the NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 would be equally worth every cent. If your aiming for top routers under $200.

This machine will get you thriving, in no time. Let's say you have: seven phones, 4 Tablets, a CCTV security system, 2 TV’s, 2 Gaming Consoles, 3 Laptops and 2 Desktops.

Be reminded that you might have guests; on some occasions.
Nighthawk R7000, will keep them entertained. Without compromising its normal responsibilities.


Size: 3 Antennas for better range (Removable:Yes) | Wi-Fi Specifications: AC1900 WiFi shared on dual frequencies, throughput rates up to 600+1300 Mbps on 802.11ac | Ports: 4 gigabit Ethernet; USB 2.0 (back) and USB 3.0 (front) | Long Range in 2.4GHz: up to 140 feet

  • 1GHz Dual Core Processor. Equipped with Smart Parental Controls, to manage your children's content and websites:
  • Belted with voice functionality (Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant). Dynamic QoS is excellent to prioritize specific connections or gadgets.
  • More Information and Check Price!
  • Easy to setup and manage.
  • Superior performance for 4K streaming devices.
  • MU-MIMO for multiple ports or streaming gadgets.
  • Best option for high-speed gaming devices.
  • NAT (Network Attached Storage).
  • Long lasting and reliable quality.
  • Good Technical support.
  • A bit expensive, but over delivers on value.
  • The design is bulky and large.

To think that you want a router that will stand the test of time. Unless you're hoping to upgrade. This is the type of investments that pays off.

4.DIR-890L Wireless AC3200 | Tri Band Gigabit Router| D-Link| Review

(Best Range Wireless Router)

The D-Link DIR 890L has a very powerful and superior WiFi Range. Let's forget about the money for once. Or let's Rather put it like this...

There are a few lower end options; out there. Unfortunately, this is NOT one of them.
Say you have about 8 smartphones, 5 tablets, 2 laptops, 4 PCs, 2 smart tv's, 3 consoles. With some of these devices on wired. While you use some devices at the same time.
We recommend you get the D-Link DIR 890L. Note that range place a major role. With multiple connections in several rooms in your house.
And always consider 3-4 visitors (guests). That might have to share your home network from time-to-time.
So you might have to let down your guards. Spend a bit extra, to solve a major issue.
Even if you're Currently using 3 devices (phone, iPad or laptop). Your connecting devices might grow in numbers. Going forward!

Keeping in mind that your house might get renovated with an extra story/rooms.

Naturally, devices increases as the family grows/children grows older. Unless, you budget is not too much of a 'Mood Killer.'

We recommend D-Link DIR 890L, to overcome many future internet barriers. The D-Link DIR 890L is one of the best range wifi solutions.

If you're after great range and swift speed. You won't be disappointed. However price should not be your problem.

You main concerns should be dead zones, intermittent coverage or dropping speeds.

If you're the type of person, that don’t want to buy a cheap router. Only to regret it later.

In a similar sense, you shouldn't bite of more than you can chew.

DIR-890L Wireless AC3200 | Tri Band Gigabit Router| D-Link| Review

Tri-Band Advanced Wi-Fi technology| Crafted for Superior Coverage and Maximum Reliability| Hands Free Access and Network Management functions| Futuristic AC Smart Beamforming range for amplified and explosive connections| 1GHz Dual Core Processor for ultra fast throughput.
Supreme 11ac Wi-Fi technology. The latest and fastest Wi-Fi speeds of up to 600Mbps on 2.4GHz band , 1300Mbps on 5Ghz and additional 1300Mbps on 5Ghz.
The 1GHz Processor provides faster and more reliable connections, smooth ethernet and USB performances. Gigabit Ethernet Ports provides topnotch cable online usability for high-speed HD streaming OR gaming.
More information and Check Price!
  • The best high speed and long range router.
  • It has a powerful end-to-end wifi coverage from point to point. Say about around +/- 23 feet.
  • It is a Top tier wireless routers, that works well with many connected Wi-Fi devices.
  • It keeps its momentum with consistency on connected gadget. One of the best latency.
  • If your house has thick walls, it can't penetrate thick walls.
  • If your house has 2 or more levels. You will need a wifi extenders.

We only recommend the D-Link DIR 890L. If you're connecting multiple devices and Really need the best in range.

If basic internet is what you're after. This will be more than what you need. You might want to try a entry level router.

5.Asus RT-AC88U - Best High Speed Smart Gamers Choice| Review

(Multiple 4K streaming devices)

Another best choice, that gamers can't stop rambling about. Is the Asus RT-AC88U. Not that it's limited to gaming.

But, it takes a router with top speed, range and throughput. To sustain the extreme graphics in the latest games.

Behind the Asus RT-AC88U is top quality hardware, that keeps the machine running.

For high-speed graphics, streaming and supporting multiple gadgets. You can rely on this piece of tech to do the job. MU-MIMO is very beneficial.

Especially now; that most households. Owns more than one connecting device.

This router can carry heavy loads of gadgets; for example: 3 Computers, 4 gaming systems, multiple phones, tablets, laptops, and appliances.

What matters the most is reliability and stability.

The asus RT-AC88U is the best router by popular demand. It is definitely an excellent choice and will definitely add value to your expectations.

ASUS is packed with a Processor of 1.4 GHz for super processing speed, WRT firmware, AiProtection for the AiCloud, Superior download master application, Dual-WAN |Wide Area Network

High-speed Gamers VPN, DLNA server, Media Server compatibility, Guest network setup, One USB 2.0, one USB 3.1, One Gigabit WAN port, Eight Gigabit LAN ports.

More Information and Check Price!

  • Incredibly Easy to setup and install.
  • The Asus RT-AC88U is dual-band router and the speed & range on both bands is incredible.
  • It has a quad core processor, and comes with a membership. For one device, which protect you against packet loss and more.
  • A router that is good for gaming, and 4K streaming with multiple devices.
  • The signal is powerful and penetrates long distance.
  • The router can be used as a NAS as well.
  • The router is expensive. Which can cause most customers to flinch! However, it is one of the best wireless routers; on the market.

If you really prefer high speed and long distance signal, above everything else. Enjoy HD streaming and you are more than 5 users.

Top Wireless Home Routers - Check Prices Below:

  1. Google Wifi system: Good for protected room to room coverage in large homes
  2. TP-Link Archer C7: Best affordable router under $100
  3. Netgear R7000: Best multi streaming device router
  4. D-Link DIR 890L: Best Long Range Wireless Router
  5. Asus RT-AC88U: High-Speed Gaming Router

Protect Your home WiFi Network from Cyber Attacks

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